I'm what you might call, 'In-Doorsy'

So Mrs PQ just took are eldest daughter and headed off into the wilderness of the Great Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota. Canoes and tents are the only items allowed in this area as all motorized vehicles, boats ect. are banned. Truly a ‘leave it as you found it’ vast preserve.

Mrs. PQ hinted to our differences in her last post and I’ll offer another one right here.  When it comes to the great outdoors, I’m what comedian Jim Gaffigan might say, ‘In-doorsy’.  Never really understood why you take all the indoor stuff and bring it outdoors under nylon material that’s about as thin as my columbia shorts.

Anyhow she’s been gone for about 4 days and that means one thing: To the dread of the other 3 quills, I’m the official meal planner. I’m actually fairly mean with a good frypan, organic eggs, spinach and some cheddar cheese.  My achilles heal might be around dinner time though. So let’s see what we did the last 4 days.

Sunday night -Five Guys Burgers

Monday night - Frozen Pizzas

Tuesday night - Spaghetti (Due to the fact the rice cooker actually blew up, another story)

Wednesday night - Store bought rotisserie chicken and instant mashed potatoes.

The good news is I did manage to buy lots of salad supplies and pushed it on the kiddos without too much complaint.

Back to camping. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind camping occasionally and I really love getting out in the natural forests.  Wether that be the redwoods north of San Francisco or local parks in Minneapolis.  I visit them and then retreat to what I call ‘protected domiciles’.  Another way to put it, somewhere with AC and a soft bed.

My appreciation for the beauty of the woods extends to the beauty of lumber. As a former painter, I loved finishing gorgeous exotic wood species. The depth of the shimmer in these finished materials always provided a spectacular opportunity to worship.  So imagine my excitement when I get to do this again for iPhones and eventually other products at Pad & Quill. This week we introduced the Timer Case for iPhone 5/5S, a beautiful choice of either Cherry or Walnut Veneer that adheres to the back and/or front of the iPhone. Laser cut and then hand rubbed with preservative oil right here in our workshop in Minneapolis. A wonderful addition to our other wood iPhone cases and something Kari and I truly appreciate together!