Candy Crush Addictions

In the rush and crush of the holiday season chocolate has become my enemy.  Not because it is lurking around every corner and it’s tempting from every store aisle shelf, shouting “indulge!” “indulge!” “I will not add a layer of insulation to your waistline as I did last Christmas!”  No, chocolates seeming omnipresence does not make it the enemy.  Waiting has made chocolate the enemy.  Tis the season of waiting.  Waiting in lines, waiting in traffic, waiting for kids concerts and events to begin.  Waiting for some kids concerts to end (one can really only actively listen to so many sixth grade flugelhorn renditions of Ole St. Nick.) And while waiting I’ve developed the horrible habit of playing Candy Crush, where, at level 51, chocolate has become the enemy.


If you have not been sucked into a Gustav-like addiction to Candy Crush, you would not understand the travesty that is level 51.  Suffice to say, for you non Crush addicts or you newbies like my son who took 42 days to pass level 15, at level 51 little blocks of chocolate goodness pop up to impede your progress and you can only advance by destroying them.


The great has become the enemy of the good.  I sense this game is the plotted revenge of those ridiculous little striped candies at grandma’s house that inexplicably drew moisture and cigarette smoke toward their little crystal dish, causing them to congeal into an immovable mass of carcinogenic disappointment.  Here I thought Lent was chocolate’s greatest adversary.  Epiphany’s come, and grandma’s realize it’s time to scrape the ribbon goop into the garbage, replacing them with little message hearts from Saint Valentine, and they go to the great landfill in the sky, where they’ve connived for years on how to supplant chocolate as the favorite holiday confection.  Now their vengeance has been reprised in Area, I mean Level 51….


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Mrs PQ