How to Keep Your Apple Products Safe in Cold Weather
This article has been updated for the iPhone here: How to Protect Your iPhone in Cold Weather. For many people in the United States, winter is quickly descending as the mercury keeps dropping everyday. But along with keeping yourself bundled up and warm, make sure to keep your Apple gear safe from the freezing once the thermometer starts to hit 32F. And don't miss out on a new leather iPhone case to keep your phone warm and happy!


Most laptops are built to be most comfortable in a temperature range of 50-95F, which includes the temperature the laptop should be at before use. But winter temperatures in many states frequently drop below the 50F mark, and here's how to keep your MacBook safe.

Messenger Bag

A good quality messenger bag, with enough room for books or other insulators, can go a long way to keeping your MacBook padded and several degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Make sure to always store your MacBook in a carrying case for an extra edge of warm and protection.

Warm it Up

Unless you have to power up your MacBook the second you get in from the cold, give it a bit of time to warm up so the parts will run better.

kitty laptop warmer

Laptop Warmers

This heater pad plugs in and sits under your laptop, bringing it up to the toasty temperature it needs to work efficiently. They're easy to use and store well in a leather bag.


iPhone and iPod

Because of their smaller size, iPhones and iPods are easier to keep warm than their larger MacBook cousins. Usually, storing it in your jacket pocket is enough, but here are tips for when it's not.

Keep it in a Case

In colder temperatures, your iPhone and iPod become a little less resilient than usual. By keeping them in a Pad and Quill leather case, you can keep them a few degrees warmer- and more durable.

Keep it Powered Up

Cold weather uses your battery a lot more than in "normal" temperatures, so make sure it's charged up before you head out. If you're going out for several hours, or take a drive for several hours, take a charger with you just in case.


Just like your MacBook, iPhone or iPod, you'll want to use the same tips to keep your iPad safe and durable from the cold.

Wear Texting Gloves

These gloves, made with a square of conductive silicone on the fingertips, let you use your iPad without taking your gloves off. While it might not be a big deal to shed your hand warmers for a couple of minutes, remember that the cold weather makes the screen brittle and more susceptible to damage, and gloved fingers have a safer edge over bare ones.

Take it with You

It may be tempting to stow your iPad under a car seat or leave it in the trunk, but cars can cool down incredibly quickly. Instead, pack it up in your Pad and Quill iPad case, toss it in your bag, and rest easy knowing that your iPad will be warm- and last longer.


For everything you need to keep your Apple products warm, safe and durable in the upcoming winter, check out Pad and Quill's selection of iPad cases, iPhone and iPod cases, MacBook cases, and leather bags. And remember, Pad and Quill has a 30-day money back guarantee on anything you purchase.