Atlas Shrugged and the Little Quill takes over the World


The blissful 99 days of summer are almost upon the Pad and Quill household, so it was fitting to commence an assault on my reading list over the holiday weekend. Being as I’m 44 and have never read the Ayn Rand novel, it seemed a suitable accompaniment to a 16 mile hike along the gorgeous Superior Hiking Trail. It is well known that I am a IT mental midget, so I was quite impressed with myself in making my purchase from Amazon and downloading it to my iPhone 4s and iPad. Enclosed in a P&Q Little Black Book and a Ziploc bag, the weighty novel only added a mere 8.2 ounces to my pack weight. The beauty of hiking with your iPhone 4s is that you can then add additional weightless novels, like Fifty Shades of Grey, a novel of which I understand might be all it takes to get Mr. PQ interested in hiking and camping. The remote nature of nature has many benefits.


Closer to home, the 11 year old is looking to be promoted to crew chief of Pad & Quill fulfillment and has already submitted his work schedule and pay requirements. I predict he will be on the board by the end of the August. As he is on a forced Lego purchasing hiatus, I’ll be curious to see what acquisition he has in his sights. Given that he frequently bemoans his lack of a “serious electronic device”, my guess is that he will have secured an iPhone and full year of data service for himself before dropping in to the Junior High scene this Fall.


Remember, no matter what your plans, a Pad & Quill bookbindery case will make your summer reads authentically enjoyable and make great graduation and Father’s day gifts!