Freezer Burned

Attention iTunes App developers, I need help, again.  As I continue my Pinterest inspired assault on our disorganized home, I delved into the freezer in search of an idea for Wednesday’s supper.  Having a few extra minutes, it seemed an opportune time to initiate and archeological type dig to the bottom, hoping the history of my purchases ceased somewhere in mid 2013.  Having passed into the third Costco layer, I discovered a beautifully shrink wrapped pork tenderloin.   As I’d already unearthed another package marked “beef for stew or other” I retired from my work and returned to the kitchen to commence thawing my discoveries in a sink of hot water.  (Hint: infinitely better then microwaving).  With a mid April snow falling softly by the windows, I consulted with Tyler Florence to discover a means of heating up the evening and the tenderloin.

Tyler Florence Chimmichurri

Chimmichurri warms you up just by saying the word repeatedly, all the more so if you salsa while repeating.  Some time mid-morning I went to check on the thawing status only to discover the product label attached to my pristine pink loins.  “Sell by 07/02/2011”.  2011?  How in the world is there something in my freezer that almost predates iPad 2?  Oh the humanity, if it’s pink is it still edible?  Not according to Mr. PQ, so the dogs will be dining on pork for the next several weeks and we got “other”  “Other” was a delicious Irish Stew, which we inexplicably ate standing huddled in the kitchen.


I need an app akin to my clothing app idea that allows me to inventory my pantry and freezers, constructing a week of menus for breakfasts and dinners.  I’d like a shopping list and a QR code reader or UPC code reader that uploads the product data and adds it to my virtual pantry and refrigerator.  The app would have an alert when I am out of something or running low on an essential ingredient, say rice (which we eat at least twice a week).   I also need to be able to set preparation time, for the days I leave home at 7am and return at 6:30pm with an “emaciated” crew.  Above all else, I need a nuclear bomb type alarm that warns me a prior purchase is seeping slowly into the Mesozoic Era and she be branded extinct.


I’d pay an enhancement fee if the app linked to the Chore-inator an intuitive app I discovered at iWorld that works amazingly well at distributing household responsibility.


Realizing this request for life enhancing technology threatens my identity as Mrs. Quill, I’ll cut this post short enabling the youngster and I adequate time to snowshoe to school.