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  1. Hecho en Mexico

    Hecho en Mexico

    mexico trip

    There are seasons in life, and the past 20 years have been a season I’d call the diapers to braces season. While Mr. PQ and I had every intention of seeing the world, even booked a tour of Europe as a celebration for completing college, the good Lord and oldest kid had other ideas, so as I shopped careers the end of senior year, I also shopped for cribs, strollers etc. Each time I began researching travel brochures, another quill happened on the scene. Not to be deterred by the growing population of our family, I dragged our tribe to the four corners of North America, loving every experience. However, I still wanted to see the world beyond the pages of a book or someone else’s slideshow.

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  2. Mrs. PQ's version of Open Letter

    “Mom do you know if even one kid brings a phone into an AP testing site the entire room of tests are voided?”


    Our oldest son is preparing to take his first AP Exam, Human World Geography, and as per usual, in studying with him, I know a great deal more about things like gentrification and dairy circles then I used to know.  Taking your third and fourth trip through high school teaches you a thing or two.


    Much like taking a trip through a business start up.


    You learn the good ways to coax all of the beauty and functionality from a product imaginable, and you learn the bad ways; I’ve got a basement full of prototypes and discarded blueprints.


    There are good ways to manage a supply chain and an inventory system and there are not so good ways.  What am I supposed to do with 497 Octavo frames with no left rail?  (Hint:  stacked alternately they make great nesting sites

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  3. You wake up one morning- An open letter from Mr. PQ

    Have you every caught your reflection in a window, paused and asked, “when the heck did I start wearing Dockers?” Well, that's sort of what happened to us.



    This January Mrs. PQ and I fired up Safari and ventured over to padandquill.com. That's when it hit us, our site is not Pad and Quill. Not at all. We're fun people with a passion for technology, art, literature and life. Our current site does not convey who we really are. So we began a journey of discovery – and we'd appreciate your advice! We figure if you're interesting enough to own a Pad and Quill case, you're probably clever enough to have some darn good opinions too.



    So far, it's been an illuminating journey. Turns out Kari and I weren't even on the same page at times. But we're getting close to something pretty amazing. So throughout the upcoming weeks we'll be sharing all sorts of ideas, designs, logos, fonts, colors and who knows, maybe

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  4. 19th Century Romantic

    19th Century Romantic

    As a small business owner I am constantly adapting to market shifts and technology advancements.  For a nineteenth century romantic, this can be daunting.  But, I do peruse the tech blogs and fight the zombie stare when Mr. PQ is explaining things to me, just managing to cling to the tail of a rapidly advancing society.  I love  iPad mini, and my iPhone 5, even more as it’s encased in a PQ Little Pocket Book.  That being said, I use a sand timer for my tea, hike with a compass and generally run gadget free.  There is value in remembering life before technology, in most cases.



    Earlier this week a parcel arrived from our new merchant service provider.  As I extracted the contents I showcased each new item for Will and Karl (Operations and Customer Service)  A new iOS credit card scanner, (“sweet”, Will and

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  5. Winter and Design

    Winter and Design

    Minnesota weather. As of this writing the low temperature last night was -14F. The mental strain of this weather get's to us up here. Mrs. PQ checks the coldest temps on earth daily just to make herself feel better.  About 3 days ago, parts of Minnesota were actually competing with Nunavut, Canada, coming in close to -35 degrees below 0.  



    So that might be why we get real busy this time of year working on all types of new designs and prototypes. Sure as heck can't go outside and play as it's the one time of year that Minnesota weather...is trying to KILL YOU.



    Maybe all these extremely low temperatures is why we think that 2013 is going to be one of our most exciting product years to date.  Many new beautiful designs are in the works and some interesting new products that have never been done before.  All of this innovation, passion and creativity is designed for one purpose to make holding

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  6. Coming home

    Coming home

    We hope you Holiday season is going well!  We completely understand last minute shopping here at PQ.  Why, because I am one of the worst.  Just ask me if I have Mrs. PQ's gift yet.  Does having an idea around the concept count? So if your like me, we are now shipping same day on most cases for iPad, iPhone or Kindle.  They can still arrive at your home for Christmas!



    Speaking of home, our eldest is returning from college this week. I believe it is not just to ask dad for more money either.  Seriously, I know she, Mrs.PQ and the rest of the crew can not wait to spend this long weekend together as a family.  Although our home dynamics have changed, the traditions around Christmas remain the same.  An evening of watching 'A Christmas Story', baking cookies, stuffing stockings and Christmas Eve service are some of the yearly holiday traditions we will be enjoying.  For

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  7. WOODCHUCKcase

    We are very excited about our newest addition to the PQ Bookshelf. WOODCHUCKcase. Started by two young Minnesota entrepreneurs who are creating beautiful real wood skins for iPhones, iPad's, laptops and more.  Their story is not unlike Mrs.PQ's and myself.  Started out of their houses, prototyping and eventually brought these gorgeous USA made products to market.



    Their passion is to make beautiful wood products, keeping it local and employing sustainable processes throughout manufacturing.  The fit could not be better as we love:  Minnesota, wood, keeping it local and really cool devices.  PQ always offers FREE domestic shipping so try out a Woodchuck skin for iPhone 5 or 4/4S with one of our cases.  30 Day money back guarantee makes it fairly risk free!



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  8. Traditions


    Watch for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials!  Best values of the year are coming.


    You can count on traditions at the PQ household around this time.  Several of these time honored  ones include a 5k turkey trot, ZERO Christmas music prior to midnight of Thanksgiving day, the annual 1.5 hour trip to cut a fresh tree and lots of good food with family and friends.  The richness of each year seems to magnify as each of our four Quills grow.  For example this is the first year we have one coming home from college for the holiday's. I'm still finding that one really strange.



    I think that tradtions that we enjoy around this time of year are why we love being in this unique business.  We are passionate about the rich tradition of hand crafted products.  Our hand finished wood is simply that.  Cut on a big router but then hand sanded and coated with Varnishes to brighten and magnify the Glory

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  9. Keeping Promises

    Keeping Promises

    Keeping a promise.  Another way to say it would be Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.  This is something that Mrs. PQ and I work dilligently to instruct with our four mini quills.  Promises mean you will be a person of your word.  Do we perfectly do this?  Of course not, but we do strive to have integrity in all of our dealings and make sure all is made right. That includes family relationships, our workplace and working with our valued customers at Pad and Quill.


    This is one of the main reasons behind our 30 Day money back promise.  We work very hard to craft very unique handmade iPad , iPhone and Kindle cases. We want to back that up the hardwork with a promise.  Try out a case for 30 days, for any reason your not satisfied

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  10. Art and the mini

    Art and the mini

    We are VERY excited to announce our newest handmade cases for the iPad mini



    The Graduate Artist Series #1
    We are very excited to announce the first series of our handmade, locally designed and screen printed cases for the iPad Mini. 'The Road Home' and 'The Apple Tree'.


    The Octavo 


    Our classic Spanish bonded leather journal case for the iPad mini.  5 gorgeous interior colors to choose from and on sale during pre-order!



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