best ipad pro accessories

The iPad Pro is one awesome tablet. Whether you have the 12.9 or the 9.7, both are powerhouses and workhorses replete with refinement and classy design. A few of the best iPad accessories can really kick it up another notch, though. Check out this list of essential iPad Pro accessories to get the most out of your new tablet.

#1 Essential iPad Pro Accessory: Apple Pencil

apple pencil essential ipad pro accessory

What's not to love about the Apple Pencil? We've been begging Apple for years to give us a stylus, and boy did they deliver! Featuring best in class pressure sensitivity, angle detection, battery life, and so much more, this is one awesome little stylus. No latency or lag makes the Pencil infinitely useful. Whether you are a designer, artist, or just like to navigate with pinpoint accuracy, the Apple Pencil is the #1 essential iPad Pro accessory hands down.

#2 Best iPad Pro Accessory: iPad Pro Casebest ipad pro case

Your iPad is a Pro, so your iPad Pro case should look professional too. We, of course, recommend the Oxford leather iPad Pro Case that features full grain leather on the outside, smart cover functionality, and it turns into an iPad stand as well! With a 25-year leather warranty this case will wear in, not wear out. Check it out: Oxford Leather Pad Pro 12.9 Case and for Oxford Pad Pro 9.7 Leather Case.

#3 Must Have iPad Pro Accessory: Apple Pencil Holder

apple pencil accessories

The one downside to the Apple pencil is that you often have nowhere to put it when you aren't using it! The little guy just likes to roll off the table or get lost in the bottom of your bag. We've invented the perfect Apple Pencil holder made from the same awesome leather as our Oxford case. It even has super grippy material inside to make sure the Pencil stays where you put it and doesn't come out until you want it to. Check it out here: Universal Leather Apple Pencil Sleeve Holder.

#4 Best iPad Pro Accessory: Screen Protector

screen protector for ipad pro

With all this glass surface area, the screen is bound to get scratched or even break if you drop it. A shatterproof glass screen protector can go a long way towards preventing this and keeping your screen in great shape.

The new iPad Pro 9.7 has the fancy paperwhite feature allowing the screen to change based on ambient light. But the reflective glass can still be a double-edged sword at times. We recommend a matte screen protector to take some of the shine down and make the iPad feel even more like you are using paper. An added benefit is that the matte texture makes for a fantastic drawing surface with the Apple Pencil. No more ice skating around on the slippery screen, now you have some friction to make those sketches even more picture-perfect.

#5 Most Useful iPad Pro Accessory: Heavy Duty Battery Backup

ipad battery backup charger

Nowadays, nobody wants to be tethered to a wall, especially with how long it can take to charge the iPad battery. So if you plan on doing any power intensive activities, or you won't be in one place for long enough to recharge, always carry a battery backup that is large enough to provide one full charge to the iPad Pro. In order to achieve this, you need a battery pack in the range of 20,000 mAH or so. This way, you can go the whole day (and night) without needing to tether yourself to a wall.

#6 Must Have iPad Pro Accessory: iPad Pro Carryall Bag

valet leather ipad pro bag

Looking for a great way to carry your iPad, charger, cable, and accessories? We recommend the Pad & Quill iPad Valet Pro Bag made from full grain leather, parachute grade stitching, and lined with a luxurious canvas. There's plenty of room inside to store all your essentials, cords and chargers, and even a bit more. It's like valet service for your tablet. Once you try it, you'll never look back. Check it out here: Valet Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Bag and Valet iPad Pro 9.7 Leather Bag

Bonus iPad Pro Accessory: iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

smart keyboard case for ipad pro

Not for everybody, but we couldn't leave it out. Since it connects to the smart connector, is super duper thin, and is oh so responsive, the Apple Smart Keyboard is the bonus item on our list of essential iPad Pro accessories. If you don't plan on taking your laptop with you on your travels, but still need to write and compose long emails, articles, or messages, there is no better keyboard on the market than Apple's own smart keyboard. As an added bonus, the Oxford iPad Pro case fits the iPad and the keyboard together, and it all slips nice and easily into the Valet iPad Pro bag.

No matter what you use your iPad Pro for, we've got you covered with our out-of-this-world iPad Pro cases, bags, and accessories. What would you add to this list?