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As spring fever starts to hit, everyone is getting excited to see what Apple plans to bring to the table. With the larger releases in the fall, Spring is a great time for Apple to release small updates and refresh lines. Plus it allows them to gear up for WWDC in June. We’ve compiled a list of the most up to date Apple news below.

iPad Pro: A Needed Update

apple news

By far the most exciting news is a refresh to the iPad Pro lineup, which hasn’t seen new hardware since 2018. If Apple plans to follow their routine cycle, odds are favorable for a new line, most likely releasing this spring.

Apple sticks to routine sizing when it comes to their Pro line, and most likely we’ll still see an 11 and 12.9 inch version. The dual sizing allows for significantly more flexibility, from using your iPad for computer work or as an instructional tool.

Whispers have been pointing at a new camera system. While not very many people recommend using an iPad to take photos, Apple often uses the iPad to test out their new hardware for their next line of iPhones. Since this looks to be a big year for iPhones, most likely we will see something like the Time of Flight camera in the iPad. This allows for 3D sensing and includes the rear triple camera with more range of depth perception and sensors.

And last but not least, there should be a release of new software to go with the new technology. All signs already point towards iOS updates for the iPad and other tech as well.

iPhone 9/SE 2: A More Affordable Buy In

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The iPhone generally sees a update each fall, and the iPhone 12 line will prove no different. However, a refresh to the iPhone SE is much needed. Reports all but confirm it for this month or next. The new SE will offer compactness but with better pricing for those not looking to have to sell a first born.

This is good news for anyone still holding onto their iPhone 6+, as this will be a great low cost upgrade. Pricing looks like it may be around $399.  Apple is trying to get older iPhone users to upgrade to a faster processing system. A low cost and smaller iPhone may just be the trick they need.

WWDC and March Event: Virus or Not, Here We Come

WWDC usually occurs in the first 2 weeks of June, but the invites are often sent in March. With the coronavirus outbreaks restricting unnecessary travel, Apple may push back the announcement until April.

This makes it also likely Apple will not hold a large event on campus, but may instead stick to press releases.

Upcoming for Apple and More from Pad & Quillapple news

With a big year getting geared up for Apple, its anyones guess what releases are coming when. With no iPad release in 2019 Apple is poised for big sales this year with new lines coming. Right now, the only question that remains is if this will be spring or fall.

Here at Pad & Quill we are as excited for new Apple products as we are to continue making handcrafted, luxury leather goods to keep them stylish and safe. It’s going to be a busy spring and we’re excited to stay tuned in for what’s next.

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