How to Find the Best iPad Mini Case

A naked iPad Mini is a beauty, but it's also asking for trouble somewhere down the line. Coffee spills, scratches from your pet's claws, and accidental drops can easily turn your pristine iPad Mini into a not-so-pristine tablet. Before that happens, we recommend protecting your new device with an iPad Mini case. Here are some tips on how to find the best iPad Mini case for you.

Lightweight, Not Bulky

The biggest reason most people love the iPad Mini is that it's so light and thin. The smaller tablet size makes it easy to carry around and use almost anywhere. Your iPad Mini case should be lightweight and slim for everyday use. If you need more protection than that, consider getting a bag as well as a case. Then tuck the iPad with its case inside the bag for heavy-duty protection.

iPad Mini cases


The iPad Mini is designed to be aesthetically appealing. Your case should be too. Think of an iPad Mini case an opportunity to express your style—whether that's suave, bold, fun, or one-of-a-kind.

Full Protection

Your iPad Mini case should protect the front and back of the tablet. Both the screen and the body are vulnerable to scratches and damage. The trick is to find a case that still allows full access to the screen, ports, and camera without removing the case every time you want to use it. Pad & Quill's iPad Mini cases provide access to all ports and functions on the iPad Mini.

Full Screen Access

Make sure the iPad Mini case doesn't come too close to the edges of the screen. This can make it harder for you to swipe all the way to the edge of the screen. Cases that hold the iPad Mini firmly in place at the very edges leave full access to the screen without getting in the way.

iPad Mini Cases

By itself, the iPad Mini is a beauty. With a Pad & Quill iPad Mini case, even more so! Choose from the Graduate Artist series designed by local artists, the new Aria full grain leather case, or one of our classic cases. Free shipping with purchase of any two cases or accessories.