Should I Get a Case for My iPhone?

Do you really need a case for your new iPhone? One of the big reasons why smartphone users buy the iPhone—including the new iPhone 5—is because of its sleek styling and thin profile. So why cover that up with a case? Is the extra protection worth it, or does it just add bulk?


Why Get an iPhone Case?

No matter how careful you are, it's inevitable that you're going to drop your iPhone one day. Or maybe your cat will knock it off the counter, or a friend who isn't as careful as you will borrow it and scuff it up.
An iPhone 5 case will lower your "new iPhone owner" anxiety about denting the case or scratching the screen. Minimizing damage from dropping or mishandling your phone is one of the biggest reasons to get an iPhone case. Scratches on your camera lens could affect the quality of your photos, and damage to the screen can affect the functionality of your phone.
Besides keeping your iPhone looking new, using a case can protect the resale value of your phone. The better condition it's in, the more you can sell it for later on.
One reason to get a case that you might not have considered is theft deterrence. iPhones are a target for thieves, but when your phone is "camouflaged" with a case, no one will be the wiser. What looks like a leather datebook is actually your iPhone 5 in disguise.

Things to Consider When Buying a Case for iPhone 5

Protecting your iPhone 5 with a case doesn't make sense if you have to remove it every time you want to use certain features. Make sure the case you buy still allows you to use features that are important to you—like the camera, ports, and power button.

Adding a case to your iPhone 5 adds bulk—even for the slimmest cases. And for hardcore minimalists, any bulk is too much. If you want the most protection for your iPhone with the least bulk, look for the smallest, thinnest case you can find. And remember—you can always take off the case when you know you won't need it.

Using a case for your iPhone 5 won't guarantee that you won't damage your phone when you drop it. If you have one of those Murphy's Law moments and run over your phone with your Jeep, a leather case isn't going to help you out much. You still have to be careful with your phone. Plus, it's always a good idea to get an extended warranty—especially if you're a bit on the klutzy side.

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