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  • Not Sherlock, Sure-Lock.


    These days it’s good to be a Holmes. We have so many new things going on here at Pad & Quill we are scrambling to cross our “t”s and dot our “i”s. Thank goodness for the SIRI “remind me” function. Take for instance our new Sure-Lock technology, featured in our iPad 3 Octavo design, which offers incomparable restraint while your iPad 3 is housed in the Octavo, but releases with ease. Mr. PQ assured Mrs. PQ that using the term “technology” will seem like a stretch to Apple geeks, but Mrs. PQ thought the whole 3D imaging, injection molding process was pretty amazing and thinks the mechanical engineers will agree with calling it technology.
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud of our new Luxury Line of genuine leather cases for iPhone and iPad. Bound in soft stitched leather, the Little Luxury Book for iPhone 4/4s and Octavo Luxury Case for iPad 3 invite your senses to enjoy the fragrance, feel and appeal of leather, while offering our classic camera porthole (indispensible for that new 5mp camera!), signature bookmark and moleskin disguise.
    If a whole new line of bookbindery cases wasn’t enough, we are now carrying accessories from Zagg, Blue Lounge and Earjax. Pad & Quill is now your one-stop shopping location for Apple accessories.
    -Mrs. PQ

  • Right Around the Corner

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    Wow, the rumor mill is in full production this week as the iPad 3 news keeps coming! The official announcement just went out today from Apple to the media for the iPad 3 unveiling event on March 7th. The current run down of top features that are purported to be coming include:
    - HD screen resolution that looks like printed paper
    - Much better camera that may include full 1080 resolution for video
    - 4G LTE capability creating amazingly fast download speeds
    - A Quad-core processor for amazingly fast processing speeds
    - NEW ONE – No home button! That should be interesting!
    - Microsoft Office for the iPad 3
    Well, you can imagine what’s going on around here at PQ headquarters regarding all of this news. Planning, lots of planning. We cannot wait to share with you the line-up we have of cases for iPad 3. We’ll feature new lines that will not only be practical and protective, but will include some of the most beautiful iPad case designs and materials that we’ve ever offered.
    Make sure to sign up for our newsletter as we will be announcing pre-order dates for all the case lines.
    Feels like Christmas in March!
    -Mr. and Mrs. PQ

  • Kindle Reads


    We have been thrilled to create our beautiful handmade cases for Kindle e-readers and tablet devices. Although the iPad is our number one case product, we always felt that the best device to marry with our covers was the Kindle. A device built with reading a book as its number one focus.
    When you wrap one of our cases around a Kindle it really feels like you’re holding a book...because you are!
    At the PQ household, we have decided to keep all book purchases through Amazon. We all love the feel and size of the Kindles for reading. They just seem a bit more natural than the iPad. My current Mitch Rapp thriller is being read on the Kindle Fire. I have found that using the Fire as an e-reader first and then a tablet second works best for me. Mrs. PQ loves her Kindle Touch and the Mini Keeper case that keeps it nice and safe.
    Our daughter is borrowing our Kindle 4 to get through the Hunger Games series late at night. Speaking of that, Mrs.PQ is working through those books as well. I’ll have to check Hunger Games out or... just be lazy and watch the upcoming movies.
    What is your favorite book right now on your Kindle? We are looking for new good
    -Mr. PQ

  • iPad 3 and Cameras

    When the iPad 2 came out, I thought adding the awful .8 MP camera was a brilliant move by Apple.


    Admittedly anecdotal, I had heard many people state they would hold off on buying an iPad
    until a camera was included. Well, Apple not only included one camera, but two bad ones!
    This was a very good marketing move as many of my fence sitting friends suddenly found themselves
    owners of the iPad 2 last year. I wonder how many of them ever use that camera?
    I especially wonder about the ones who have an iPhone 4 or similar smart phone quality camera?
    These cameras blow away the iPad 2 in quality and you don’t feel so dorky holding up a big
    tablet to take a .8 MP camera shot.
    Some days I think I actually felt guilty we put a camera hole in our cases considering quality
    of photo vs. a hole in the back of one of our beautiful handmade iPad cases.
    According to many recent rumors, the iPad 3 will include a high quality camera on the back side.
    When I say high quality, I’m referring to point and shoot type capabilities. Apple, Google,
    Samsung and other manufactures are disrupting the point and shoot market with HD quality cameras
    included in their smart phones and tablets. Apple’s rumored move to include a serious camera
    in the iPad 3 will only add to the tablet’s dominance in the market and could provide many new
    applications for the device.
    My question is:
    will I use it? I never use the iPad 2 camera because it’s so awful, but I wonder if I will pick
    up the iPad 3 with more frequency due to the quality of images I could shoot.
    What are your thoughts on the possibility of a great camera on the iPad 3? How would you use it?
    -Mr. PQ

  • Needle in a Haystack


    Within the next month or so, we are very excited to announce new mobile and tablet accessories at We assumed that locating some great products like headphones for iPhone®, wall chargers for iPad®, and iPhone screen protectors would not be that difficult. That assumption was clearly wrong. The surprising amount of utter junk on the market is so beyond what we expected that the process has taken a great deal of time.


