Alternate Uses for Your iPhone and Pad and Quill iPhone Case
Most people think an iPhone and its leather case is good for one thing: to co-exist. But explore the technicalities of it, and you've suddenly got a device that can do so much more.

Mini Wallet

The P&Q iPhone case isn't just something you slip over your phone, it's a card and money carrier, too. With coins becoming passée and transactions being increasingly carried out through apps, your P&Q case can now be your go-to for everything. Keep a tally running for a few weeks to quantitatively figure out which cards you use most, and then store those in your iPhone case whenever you go out for a lighter load.

Speaker System

The sound quality isn't exactly great on an iPhone, let alone any smartphone, but you can easily enhance the sound with a very simple trick. Take an empty toilet paper roll, cut a line in the middle that'll fit your iPhone, open your Pad and Quill iPhone case use the center as a stand, and insert your phone into the incision. The echo inside the toilet paper roll will amplify your iPhone's sound, giving you an instant mini speaker. For an even bigger sound, stick Styrofoam cups onto the ends of the toilet paper roll.



If you're ever in a situation where you don't have ready access to power, like during an outage or on a camping trip, you can easily turn your iPhone into a lamp. Turn the LED flashlight option on and put a water bottle over top of it. The water will magnify the light, instantly creating a wider swath of it. And if you don't want to disturb someone beside you, flip up one side of your Pad and Quill case to rest against the water bottle, creating a little wall blocking the light.

A slight variation on the iPhone-cum-lamp idea is to create a strobe light from it using the same concept. Download RoboStrobe, an app that turns the LED on your phone into a strobe light. You can synchronize it to blink in time with music, and all you have to do is stream a song on a separate device and let yours pulse to the rhythm. And by putting a bottle of water on it, you've got the lighting required for a little disco party.

With just a little bit of tweaking, you can turn your iPhone and Pad and Quill iPhone case into a multi-purpose device. While you're thinking of everything new you can do with your iPhone, check out Pad and Quill's selection of iPhone leather cases and luxury cases, with a 30-day money back guarantee on all of them.