• A PSA from Mrs. PQ

    A PSA from Mrs. PQ


    Last night I listened to a violin concerta by the 14 year old as I was racing around with last minute packing.  The impromptu concert wasn't at the top of my to do list, but the kid volunteered and how can you say no? Ironically I'd listened to a speech from Tony Dungy (NFL coach and analyst) in which he expressed deep regret at not hugging his son goodbye one final time.  His son passed away a month later.  It was a reminder to me to approach life with more patience and fewer regrets.  Watching my son's concentrated face that twitched in agony over a sour note, but exploded in pride at the conclusion of his song, I realized when I pause to listen I hear so much more.



    Speaking of hearing, the youngest quill needed homework help the other day.  He was charged with writing a PSA.  Fair warning, this will get stuck in your head, here is the example his teacher gave for what not to do.  [link].



    The tune was so catchy I borrowed it for my own little Pad & Quill PSA


    You can make a call to our CS(customer service) line

    Karl's voice is mighty fine

    Or go online with your credit card

    Using PayPal is not so hard

    Easy ways to buy, so many easy ways to buy

    Easy ways to buy uy uy, so many easy ways to buy


    You can right by our warehouse shop

    We'll offer you an ice cold pop

    Or you'll get a nice hot tea

    When you buy 2 items your shipping is free



    Easy ways to buy, so many easy ways to buy easy ways to buy uy uy

    Beautiful cases of iPads, iPhones Kindles and Mac Airs are so easy to buy.



    Yeah, so totally killed (and not in a good way) that last line.  But it is quite simple to order, made easier by 10% coupon code: VAL21



    Look for Mr. PQ and myself at MacWorld!  We’d love to meet up with you.


    Mrs. PQ


  • iPad Mini is here

    This past Tuesday Apple announced the iPad Mini along with updates to the Macbook Pro's, iMac and Mac Mini lines.  We've decided that making a handmade case for the iMac might not be all that practical so were going to keep our focus on the iPad Mini.


    There are many opinion pieces about the iPad Mini, some negative and some positive.  All the reviews we've seen of hands on with the device are positive.  Well built and well thought through design from Apple seems consistent in the reviews.  Aside from build,  some think Apple missed the mark by not competing in price with the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD.  These smaller 7 inch tablets are between $75 and $130.00 less then the entry level iPad Mini which starts at $329. Others seem to think the price point is justified as the Apple eco system of iOS apps, movies, and books offers a compelling reason to spend a bit more for entry into the Apple walled garden.  As with every Apple release, time will tell as the market will clearly show what interest there is for a 7 inch iPad from Apple.


    We cannot wait to show you our handmade cases for the new Apple iPad Mini.  Let's just say that 3-600 dollar Mini iPad should be protected with handmade love and attention.  We are here to meet that need!


    Mr. PQ


  • Little less home

    We spent the weekend moving our eldest quills into her new dorm at college in a quaint small town in southern Minnesota.  With every imaginable dorm essential purchased we and the rest of the younger quills help set up her 1/2 of the room.  Dad made sure the Macbook Air and iPhone was internet connected and all emails were working properly.  Mom made sure the room was decorated with a bit of home flair. We even figured out how to loft the bed so her desk would sit underneath.  I think your looking for spare square inches in dorm rooms?  Well, what neither of us were truly ready for was the spare room in our house.


    We are finding that when the first kid leaves a bit of our home does as well.   She was the eldest and she ruled the roost when Mom and Dad were not around.  Actually she tried that as well when we were home!  Regardless without her familiar voice, the music she loved listening too and the passionate person that makes her who she is, the home just seems a bit quieter.  We are both thankful for the time with her and excited for the road ahead. Said a million times, they grow really fast.  We've now lived it and it's a statement based in total truth.  Time for us to quietly adjust and time for a new chapter in her life to begin.
    Mr and Mrs. PQ

  • iPad's, Art and CNC




    Every Pad and Quill case starts with a very unique and well engineered CNC wood cut frame.  A unique blend of technology, art and design. The term CNC means 'Computer Numerical Control', a highly complex cutting machine that follows instructions from a computer drawing on how to cut various parts. CNC machines cut with amazing accuracy many types of wood, plastics, metals and other materials. Proper CNC computer planning, mechanical engineering and artistic design makes up the process of creating every one of PQ’s unique wood frames.


    Eric our CNC operator is a master at this art.  He starts all of our projects by first carefully measuring out the device that he is about to cut wood for by taking 1/1000 of an inch measurements.  He and I then discuss how the product needs to act as far as strength, access to ports and various other considerations that make up a Pad and Quill wood frame.  He then designs the cutting paths on a computer which are then transferred to the cutting machines. Multiple prototypes are made, tested, remade and retested to ensure that the fit, finish and appearance of our wood meets are highest quality standards.


    We added a new feature this year to our iPad frames, the Sure Lock Bumpers.  These custom made (in Minnesota!) injection molded bumpers were designed to work in tandem with our wood frame to perfectly hold an iPad in place. They have preformed amazingly well and we are thrilled with our customer feedback on this new design.  Eric’s commitment to quality design and engineering truly makes our hand made cases gorgeous works of art!


    Mr. PQ

  • Hello world!

    Come visit our brand new site! Take a look around and tell us what you love about it, and what you think we could do to make your shopping experience better.

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