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  • Keeping a Good Fire Going

    There is rarely a time that is more exciting for Mr. PQ then when new gadgets arrive. Never. You would think our lego loving son just pulled a Tom Hanks 'Big' and now inhabited him. This was the case this week as the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet arrived at our home. I'm beginning to think Mr. P conspired to create this company for the sole purpose of gadget acquisition. Being the Mrs. Q that I am, I'm pretty content with the most simplistic of e readers, so long as it’s housed in our P&Q cases. I love the feel of a good book. I'll admit, my first reaction was complete disinterest in the new Kindle Fire. I really don't need another gadget I don't know how to use. I'm still trying to understand the cloud. Then the eleven year old hopped up on the couch next to me with the new Fire, already snug in its P&Q Firekeeper. "Look Mom, I can read this book to you." He tapped an image, the book appeared and opened, the logs crackled in the fireplace as the MN cold encroached, he snuggled closer and began to read. So simple, I could get used to this Fire.

    We are excited about our newest line of hard cases for Amazon Kindle devices: Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle 4 and Kindle Keyboard. Surrounding each device is beautiful, satin finished baltic birch frame, wrapped in gorgeous Italian bonded leather. All models include a pocket option. Go ahead and get cozy with one of these new Kindle hard cases, it will feel just like you're holding a real book... because you are!


    Fire Keeper for Kindle Fire


    • Snugly fits and protects your Kindle Fire
    • Patented sound channels to bring the sound of movies, games and music right back to you.
    • Genuine hardwood with a beautiful satin finish to mimic 'pages'
    • Italian bonded leather wrap for that moleskine look and appearance
    • Folds back for 'paperback' reading
    • Optional pocket
    • Traditional bookbindery cloth liners with NEW colors
    • Classic PQ 'bookmark' for device removal
  • The Trumpet of the Swan

    Recently Mr. Steve Jobs released his swan song in the iPhone 4S. While Apple technology will long bear his fingerprints, one of the final products he ushered to market will resonate a long farewell. Inspired by Mr. Jobs, we too will always strive to innovate for the delight of our customers! – Mrs. PQ

    From the inside out, our new Little Black Book for iPhone 4/4S begins with a precision cut frame. Shaped from Baltic Birch these hard cases include all the functionality you’ll need including hearing Siri’s cybernetic voice! This LBB retains all of the features you love, but we’ve added a nifty internal POCKET to hold up to 2-3 credit or ID cards. Just as our Little Black Books are like a cloaking device for your iPhone, this new card pocket is so discreet you might forget it is there. Introducing our latest addition to the PQ bookshelf, The Little Black Book for iPhone 4/4S.


    • Our smallest book case for the iPhone 4/4S
    • Includes a NEW hidden pocket for ID, Credit cards!
    • Italian bonded leather cover
    • 5 NEW interior colors made with bookbindery cloth
    • Subtle rounded corners
    • Access to ports including camera (not flash)
    • Classic bookmark
    • Snug fit with proprietary bumpers

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