    When we began the search we wanted to find items that were of the highest quality for our customers. Weeding through iPhone headphones that sounded like a tin can was rattling in our ears and iPad chargers that literally looked like a fire hazard finally gave way to procuring some very high quality products that we actually have been using ourselves and would be totally stoked to own. Innovative design, attention to detail and quality are the framework for all of the accessories selections that we will soon be announcing. We are confident that you will find these tablet and mobile accessories a delight to use with your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or other devices!


    For the latest updates, sign up/check out our newsletter, twitter feed: @padandquill or our fan page on Facebook: Pad and Quill
    Spending the week hand selecting lots of cool stuff,
    -Mr. PQ

  • Pink and Proud

    I was not trying to be discriminatory, but pink was just not my first thought for an interior color for any of our products whether it be iPad cases or iPhone cases.  Well that was not how many of our customers see Pink, not to mention many members of our staff.  With exception of one person: Mrs. PQ.  She is not a pink player. If you really want to get on her tomboy nerves, you give her a pink running top or iPhone case.  I assure you, it's just not her thing.


    Regardless of Mrs. PQ's preferences, we all here at PQ came to the conclusion that introducing Pink right before Valentine’s Day seemed perfect.  You know who you pink people are and your significant others absolutely know who you are. The new Little Black Book with Pink interior looks awesome and will make that statement that you’re pink and proud!


    We are very excited to introduce our 2 newest colors for the Little Black Book for iPhone 4 and 4S.  Pink and Eggplant now join our other 5 colors to provide you many options for yourself or as a great gift for this February in the season of love.  Yep, I just said 'Season of Love'.  Oh well, apparently all these Pink cases in the warehouse are starting to affect me.


    -Mr. PQ

  • iPad 3 Rumor Round Up

    As you can imagine, here at PQ we are closely watching the iPad 3 rumor mills.  Beautiful hand made iPad cases being our specialty seems to make this quite the imperative.  Like you, we are very interested in what Apple plans to update with their newest version of the iPad.  From what we are reading, the iPad 3 will sport a new high resolution screen, better camera and the newest cellular technology LTE.  LTE is the next generation high speed cellular data standard.


    According to reports from Bloomberg and Macotakara (Japanese Blog) the iPad 3 will support a higher resolution screen that will make text appear like printed material, very similar to the current ‘Retina’ display in the iPhone 4 and 4S.  Bloomberg also cites 3 anonymous sources saying that the iPad 3 launch date will be early March with an announcement in early February by Apple.


    Forbes has also stated that their sources agree with Bloomberg that LTE technology will be included in the iPad 3.  This will make for much faster cellular data download speeds for those who buy the iPad that includes data service.


    In the want, but not fully vetted rumors there are whispers about a higher resolution camera and larger memory of 128 GB also included with the new iPad.


    As always with rumors, only time will tell but it should provide an interesting 1st quarter around here at the PQ world.  Know that we’re very excited to be offering many new products this year that will be made specifically for the iPad 3.  Those are NOT rumors, we have first hand information on that!


    -Mr. PQ

  • Macworld Here We Come

    Mr. P&Q and I are busy readying ourselves for the upcoming Macworld convention in San Francisco.   For Mr. P&Q this has meant digging his running clothes out of storage, purchasing a pair of trail shoes and recalling how to set his alarm clock for O dark:30 workouts.  The Steep Ravine Trail Run was too much a temptation for Mrs. P&Q to pass by as a great way to tour the Golden Gate National Rec Area. So, with 7 miles of single track looming for the slightly sedentary Mr. P&Q, he has commenced with hitting the trails, both figuratively and literally.  Our early morning run started in the woods and concluded in the emergency room with a dislocated shoulder, stupid black ice.  The good news is that there is no ice on the famed Dipsea Trail, the bad news is that the big guy won’t be running much for the next several days.  For my part I’ve been preparing my palate with some great California wines and cramming like a co-ed for our pending Mac techie meet and greets.  I can no more discuss the rumored specs for the upcoming iPad 3 release as Mr. P&Q can list the five most recent Xterra Trail champions. I did send a shock wave through the world of Apple and all things celluloid by clicking on live coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show, only to hear one of the commentators note the iPhone is now obsolete, thanks to the advent of the Samsung Focus and the HTC Titan.  I’m reasonably certain this is why we are attending iWorld this year.


