how to fix broken iphone cord

Frayed iPhone cables, broken iPhone cords, and non-syncing iPhone charger cables are the bane of every Apple user everywhere since the dawn of the smartphone. Here are our top 5 tips & tricks to repair and protect iPhone charger cords and keep them from breaking in the first place.

iPhone Cable Pen Spring Trick

fix iphone cable with pen spring

It's ugly but it is a time-honored trick that works. If you have a couple old clicky pens laying around, you can gut them and wrap their innards around your iPhone cable to protect it. Simply remove the pen spring and wind it around your iPhone cord at the top and the bottom, being sure to cover the slightly thicker part just below the connector. This will help keep the cord from bending overly much and hold it all together.

iPhone Cord Paracord Trick

fix iphone charger with paracord

If you happen to be crafty, or just grew up lonely and alone, making friendship bracelets for all the friends you never had, this one will be easy. Take a length of paracord and gut it (there's a lot of gutting in this post...). Melt the ends so they won't fray, and start weaving it around your iPhone charging cable using the 'cobra' knot. The end result is less ugly than a pen spring and colorfully customizable to boot. Here's a link to the full guide on how to tie the paracord knot. Then, take those newfound skills and go ahead and make yourself a cool survival bracelet with the remaining paracord.

iPhone Charger Electrical Tape Trick

fix iphone cord with electrical tape

Take a length of electrical tape and wrap the ends of the cord where they meet the plugs as tight as you can a few times. Voila, you are done. This trick works great for a little while and is good in a pinch, but over time the tape can come loose and it leaves a nasty sticky residue. It will hold you over, though, until you can get a new cord or get some heat shrink tubing a la our next tip...

iPhone Cord Heat Shrink Tubing Trick

fix iPhone cord with heat shrink tubing

The sexiest option for repairing a charger cable or protecting one that hasn't yet broken is by using electrical heat shrink tubing. This stuff is cheap, available in many colors, and can easily be found at your local hardware store in the electrical section. Or you can buy some that match the iPhone cord perfectly from They also have options there for repairing the Macbook charger cables as well. Slide the stuff over your cable and heat it up with a hairdryer. It will shrink to fit your cable and provide good reinforcement. Bonus points if you first wrap the cord in a pen spring then shrink wrap over it.

Reinforced iPhone Cord Trick

reinforced iPhone cable

It's not really a trick, but you could just avoid this issue altogether and buy a reinforced iPhone cable for the same price as an original one. There are tons of reinforced cables on Amazon with decent ratings that have features like metal braided cords, Kevlar fibers, multiple layers of protection, better-engineered plugs, and plenty of other fancy options. Survival bracelet not included. Usually.

How to Keep Cables Safe

Now that you've fixed all cables, now's the time to keep them safe! Our TechFolio Classic was specifically designed to wrangle all your tech and keep it all safe. Made of leather and canvas, our TechFolio protects and corrals all the cables, dongle, cords, and whatever else you need,  together into one convenient portfolio.

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