iphone 8 wireless chargerThe new iPhone 8 and iPhone X will be coming with wireless charging enabled. Likely Apple will be adopting the Qi Wireless Charging Standard but at a lowered capacity of 7.5w instead of 15w. This means you will be able to charge your iPhone Edition without having to plug it in. However, many are wondering if they will be able to charge their iPhone wirelessly with an iPhone Edition case on it. See below for answers.

Can I charge My iPhone 8 Wirelessly In A Case?

wirelessly charge iphone 8

Short answer: Yes.
Long answer: It depends on your iPhone 8 case.

The Qi standard for wireless charging has been around for a while now and has been tested and proven to work on other smart phones in cases. The signal can penetrate through multiple milimeters of material. In fact, the 5w Qi charging pads can penetrate through up to 40mm (1.5 inches) of material! The higher the output of the charger though, the lower the range goes though. Which is likely why Apple will be adopting the 7.5w standard as a good middle ground between the 5w and 15w options.

It All Depends On Your iPhone Case

iphone 8 wireless charger

The wireless charging signal can pass through most *non-metalic* materials, and easily passes through the thickness of most all standard cases. Based off this data, properly positioned, yes you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 8 while it is in its case... as long as your case isn't made of any kind of metal which blocks the signal.

There is rumored to also be a magnetic component to the wireless charging that assists with properly positioning the iPhone and the charging mat. This may get a bit weaker if you are using a super thick case, but it will still charge as long as you position it right.

Pad & Quill iPhone 8 & iPhone X Cases

Rest assured, this issue is of great importance to us here at PQ HQ. We are working hard to ensure that all the iPhone X cases at Pad & Quill will be 100% compatible with the wireless charging based on this data. Our cases for iPhone X and iPhone 8 will be made from full-grain leather and fsc certified woods that will not block or diminish the wireless charging signal in any way.

In fact, we are working on some new iPhone X cases that the world has never seen before and... let's just say... you may end up loving your new iPhone case more than you love your new iPhone. :)

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