What Will Apple be up to the Rest of 2014?
Spring is officially here, which means that a quarter of the year is already up. We’ve already seen a few of the things that Apple has done, but what are they planning on for the other nine months of this year?


This hotly anticipated device is expected to be released this year, bringing a new dimension to Apple. The smart watch isn’t expected to function as a mini iPhone, but rather as an accessory to that and the iPad.

It should have basic capabilities that act as extensions for more sophisticated apps on the iPhone and iPad, as well as possibly including its own functions (e.g. heart rate monitor, pedometer). The size of the iWatch will be bigger than a normal watch, measuring roughly an inch and a half.

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iPhone 6

One of Apple’s worst kept secrets is due for release sometime in the fall, and will include mostly physical changes rather than software ones. The biggest expectation is a larger screen size (maybe 5-ish inches?), along with a second option for a different screen size. This may mean that you’ll need another case for your iPhone.

That’s not to say that there won’t be any software changes, as Apple is expected to put an A8 chip inside that’ll make it run faster. It may also complement a curved screen, but that’s more of an unsure rumor at this point.

iPad Pro

It seems like only yesterday that Apple gave us two new iPads, the iPad Air and iPad Mini. It followed more in the steps of the MacBooks, where there were the Air and Pro, with different screen sizes for each.

The aim of the iPad Pro would be to act as a sort of liaison between the regular iPads and the MacBooks. The size will be bigger than an iPad, but smaller than a laptop, and processing performance should be somewhere in the middle, too, which also means another case for your iPad.

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This may be more of a wish than a prediction, but an iTV isn’t so far off the mark. It’s more of a matter of timing than the actual delivery itself, with 2014 a highly doubtful maybe for an iTV.

However, if it does arrive, expect it to not make as big of an impact as some would have you believe. Had Apple come out with the iTV before Netflix, it would have made a much bigger bang. But not that everyone gets their TV shows from multiple sources, an Apple TV just doesn’t seem as special.

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