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  • Which one?

    We get lots of questions about the differences in our new leather bags.  I thought it was time to discuss the design and features represented in our three carry bags.

    Messenger Bag

    When we set out to craft these bags one of our biggest litmus tests was the question:  Does this tie together old and new ideas? The messenger bag concept is a classic designed larger bag meant to sling over the back for the daily commute. This design holds lots of stuff and has pockets to keep everything in order.  We took that idea then added luxurious and organic materials to make something new, yet familiar.  We love the two large pockets for holding your cords, chargers, battery back ups or hard drives.  Along with a large laptop pocket designed to hold up to a 15 inch Macbook Pro retina. Finished off with a large leather flap that has a real cherry wood laser etched Pad & Quill mark to make quite a statement.


    The Satchel

    Think of the satchel as a slimmer version of the Messenger.  Same gorgeous materials in a more deft package. When we first made this design we had a more pronounced handle at the top and the flap did not go very far down, sort of brief case looking. We decided that was a bit too old school and we wanted something with a larger flap and more subtle handle at the top. A design somewhere between a satchel and soft sided bag.  We also wanted something that holds up to a 15 in MacBook Pro retina laptop as well as a journal or iPad. Add to that misc cords and chargers all bundled in a minimal designed carry bag. That is what we achieved in this leather bag and that is the Satchel by Pad & Quill.


    The Field Bag

    The Field Bag is like taking our Satchel, going portrait in the orientation and then adding a ridiculous amount of pockets. Did I mention many pockets?  This is my favorite bag for travel by far!  We wanted a bag that does not swing behind you as you move, but rather sits just behind your back. The vertical orientation allows for this quite nicely. Great for tight commutes on planes, trains and various other modes of transportation. This bag holds laptops, journals, cords, chargers, iPads, iPhones, and other items in a slim, yet ready to grown leather and canvas package.


    Ultimately your the one who has to decide which bag is right for you. Pad & Quill bags are not only designed to last but make a statement. Organic materials, unique hand made craftsmanship and subtle design combine to offer 3 very unique and beautiful bags for all the daily adventures you might encounter.  So go ahead and Carry On!


    Mr PQ


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  • A grave breach of protocol

    I showed up to the PQ headquarters on the last day of 2013 with my Timbuktu bag and my Macbook conveniently slung into a repurposed, cotton bag.


    “You do know we own a bag and case company?” Quipped the mostly patient Brian.


    Yes, and the leather bags are shipped in these cotton bags, great for carrying my junk.


    At this point Brian rolled his eyes and noted two salient facts.  First, my $1300 Macbook Air probably shouldn’t be classified as junk and second, IT’S NOT EVEN ONE OF OUR BAGS.  I’d grabbed one of the many sample bags we tested this summer and it was emblazoned with some software company logo.  To Brian this stumble in protocol is roughly akin to wearing a New England Patriots 2012 World Champion t-shirt.  (To the NFL unaffiliated, the New England Patriots lost that game to my New York Giants and all those championship shirts that bear their name are adorning little kids in destitute corners of the world; the ultimate in re-purposing.)


    Once his eyeballs ceased their slot machine like spin, he painstakingly walked over to our inventory shelves and unwrapped a whiskey leather/green waxed canvas field bag and matching laptop sleeve and brought them to my desk.  He then took me through the exact “opening” experience our customers enjoy, meticulously attaching the shoulder strap and subsequently draping the bag over my shoulder.


    “Welcome to the Pad & Quill family.”


    What a family it is and what a year it’s been.  We’ve written about the months of brainstorming and designing, soul searching and rebuilding that we invested in bringing a new line of products to our customers.  We solidified our commitment to using our resources responsibly both in how we consume and how we use what we don’t need to help others.  We are quite thankful for our little company sending out a warm glow of productivity from the blindingly frozen north.


    Brian heads off to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, the Macworld convention in gorgeous San Francisco couldn’t come soon enough, and our design team has shifted back to their workshops in anticipation of crafting more fantastic products.


    Happy and Blessed New Year



    (Mrs PQ)

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  • Plastic Cases Happen

    They meant well.  We all know that, but when you received that bejeweled iPad case, smiled and thanked your loved one. Right at that moment... know that Pad & Quill was thinking about you. We understand the guilt of being appreciative to the gift giver, but...not so much of the plastic iPad case. There is something about bright pink/black plastic and fake diamonds that just does not work with your design ethic.  Yet at the same time you are very appreciative of the giver and their efforts.  It's tough.

    You will notice that at Pad & Quill we try to minimize the degree we use plastic material in our construction. When we set out to craft products we use some litmus tests to help us refine what we are about to produce. A couple of those include:

    - Is the product largely constructed by hand, by passionate, well trained craftsmen?

    - Is our product organic, sourced from natural elements and in keeping with good stewardship of our environment?

    These two litmus tests do not leave much room for the bejeweled encrusted iPad case and that's why December 26th is a good day for you!  For one day, all of our iPad cases are 15% off and our most popular iPhone case, the Little Pocket Book is $10 off.

    The motivation of the giver, that's always the best part of Christmas. With that said, we hope you like our gift to you for December 26th!

    Mr PQ


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  • Candy Crush Addictions

    In the rush and crush of the holiday season chocolate has become my enemy.  Not because it is lurking around every corner and it’s tempting from every store aisle shelf, shouting “indulge!” “indulge!” “I will not add a layer of insulation to your waistline as I did last Christmas!”  No, chocolates seeming omnipresence does not make it the enemy.  Waiting has made chocolate the enemy.  Tis the season of waiting.  Waiting in lines, waiting in traffic, waiting for kids concerts and events to begin.  Waiting for some kids concerts to end (one can really only actively listen to so many sixth grade flugelhorn renditions of Ole St. Nick.) And while waiting I’ve developed the horrible habit of playing Candy Crush, where, at level 51, chocolate has become the enemy.


    If you have not been sucked into a Gustav-like addiction to Candy Crush, you would not understand the travesty that is level 51.  Suffice to say, for you non Crush addicts or you newbies like my son who took 42 days to pass level 15, at level 51 little blocks of chocolate goodness pop up to impede your progress and you can only advance by destroying them.


    The great has become the enemy of the good.  I sense this game is the plotted revenge of those ridiculous little striped candies at grandma’s house that inexplicably drew moisture and cigarette smoke toward their little crystal dish, causing them to congeal into an immovable mass of carcinogenic disappointment.  Here I thought Lent was chocolate’s greatest adversary.  Epiphany’s come, and grandma’s realize it’s time to scrape the ribbon goop into the garbage, replacing them with little message hearts from Saint Valentine, and they go to the great landfill in the sky, where they’ve connived for years on how to supplant chocolate as the favorite holiday confection.  Now their vengeance has been reprised in Area, I mean Level 51….


    Spare yourself this waiting agony and cruise on over to the Pad & Quill site, where online shopping is still occurring and arrival by Christmas is still happening in the US through regular shipments going out Friday the 20th.

    Mrs PQ


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