best leather wallet for men

A leather wallet is one piece of any male's wardrobe that is indispensable. The average man keeps his wallet for 7-10 years. Over that time a wallet will become like a close friend. You carry it every day and it molds to you, it adapts to your hands, takes on its own personality, and becomes a part of your identity.

So what should you look for when buying a quality leather wallet for men? What is it that makes a wallet the best leather wallet in terms of quality and style?

Here are a few things to look for when buying a wallet that will be with you for the next decade.

The Leather

full grain leather wallet for men

Good leather is like a fine wine. It comes in many varieties and ages beautifully over time. And it is classy. That denim, velcro wallet you've had since middle school just isn't going to cut it anymore when you are treating clients and having lunch with the boss.

The highest quality leathers are full grain leather, this is leather that hasn't been sanded down so it retains its full strength and character. Cheap leather will often be It coated in resins or polyurethane chemicals to make it look "high quality" and to increase its durability. Don't be fooled! Full grain leather doesn't need any of this. It will last for decades and age gracefully, taking on more and more character over time.

The Uptown Leather Wallet by Pad & Quill, for example, is crafted from full grain bridle leather that softens and darkens with time, develops a stunning patina as unique as you are, and tells your story. It is one classy piece of work!

Slim, Sturdy Construction

best slim leather wallet for men

Nobody wants to have a Costanza wallet. You know the one we are talking about. The one that is so thick it bulges out embarrassingly regardless of where you put it and so big it feels like lugging around a brick in your back pocket.

The best leather wallets for men make use of minimal layers of leather to maintain a slim design without sacrificing strength or durability. The Camden Leather Wallet, for example, keeps the exterior leather nice and thick for durability while the interior pockets are just a bit thinner to save on bulk.

You are going to keep your wallet for a decade. It had better be built well enough to take the abuse of everyday use. Therefore, the best wallets use high-quality stitching like the marine grade UV resistant parachute thread used on all Pad & Quill leather wallets. Key stress points like the corners of pockets should be reinforced with additional stitching for extra strength.

The Little Details

best mens leather wallet

When it comes to wallets and bespoke suits, it's the little things that make all the difference. If you can spot the tiny details that are hallmarks of skilled artisans you will be well on your way to finding the best leather wallet for you.

Take the Journeyman Wallet by Pad & Quill for example. It features turned edges on the leather to give a refined appearance and take extra time to make. Deceptively difficult to do well, the edges of the leather need to be shaved thin so they can fold over just enough, and then they need to be stitched straight in the dead center.

Well turned leather also has pleated corners. These pleated corners are tiny creases done by hand each and every time. There's no way to mechanize this, and it takes a skilled craftsman or craftswoman to do it. But the result is a stronger overall wallet and a beautifully refined look.

A good wallet needs room to expand for those times you have to carry extra cash, that important shopping list, a borrowed key, or other items. So billfold wallets need to have a gusset in the center that allows for just the right amount of expansion without compromising on form.

Another little detail to look for is the little crease on the card pocket openings. This crease is done with a hot iron drawn across the leather, it takes extra time but adds subtle yet important detailing to the interior of a wallet. This crease helps your fingers find the pockets easily and access them quickly, otherwise, the pockets will blend in with the rest of the bag. The edges of the pockets are sealed so they don't get frayed. Lastly, it adds to the overall finished look of a quality leather wallet.

Well Organized

leather money clip

The best leather wallets are well organized. They provide quick and easy access to the items you need the most and easy slim storage for the items you don't use as often. Nobody wants to have to dig into their wallet every time they need to pay for something.

The Slim Front Pocket Wallet features an easy access ID card pocket with a window, a front slot for your everyday credit card, and an expandable interior pocket with a clever pull-tab feature so you can store all your other cards or cash together and access them immediately with a simple pull.

Your wallet should have space and organization for all of your essential items, and that's it. The more extra space you have in your wallet, the more tempted you will be to carry unnecessary stuff that only adds to the bulk and disorganization.

No Compromises

best leather wallets for men

These are just a few things to look for when it comes to buying a high-quality leather wallet that will be your loyal companion for the next decade or more. The most important thing is that you need a wallet that suits your style and does not compromise on quality anywhere. You will be using this for the next 10 years, so every detail should be perfect.

Sure, you could grab a cheap wallet off the shelf at some department store, or you could pay an absurd price for some designer to put his or her logo on something that won't last. Or you could just check out the amazing leather wallets from Pad & Quill that are handmade by generations trained artisans with time-honored techniques and a no-compromise stand when it comes to quality of construction, design, and materials. The choice is yours. :)