Someone got a baby brother

Well not exactly, Kari decided awhile back that four quills is enough for this full house. Let’s just say it would be completely miraculous if we had #5 on the way… I’ll leave that there. What I mean is that one of our most popular iPad cases just had a baby brother.

The Contega for iPad mini/Retina

-Yes this is occasion for multiple propping celebrations!
-iPad mini users, time to bask in the glow of practical goodness!
-It’s a ‘mini’ celebration of function and beauty!

I’m going to stop now.

You might ask why didn’t we do this last year? Good question, that’s why I had you hypothetically pose it. Two reasons. First, we were swamped! Seriously the growth of our iPhone cases was so huge that we could barely keep up with the newly announced iPad mini. The second reason was design. We wanted to make the design of our new Contega for the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina to be as slender and strong as possible. This one has adopted those new design features from it’s bigger brother. Couple Highlights:

-Strongest wood frame to date
-Thinner design then previous Contega’s
-More durable leather/cloth materials

So welcome our baby brother case to the family. We are very proud parents here at Pad & Quill!