Bright Lights, Big City, A Leather Apple Watch Band to Match

Here at Pad & Quill, we definitely have a soft spot for our home city of Minneapolis. It's called the "mini apple" for good reason, with a huge theatre scene, obsession with food on a stick and green space stretching for literal miles, it's the New York of the Midwest with a whole lot more 'you betcha'. Enter a line of leather Apple watch bands, made in the heart of Minnesota.  While the Lowry Cuff for Apple Watch offers a sturdy full-bodied strap, the Lowry Leather Band for Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 comes with a slimmer feel and clean finish. With its classic look and traditional leather techniques, you’ll forget it’s holding a micro-computer and not a Timex.

 The Horween Tannery: Creating Great Leather For Great Apple Watch Bands

horween tannery leatherThe Horween Tannery has been making its name known for over 100 years and in that time it has become renowned for making the world’s best leather. The high quality and consistency of leather produced by the Horween Tannery is why we instantly knew we should partner with them. This is leather fit for the Apple Watch and meant to last for years to come.

With craftsman partnered together to create an excellent product, the Lowry Leather band for the Apple Watch stands out in its sturdiness, raw edge and supple leather. It easily molds to the wrist while offering a unique and individual piece.

An Apple Watch Band Uniquely Designed For A One-Of-A-Kind City

leather apple watch bandWhile the Lowry Cuff for the Apple Watch fits as a sturdy companion, we wanted a band to match that could offer a slimmer design with the same high-quality stitching and manufacturing. The Lowry band offers that as the sibling to the Lowry Cuff. As one of our most versatile products it is offered in 3 colors with sizing for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.

Each band comes with the Pad & Quill stamp of approval including a 25 year leather warranty, craftsman signature and 30 day return policy. It's passed the litmus standard and all approval standards from the Horween tannery.

The Lowry Leather Band for Apple Watch

leather apple watch band

While many Apple Watch straps boast of durability and reliability, Pad & Quill guarantees it. With a partnership 100 years in the making and compatibility with a plethora of styles, the Lowry Leather band is a slim and unique band, sure to leave an imprint on whoever sees it. With a rich history and traditional techniques, it's a perfect partner for the Apple Watch adding a touch of aged luxury to every evolving technological advances.

Get your Lowry Leather Cuff for Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 here.