Getting Closer

Stay tuned as we will be announcing the brand new iPhone 5 cases late next week as well as new Kindle cases! just featured an article about PQ!  I am interviewed talking about prototyping our newest cases for the iPhone 5 and the challenges of getting to market with these unique handmade products.  Although not mentioned in the article, we are taking care of you Kindle lovers as well!  We are working hard on case design regarding the new Kindle Fire HD 7" and the Kindle Paperwhite.


As I mentioned in the article the challenge for companies like PQ is being able to quickly turn around and get a high quality design and product out to our customers. We've had many folks wonder if we get early samples from Apple and Kindle for our products.  Nope!  We order them like everyone else and get to the store or mailbox early in the morning to begin the final gold prototyping of our products.


We do a great deal of work prior to actually getting a Kindle Fire or iPhone 5 in our hands! We scan the rumor mills and eventual spec details before launch.  We measure dimensions down to the millimeter and carefully examine unique features of each device.  We even start cutting wood frames before the product is in hand to ensure a solid mechanical build.  The whole process is very hectic and at times quite stressful.  Mrs. PQ always interjects at this point, "Oh Right! love it"  Yeah, y0u got me there dear, guess I do.



Mr. PQ