    -Mrs. PQ

  • Not get what you want?

    That Bejeweled Pink iPad case not quite the gift you were looking for?  Taking time to listen is a great gift we can give to one another, and our wonderful employees are here all week to soothe your post holiday giftee angst.  Feel free to spend that money grandma gave you on a Little Black Book for your iPhone 4 or an artisan quality Kindle Keeper to make those winter reads complete.


    I spent the bulk of the day yesterday closing out the Pad and Quill books.  Don’t worry, we aren’t closing down shop for the week, you can still buy that gorgeous book bindery case you want for your iPad and MacBook Air. However, this weekend there are football games to watch, 10K’s to run and dark, murky holes in the ice to jump through.  Not to mention our trusty employee Karl is gigging with his ELO cover band at Lee’s Liquor on New Year’s Eve.  Thanks to our customers, there are a lot of books to close, so I’ve been busy.  By afternoon, the Quills were feeling an antsy need to burn off some of that Holiday sugar, so the middles set off for the mall and the Little went with me to the gym.  90 minutes of spinning and shooting hoops works up an appetite, so off to Chipotle.  About two thirds of the way through his burrito the Little looked at me and queried, “Mom, exactly how much have you told me about puberty?  What are you leaving out?”  Well, I didn’t quite see that one coming.  Kind of like that bright pink cotton/poly Sue Sylvester jump suit that was waiting under tree.  I suggested we continue this conversation in the car rather than holding it in conjunction with the couple at the adjoining table who had just leaned considerably closer.  Seriously, we could have shared Uncle Paul’s, I didn’t have time to shop so I ran into Walgreens and grabbed the first thing I saw, Snuggy.  I didn’t know they made those in day-glo orange. Enroute to the car the puberty conversation continued. “I hear that the girl you don’t like is the one you fall in love with, actually.”  As a parent I cringe at the “I hear” comment, not necessarily confident as to the origin of his information.  Perhaps about as confident as you are that the faux leather iPad case you received from Uncle Louie will survive in a New England mist, the streets can be mean and are certainly no place to buy a bookbindery case.  However, I laughed inwardly as to how this tidbit had convoluted in his mind.  I unraveled this mystery for him by explaining that  fifth grade boys don’t always know how to express how they feel about a girl, it makes them awkward, so they might respond by pulling on her braid, or flicking something at her to get her attention, but there are better ways to let someone know how you feel.  “Like texting from your iPhone.”  Or knowing what they like, then sharing part of your lunch with them.  He looked slightly less perplexed as he relaxed into the front seat.  The TALK, was over for now and I was grateful for this time I had to listen.


    -Mrs PQ

  • Only an April Fool’s Joke Could Be This Good

    We are not above succumbing to crazy viral ideas.  Heck, that’s kind of our thing here at Pad and Quill.  That is why our recent purchase of the iCADE was a business “research” decision.  Yeah, that’s what it was.


    On April 1st of 2010, came out with a video about the main reason you should buy an you could put it into an iCADE cabinet.  This iPad cabinet is designed to look like an 80’s style retro arcade console and fits quite nicely on the corner of your desk.  The whole production video was shot and uploaded to YouTube as practical joke.  The $500-$900 iPad surely had better uses than sitting in this silly cabinet.


    Enter great idea (stumbled upon) and viral marketing and before ThinkGeek knew what had happened they were getting thousands of requests to make the iCADE reality.  One year later, with the pressure of the masses at full throttle, they were able to get technology and manufacturing partners on board.  Pre-orders on the iCADE for iPad and iPad 2 began and eventually became BACKORDERED.  Atari, the first name in old school video games joined them to release to the App Store an entire suite of old Atari gaming classics including:  Asteroids, Space Invaders, Missile Command and 97 more!  There is now an API for App developers so their games can work with the iCADE.


    All we know is that when you pop the iPad 2 out of an Octavo case and gently place into the iCADE cabinet, your world changes.  The big red joystick, just like the old arcade, feels perfect in your hand and the array of extra large buttons give the exact feel of the 80’s.  You can almost hear Journey and Styx in the background of your mind as you play.


    Pad and Quill salutes you ThinkGeek, you truly hit the mark on parting us with our money and our time.


    -PQ Team

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