The 12 Days of Pad and Quill’s Christmas: Part I
Although Christmas is just over a week away, it’s never too late for a 12 Days of Christmas-styled post—until the day itself, that is. Here is Part I of the 12 most awesome things Pad and Quill likes about Apple and their products.


1. iPhone 5S

The gold standard when it comes to phones from Apple, the iPhone 5S is loaded with all the latest features from the Cupertino tech company. How can anyone possibly put the 64-bit A7 processor in the corner?

2. iPad Air

The slimmest and lightest Apple tablet yet, the iPad Air was released in space gray and silver colors, along with a healthy shading of suspense. Although pictures were leaked beforehand, nobody could really predict with 100% certainty what would be on this machine.

3. Retina Display

The liquid crystal displays of Apple products using Retina Display mean that at a typical viewing distance (e.g. about a foot-ish away from your eyes), you won’t be able to notice pixilation. There’s a lot of math involved for explaining how this actually works, but essentially, Apple has doubled the number of pixels in each direction so that the total resolution is quadrupled.


4. iOS 7

First announced on June 10, 2013, the latest software update was held tantalizingly in abeyance until September 18, 2013. But once it was released, Apple users oohed and aahed at the new features, with perhaps one of the most long-awaited being you could access the control panel from the locked screen.

5. The Return of Google Maps

While Google Maps technically returned to Apple just about a year ago (mid-December 2012), we’re counting the version that came with the latest software update. The first Google Maps that returned to us (and how the heavens sang!) was a little glitchy and buggy, but with the improvements, it’s like it never left us.

6. Dropbox

Depending on what you use it for (e.g. laptop versus iPhone), Dropbox either works well or very well. It may not be perfect, but it’s darn close until we can beam files and thoughts to each other at the speed of light.

Stay tuned for Part II of Pad and Quill’s 12 Days of Christmas! Until then, be sure to browse our selection of iPhone and iPod cases, iPad cases, and MacBook Air cases so everything you tote around will be safe and protected. And with everything you buy, enjoy the 30-day money back guarantee.