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You’ve brought home your new Pad & Quill bag and love it. Your bag has traveled with you all over. But as Mrs. PQ says, with life comes dirt. From those old candy wrappers stuck to the bottom to that unfortunate coffee stain on the corner, a good bag ages with its owner. Follow these steps to clean your bag and have it looking like new in no time.

What You Need to Clean Your Bag

Gather your materials:

- Your Fine Leather Goods
- Leather Oil Cleaner Kit
- Pad & Quill Leather Balm
- Soft Rag
- Dish Soap
- Warm Water

Start by emptying out your bag’s pockets of any important pencils, Pad & Quill wallets, and, most importantly, your tech. Then, vigorously shake your bag upside down over a tub or trash can. This will help clear out any debris stuck inside. Take a damp rag and wipe down the interior of your bag. Rinse and squeeze your rag as needed, making sure not to use too much water or letting it get too close to the full-grain leather. If you carry a Leather Backpack, Luxury Briefcase, or Roll Top Satchel other all leather bag, you can use your Pad & Quill leather cleaner on the inside of your bag as well as the exterior.

Cleaning Your Canvas Bag

Waxed canvas bags, like the Pad & Quill Field Bag, handle grime with an extra layer of water-deterring strength. The toughness of the bag will help it wear well with time and means less hassle for you. If you do happen to spill a cup of coffee or smear a bit of schmear from your bagel, no fear, your bag will just be fine!

Take a damp washcloth, a little cold water, and some dish soap and wipe down the canvas in circular motions, working out the stain. Rinse the washcloth free of any soap and work out the soap from the canvas, going with the grain of the bag. Found an especially tough stain? Massage the surface with your rag until it is worked out. Then, let your bag air dry upside down and waterproof it with canvas wax.

Cleaning Your Leather Bag

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From your Bella Fino to your Valet MacBook Sleeve, your leather will wear through time, and will even pick up a little dirt along the way. If your leather bag is looking a little worse for wear, take your Pad & Quill cleaning kit and clean and condition your leather. You can even follow our handy how-to guide here!  Avoid using any water or harsh chemicals on your full-grain leather products, as this can permanently alter their appearance.

Cleaning Your Bag & Creating Memories

Having a great bag is a must in the craziness of day to day life. And a good bag will begin to carry the memories you make in its leather and canvas. From the little scratches to the ink stains from writing a heartfelt letter, your bag holds onto memories.  Clean your bag and it will weather the test of time with you while remaining a steadfast companion for all your adventures.


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