best iphone x screen protector

The iPhone X features the most beautiful screen on an iPhone. Ever. With all sorts of fancy features like 625 nits of brightness, wide color gamut OLED, 458 ppi, HDR Dynamic range, and the list goes on, let's just say... the iPhone X's new full screen is amazing. With all that beautiful screen, you are going to want to use a good iPhone X screen protector. We have been busy testing out quite a few, so read on for our list of the best screen protectors for iPhone X we have found yet.

Best iPhone X Screen Protector For Any Case

universal iphone x screen protector

The MaxBoost screen protectors come with 3 tempered glass protectors as well as a handy installation frame to make sure you get it on right every time. They boast .25mm thickness and an open edge design so that they fit any case you might use, even if the case wraps around the edges a little more than others. Coated in the standard hydrophobic and oleophobic layers, the MaxBoost screen protectors are fingerprint resistant as well. The price is right too as the whole package of 3 is currently selling for $9.99 here.

Best Full Coverage iPhone X Screen Protector

iphone x full screen protector

Joto makes a very good tempered glass screen protector that offers full screen coverage and edge to edge protection on the front of the iPhone X. This protector comes in a pack of 2 and actually is molded to wrap around the curves of the front of your iPhone X to cover all the glass. It even has a protector for the notch at the top, with cutouts in all the right places for the camera and IR face scanner. Since this protector wraps around the edges of the iPhone X a little, it is not a great choice if you plan on using some cases as they can put pressure on the molded edges and cause it to pop off. However, if you plan on running your iPhone au natural, then this is a fantastic choice. Currently selling as a 2-pack for $11.99 here.

Best Case Compatible Edge To Edge iPhone X Screen Protector

edge to edge iphone x screen protector

If you love the full screen protection offered by the Joto, but also crave the additional safety of an iPhone Case... perhaps the Pad & Quill Timberline or Woodline iPhone X cases... then we recommend looking into the MagGlass iPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It features curved glass screen protection to reach the edges of the iPhone X, however, it does not cover the black notch at the top, making it more compatible with many iPhone X cases currently on the market. Some users have reported that it does not work with their particular case though, so your results may vary. It comes in a single pack and currently sells for $14.94 here.

Best iPhone X Back Screen Protector

iPhone X back protector

If you do plan on living life on the edge and using your iPhone X au natural, we recommend investing a few dollars into Apple Care or a similar service that offers drop warranty. Also, we recommend investing a few dollars into an iPhone X back screen protector like the one sold by Singularity Products. It is a simple 3-layer tempered glass protector that attaches to the glass back of your iPhone and will keep it safe from day-to-day scratches and hopefully cracks should you drop it from a small distance. Currently available as a 2-pack for $8.99 here.

Best High-Quality iPhone X Screen Protector

zagg iphone x screen protector review

Zagg has been THE goto brand for screen protectors on iPhones for years. Their customer service is great and they offer lifetime warranties on all their products. You can't beat the quality of their products... even though they often come at a higher price tag than most other cases. The Zagg InvisibleShield Glass+ screen protector is their high def tempered glass option for the iPhone X. It features their special high clarity glass, patented installation system, and smudge free coating. It also features the highest price of all the options we've seen, a single one currently costs $38 here.

Whatever screen protector you choose for your X, make sure you are protecting your investment somehow. Even though our iPhone X wallet cases offer a great deal of protection already, we always recommend using a screen protector too just to be safe. Have another recommendation? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments!