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  • What Your iPhone Case Says About You

    iphone-wallet-caseHave you ever taken one look at somebody and just known in your bones, in the very core of your being, with a certainty that surpasses all else, that they have a cracked iPhone screen? Perhaps it's the way they frivolously flounce about limbs all akimbo, or maybe it's because they just dropped their lip gloss for the 4th time in a row, or maybe it is the giant fuzzy pink case they have on their phone that matches their velour track suit. Regardless, you just know it instantly.

    In this day and age when we all have roughly the same smart phones with the same bajillion pixels on the screen and the same fancy camera with the same addicting apps, it is the case that makes all the difference. Our iPhone case is how we chooses to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world.  So I submit to you the following hypothesis: everything I need to learn about you, I can learn from your iPhone case. Allow me to expand on this... Continue reading

  • An American History of the Backpack

    backpack-mainBackpacks are all-American. Sure we didn’t invent the concept, but we did coin the term around the turn of the century. Before “backpack” was common lingo, the German derived “rucksack,” “money bag,” or “packsack” was widely used. While the history of the backpack is an extensive one, the American chapter of its evolution is rich and varied. Continue reading

  • What We Learned At CES 2016


    Wandering the hallowed halls of CES 2016 in Las Vegas is a heady experience at best. At worst it is overwhelming on a scale that rivals some of the busiest places on Earth.

    That is to say, CES is BIG, bigger, in fact than ever before. 176,000 people (or roughly the population of Chattanooga, Tennessee) converged on this convention center over the weekend to see the latest breakthroughs in consumer technology from 3,800 exhibitors desperately clamoring to stand out from the crowd and get your attention, all jam packed in 2.47 million square feet of space. Continue reading

  • Art of Craft: Dawn, Master of Chaos


    1. Dawn, what can you tell us about yourself?

    I like long walks on the beach, a good book, and to lay by the fire. Haha…no not really. What can I say? I guess I am your average American. I love a good cheeseburger, a glass of wine, and to snuggle up to a good movie on the couch with my hubby.

    We don’t have any kids of our own but I have two beautiful step daughters and a cat named Leo who is extremely vocal. He yells at me often for the things he “thinks” he needs. I love the Lord and am really active at my church in the worship ministry there. My faith is really important to me and plays a huge role in every aspect of my life. Continue reading

  • Growing Up In The PQ Family


    As the daughter of entrepreneurs, I’ve grown up surrounded by Pad & Quill and the highs and lows that come with running an e-commerce business. I was there in the beginning when bumpers had to be cut by hand and Mr. PQ (aka my old man) finished cases in our backyard.

    I also have gotten to watch the company grow into the success it has become today. Looking back, I never would have expected that my dad would have built a company with fine leather bags , gorgeous Baltic birch wooden iPad cases, and a standard of crafted excellence. It’s enough to want to treat yo' self!

    However, the best part of being a member of the family that has grown out of Pad & Quill is the constant emphasis on seeing and hearing the worker. No idea is too small nor too big to be drawn out and considered. In Leon, Mexico, this emphasis continues with each employee signing the leather product they have produced.

    In a time when you can order just about anything from the Internet, the people behind the product have been forgotten. Mr. and Mrs. PQ have pushed for the opposite. The advances of technology have met the artful beauty of crated excellence. And all the while the fingerprints that create the art have not been forgotten.


    It’s this attention to even the smallest details that has made Pad & Quill stand out from the rest. By placing a signature on each leather good, it serves as a reminder of the work that went into the production and the worker behind the piece. Because, just a few years ago, in our humble beginnings little did we know the impact we would have. What started out in our basement and backyard has grown into a successful business with people from all over the United States and Mexico joining together to create beautiful, functional pieces of art. And that is something worth standing by.

  • Calorie Counters, Food Trackers & New Year's Resolutions, Oh My!


