Chef Florence, moody boys and craftsman

We’ve had some moody menfolk in the Pad and Quill household of late, and what a span of moods it is.  I’m beginning to agree with the fifteen year old who contends that men do indeed have a monthly cycle.  Mr. PQ is simply thrilled to have booked reservations at both of Tyler Florence’s restaurants in the San Francisco area at the end of this month.  Mr. PQ’s man crush on Tyler is so pervasive I’m beginning to wonder if I should worry.  Forty years of learning have taught me to wield a paring knife reasonably well but Brian is never going to see this any time soon.


At the other end of the spectrum sits the thirteen year old who had the audacity to get sulky on our recent holiday to the beaches of Florida.  Notwithstanding the fact that we had escaped a week of sub zero, snowy days, he also had 6 days away from school, days in which the most pressing decision was whether to swim in the pool or the ocean.  His angst centered on his inability to craft the sand castle he wanted and his consternation that his mom could sculpt a sea turtle that passerby’s stopped to photograph.  What he failed to recognize is that his mom has a lot more years of experience working with her hands and crafting things.  His angst afforded me a moment to encourage him in working hard and practicing the things he enjoys, while recognizing there will always be someone who is more craftier, more able, more intuitive, more intelligent then you, and that you do well to learn from them.



After this, we constructed quite the re-creation of the Battle of Bull Run with sand, seaweed and Little Green Army Men.



This all brings me to thinking about a new line of small leather goods we are in the process of designing.  Anyone can plug in a sewing machine and beat out a folding flap of leather that holds a few credit cards. However, when you want a piece of art that offers durability as well as beauty for your iPhone or back pocket, it comes in very handy to have those sewing machines operated by folks who have been stitching for decades.   So along with being grateful for amazing chef’s, and a holiday by the sea, I’m very grateful for the excellent team of craftsmen we have in the Pad and Quill family.


(Mrs PQ)