how to age veg tanned leather

Each Heritage veg tanned leather iPhone X case comes to you like a blank canvas upon which we invite you to create a beautiful work of art. With time your Heritage case will take on a distinct character all its own, it will age like fine whiskey, and darkening to develop a patina that is 100% unique to you. Read on to learn more about veg tanned leather and how to age your veg tanned leather iPhone case to let out your inner artisan.

What Is Veg. Tanned Leather?

veg tan leather

Veg tanned leather is leather that has been tanned in artisan fashion with plant-based tannins found in tree barks, fruits, and roots. With roots in the old-world, this process has been done for centuries and takes advantage of the tannic acids found in some plant species. It takes upwards of 2 months for a single hide of leather to be vegetable tanned and the entire process is extremely environmentally friendly. The end result is a gorgeously durable piece of leather that smells of wood and caramelizes with use and exposure to the sun. Aged veg-tanned leather is highly sought after for its beautiful, unreplicatable patina that can only be achieved with years of use.

How To Age Veg. Tanned Leather

aging veg leather

To age veg tanned leather you need oil and sunlight. Every Heritage Leather iPhone X case is made from premium veg tanned leather. As you use it, the case will develop a deep caramel color and darken into an amazing patina. You can speed up the aging process very easily by applying a coat of our Pad & Quill leather balm (a tin of which is included with every Heritage case) and setting the case in direct sunlight for a couple days. When searching for the right place for it to soak up some sun, we'd recommend an indoor window. A car window or unnatural lighting as that can affect the outcome of your case negatively.

Within 2-3 days the leather will literally get a tan and darken. The longer you leave it in the sun, the deeper the tan will get. Then, as you use it, the oils from your hands will further patina the leather and darken the edges to paint a beautifully rich tapestry of colors right onto the leather.

heritage veg leather iphone case with balm

Our iPhone X veg tanned leather cases are available now for order. They feature full grain leather interiors as well with room for up to 7 cards, cash, and IDs. Be warned though... you may fall so deeply in love with this case that you will think twice before upgrading your iPhone again. That's just an occupational hazard of being an exceptional artisan.

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