Capturing an experience, remembering a loved one.

“If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he’s dead, then maybe he was a great man” -James Dean


The Holmes family lost it’s patriarch when Mr. Pad and Quill’s dad passed quietly through the “grey rain-curtain of this world to the white shores of a far green country”.  At times like this, when your heart is stricken with grief and loss,  you search, at times in vain, for words that give expression to what this dear loved one meant to you.  I imagine this is why some of the greatest works of art are born in anguish and adversity.


Artistic people are always looking to capture the essence of an experience, to emote a moment or to leave an impression of themselves in their little corner of the world.  In this way, technology is a great friend to artistic people allowing the easy capture of a photo, or the quick jotting of a lyric, while certainly increasing the volume and space of our corners.


Mr. Holmes was a great man who traveled widely, served profoundly and loved deeply. He set his own story. It is in honor of him that we launch our new Author Series of cases.  Sometimes we need to craft our own experience, during those moments we don’t want someone to tell us how the story unfolds, we want to author that ourselves.  The Author Series case is yours to design, and dare I say it (Mr. PQ might wince) a perfect blank canvas for your expression.  I look forward to seeing pictures of what you all create!