The iPhone 8 Plus is a welcome addition to the Apple lineup and we've got plenty of options for it. We've collected a list of our treasured favorites of our very best iPhone 8 Plus cases available. To be fair, all of our cases made it into the list... but they truly are the best! Check it out.

Best Leather iPhone 8 Plus Case

best iphone 8 plus caseFamily, quality, and stories are always priorities here at Pad & Quill and they pervade throughout everything we do. Our founder, Brian, designed this slim iPhone 8 plus case with these key standards in mind. The Traveler is lovingly crafted out of full-grain leather that securely cradles your iPhone 8 Plus without adding any bulk. Stitched with parachute grade stitching and utilizing our proprietary design techniques, this case actually holds your iPhone in place without any adhesives or other tricks. Just leather, craftsmanship, and love. The Traveler iPhone 8 Plus case ages like a fine wallet and becomes a cherished memory manifested into a beautiful accessory.

Best Leather Wallet iPhone 8 Plus Case

iphone 8 wallet case

The Bella Fino case for iPhone 8 Plus is our love letter to the iPhone. An iPhone wallet case without the bulk, it allows silhouette of the phone to be on display while protecting it with a border of leather. The clean-release 3M adhesive is specifically formulated to bond with the glass back and you can fit up to 7 cards and IDs in it as well as cash. Designed to last 25 years and break in like a familiar wallet, it will probably outlast your iPhone!

Best Minimalist iPhone 8 Plus Case

The Woodline for iPhone 8 Plus is our homage to the beauty of nature and the serenity of the forests. Crafted from FSC certified, sustainably harvested hardwoods and hand-polished to bring out the beautiful lines of nature. This snap-on case is not only the thinnest wooden case for the iPhone 8 on the market, it is also the strongest. The Woodline features an aramid polymer core, just like the material they use in bullet proof vests, to give it strength and durability. We're not saying your iPhone will be bulletproof in this case... but your style will be!

The Woodline makes an excellent addition to your Apple ecosystem. It provides the enduring protection the iPhone needs while adding none of the bulk it doesn’t. Along with wireless charging compatibility it also allows full-access to all ports. The beauty of wood meets the strength of steel with its aramid polymer core, and our artisans signature provide the finishing touch.

Choosing The Best iPhone 8 Plus Case

Choosing a new iPhone can be a little overwhelming. To help with that, Apple has a tool to let us comparison shop. We're proud to report that we've crafted iPhone cases for each generation of iPhone no matter what you end up choosing so peruse away and hit us up with any questions!


iPhone 8 Plus Case FAQ:

Do your iPhone 8 Plus cases support wireless charging?

-Definitely. Wireless charging is game-changing, and we've ensured all of our cases can play along. There are a ton of wireless chargers, and we're rounded up the best of the best here.

Will my older iPhone 7 Plus fit into cases made for the 8 Plus?

-We're happy to report that it will. The external dimensions were kept the same, but the interior and camera were spruced up.

How do I care for my wooden case?

-Our wooden cases are pretty low maintenance. All we ask is that you avoid dropping it to prevent nicks in the wood.  Should anything unfortunate happen, we've got a lovely year warranty on them. Hungry for more info? For more on what we do and don't cover, please visit our FAQ.

How do I care for my leather case?

-Our full-grain leather cases need very little in terms of care and maintenance. Oils from your hands and regular use will keep them feeling and looking fresh. They are naturally water resistant and stain resistant. If you do want to clean and condition the leather to prolong the life and look, we have a handy leather care guide written up for your convenience.