best iphone 8 cases from pad and quill

Here at Pad and Quill, we've rounded up our best leather and wood cases for the iPhone 8. From the selective minimalist to the businessman who has to juggle it all, we've got a little something for everyone. With its famous glass screen and glass back, the iPhone 8 practically begs for a case. Our five favorites are all available for order and pre-order right now. Okay, we might be a little partial... but they really are our favorites.

Best iPhone 8 Wallet Caseleather and wood case iphone 8

The Luxury Pocket Book is made with gorgeous, American full-grain leather. The birchwood frame on this wallet case offers a great bulwark of protection; it encompasses your phone and will be the front line of defense. We also offer a lifetime warranty the wooden frame, should it ever go mano-a-mano with some concrete. Plus, it's just got a little old school cool that'll only improve over the years.

Best Leather iPhone 8 Casebest leather case iphone 8

The Bella Fino was designed by the iPhone lovers of the world, for the iPhone lovers of the world. This is for someone who still wants to see the breathtaking dimensions iPhone, even while in a case. The clean-release 3M adhesive is specifically formulated to grip onto the glass back, is reusable, and won't leave any residue on your sweet new device. Like all of our leather, it comes with a 25-year leather warranty, so if anything should go wrong with the leather, we’ve got your back!

Best Protective iPhone 8 Casewooden iphone 8 case

The Timberline case features our crafted hardwood and its rubber matte sides are raised slightly to provide screen protection and extra grip. The Timberline might look like a more traditional phone case but has the exceptional quality of Pad and Quill makes it stand out in a crowd. We've blended our design with nature's so you carry a little story of the forest along for life's journey.

Best Leather and Wood iPhone 8 Case

leather and wood iphone 8 case

Having some serious déjà vu? Don't worry, the Little Pocket Book looks a lot like it's brother, but holds its own. The biggest difference between the two can be taken at face value, literally. The Little Pocket Book features an American top-grain leather exterior which feels pebbled to the touch. The interior has the same card slots, signature ribbon, and even wooden frame. The leather is intended to richly patina and settle in to be a travel companion for years to come.

Best Minimalist iPhone 8 Casesleek iphone 8 case

The Woodline is the lightweight of the bunch but packs some serious punch. Hand-finished wood surrounds an Aramid core. Sleek lines hug the curves of the iPhone 8 all while providing the protection it needs. It was designed for the minimalist who wants their phone to look and feel organic. It’s sleek, light, and adds little to no bulk. Plus, you can combine it with our Bella Fino for the ultimate power couple.

Upgrading has never felt so good than with the iPhone 8. Say goodbye to that old phone and hello to wireless charging, superior processing, and a fantastic new case. Our artisans are given the best possible materials for their craft and we take heartfelt pride in the quality they provide. We are thrilled to stamp them with our signature Ampersand logo. We're so thankful to have you as a part of our family here at PQ, welcome!

iPhone 8 Case FAQ:

Will your iPhone 8 cases support wireless charging?

-Absolutely. We're early adopters here at Pad and Quill and expect all of our tech and gear to mesh seamlessly. In fact, you can find a link to our favorite wireless chargers here.

Will my iPhone 7 fit into a case for the iPhone 8?

-It sure will, Apple kept the external dimensions between generations the same. Feel free to grab one our remarkable cases for your device. (Or a few, we won't tell... scout's honor)

How do I care for my wooden iPhone 8 case?

-Our wooden cases are pretty low maintenance. All we ask is that you avoid dropping it to prevent nicks in the wood.  Should anything unfortunate happen, we've got a lovely year warranty on them. Hungry for more info? For more on what we do and don't cover, please visit our FAQ.

How do I care for my leather iPhone 8 case?

-In general, leather is super forgiving. All it needs is regular handling, the oils from your hands will keep it nice and supple. If you're wanting to treat your case to a little spa day, some balm and/or leather oil will do the trick! Caring for your leather is an important task, and a more comprehensive tutorial can be found here.