    It’s a new year and our Fed Ex and UPS guys are traversing to-and-from Pad & Quill HQ. Already weary from the rush of a record-setting online shopping season, they are only becoming more wearied by the onslaught of purchases made by those gifted a plastic card this holiday season. Be kind to them, those faithful purveyors of presents, for they likely log a marathon of steps every day in their efforts to compel commerce forward.

    As it is a new year and Mr. PQ is heading off to the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas. So for now, Mrs. PQ is taking off her administrative hat and donning her dietitian/personal trainer cap to give her two cents regarding health and food tracker apps. Continue reading

  • How Small Businesses Can Use Conversational Commerce In 2016

    what is conversational commerce?As a small business owner if you haven't already heard of Conversational Commerce you will very soon. It could very well become "The Next Big Thing" in eCommerce and it addresses the biggest elephant in the room online these days. But first up, here's the $10,000 question: What is conversational commerce and how can we use it? Continue reading

  • May The 4th Be With Him

    storm trooper iphone

    In spite of it being the time of year of peace on earth and goodwill to all men, there is civil unrest arising at Pad and Quill world headquarters. While the conflict doesn’t nearly rise to the level of the First Order against The Resistance (we recently went to see Star Wars VII and it may have left a bit of an impression on us), it does resonate through all great conflicts of history. I believe it is called the “anything you can do, I can do better” paradox.

    There has been a declaration that Mrs. PQ is the best product tester when it comes to the durability of our book bound iPhone cases, leather iPad Pro cases, and accessories for the Apple Watch. This distinction is by no means complimentary... It's not that our team of designers are scouring the depths of my creative cortex in terms of quality assurance. Rather they are simply wondering how long it will take to discover the design flaw that renders a case, stand, or band a failure in the protection department. Essentially, according to Mr. PQ, Mrs. PQ is dropping her things all the time.

    I will admit that I have broken a smart device a time or two. My most recent casualty? The Apple Watch I dropped on the bathroom floor while in a post-surgical haze. It was the moment time stood still. Well, at least, time on my watch disappeared as I couldn’t access any functions without spearing my finger with a quiver of glass shards.

    I made Mr. PQ swear on a pile of iOS devices that he could never tease me about my Watch, but he is a man of varying faith. He managed to tweak and barb me a few times over the last several days. “Hmm, I wonder what time it is? Oh that’s right, I need to tell you….” snark, snark, snark.

    So, imagine my vindication as we shopped last night and he mentioned we needed to stop by the Apple Store. We always “need” to stop by the Apple Store, so I’m not sure what prompted me to ask “why?”

    Princess Leia be praised, the old man had dropped his iPhone 6 and shattered the glass. This would be the same line of iPhone 6’s which he also crunched and drowned. I believe this will be his fourth iteration of a 6 for him. I might be out of time, but the 4th was with him. I hereby declare that it is high time he inherits the title of "chief product tester."


  • Apple Watch Taking the Lion’s Share of Smartwatch Market

    apple watch news glance conference

    Hundreds descended upon San Francisco for Glance, the first ever conference to take an in-depth look at the Apple Watch. Where better to take a whole day to professionally geek-out over the Apple wearable than in Apple’s own backyard? The general consensus is that the Apple Watch is likely to mirror the growth patterns of the iPod and iPhone with exponential growth. It also mirrors the iPhone’s history in that the 1st Gen is gorgeous, but needs some work. Continue reading

  • An Experiment in Using the iPad Pro to Run My Business


    This week, I tested running my business with the iPad Pro. Just the iPad Pro. This took a metaphorical declawing of my hands off my beloved Macbook, but I am glad I did it. I was surprised to find a lot of advantages it offered over a desktop set-up, and even more surprised to find that it was, well, fun.

    The transition from desktop to iPad Pro did not come easily. Like many other people, when the iPad Pro was announced, I didn’t think of it as a serious business tool, until I got one and started playing with it. Now, 8 days into using it as my go-to device for running Pad & Quill, I have come to three conclusions about how it has changed my day to day working behaviors versus being on my laptop... Continue reading

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