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  • Gadgets are coming...

    Wow, the rumor mill has been really heating up of late. Usually summer seems to be the quiet time in the the tech world, but not this year. Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Apple appear to be offering plenty of new product releases. Some confirmed some still in the very heavily speculated stage.

    Microsoft and Google have new 7 inch tablets announced as of today. Rumors are pointing towards a new Kindle Fire from Amazon as well as Apple rumors that are speculating about two new products: an 8 inch Mini iPad and the iPhone 5. Of all these products I find the iPad Mini to be the most intriguing. This would be Apple’s taking their first competitive shot at the 7 inch tablet market. Considering their content deals with books, movies and music and the amount of countries they offer these, this would be a very serious threat to Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Fun months ahead!

    At PQ we are diligently planning where our hand made craftsman should focus our case efforts. Bruce and Tom, our master bindery craftsman keep in constant contact with our team to plan case production on these possible upcoming devices. Our goal is to provide gorgeous hand made bindery and wood cases for the coolest new tech devices. Stay tuned because at Pad and Quill,we are making the case for books!

    -Mr PQ

  • Things For Which I Have No Answer


    The older the four quills get, the more questions I encounter for which I have no answer. Here are a few examples:


    As I was leaving the dinner table to go have a cocktail with my friend, I informed my family that I won’t be out late with the comment, “I’ll be home early, I’m an old fuddy duddy, much to the chagrin of my friend who would most likely prefer to go clubbing into the wee hours.”


    “But you’re our old fuddy duddy, Mom” chimed in the 18 year old. Somehow that made me feel good, I have no answer for that.


    People invest in an animal, feed and water the animal, pay for its care, but then take it out on a 10 ft leash, on the local bike paths where cyclist speeds routinely top 25 mph, A dog encountering a bike seldom yields a decent ending. I have no answer for that.


    “Mom, if we clean the kitchen and the living room, can we rent Up? We really want to cry so we want to rent Up.” Hmmmm, “sure” was the best I could muster for that one, at least I get to come home to a clean kitchen.


    I spent 3 hours at the DMV with the 2nd quill acquiring a learner’s permit. There were 80-100 people in line, of which at least half were newly minted drivers with their moms, and 2 staff people methodically filling numbers. At AAA, where they are paid by the transaction, staff is proportionate to demand and the wait is rarely over 10 minutes. The answer is intuitive here. The question remains. Curiously, I was overcome with cravings for junk food this past 24 hours. Is Teen Angst truly that contagious?


    I feel particularly generous towards the curbside solicitors that are out-of-work contractors in our area. Mr. PQ was a painting contractor right up until the economy tanked. He looks far more settled and satisfied in our little shop in North Minneapolis, with our wonderful customers and amazing staff. How did we find ourselves blessed to live in so great a country that affords the freedom and ability to transition one skill set into another, thus keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table? For that I have no answer but to be humbled.


    Here we arrive at the two year anniversary of Pad and Quill, an idea that began as a way to pay off some accumulating debt and perhaps provide a transition into a new career in commercial real estate. It is said when God closes a door, he opens a window. In this case the window wonderfully turned out to be an Apple, and a company that has grown and multiplied and allowed us to meet some amazing people around the world. So thank you to all who believed in us from the beginning, purchasing some of those first renditions, and returning for more. For telling your friends and family about us and spreading the word and for all of our wonderful vendors, customers and employees. We are looking forward to all this third year holds!


    -Mrs. PQ

  • PQ News

    Stay tuned for our new product announcement this weekend on Facebook/Twitter and our main site! We are covering a whole new device with our handmade cases and we think you will find it...a little intriguing.


    Mrs. PQ and I (Kari and Brian) have been overwhelmed with the response to our new series of handmade cases for the iPad and iPhone. We take great passion in the art and design of our products that we deliver to our customers. Yet what really stokes us is the new Minneapolis jobs that are created due to your purchases. Thank you from the entire PQ shop!


    The Octavo and slightly late shipping Contega pre-orders are all shipping this week.  Graduate and Luxury Genuine Leather iPad cases are shipping soon. We’re confident that you will find the build, materials and finishing touches of our iPad cases to be industry leading and an amazing value.


    Please do not hesitate to contact us! We can be reached by phone Monday-Friday (8-5 CST) to answer questions, hear comments or take orders by phone. You can also reach us via email. Jill and Karl look forward to working with you.


    Toll Free: 1 855 PQ BOOKS


    Email:  info@padandquill.com


    Thanks again!


    Mr. PQ

  • Not Sherlock, Sure-Lock.


    These days it’s good to be a Holmes. We have so many new things going on here at Pad & Quill we are scrambling to cross our “t”s and dot our “i”s. Thank goodness for the SIRI “remind me” function. Take for instance our new Sure-Lock technology, featured in our iPad 3 Octavo design, which offers incomparable restraint while your iPad 3 is housed in the Octavo, but releases with ease. Mr. PQ assured Mrs. PQ that using the term “technology” will seem like a stretch to Apple geeks, but Mrs. PQ thought the whole 3D imaging, injection molding process was pretty amazing and thinks the mechanical engineers will agree with calling it technology.
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle would be proud of our new Luxury Line of genuine leather cases for iPhone and iPad. Bound in soft stitched leather, the Little Luxury Book for iPhone 4/4s and Octavo Luxury Case for iPad 3 invite your senses to enjoy the fragrance, feel and appeal of leather, while offering our classic camera porthole (indispensible for that new 5mp camera!), signature bookmark and moleskin disguise.
    If a whole new line of bookbindery cases wasn’t enough, we are now carrying accessories from Zagg, Blue Lounge and Earjax. Pad & Quill is now your one-stop shopping location for Apple accessories.
    -Mrs. PQ

  • Needle in a Haystack


    Within the next month or so, we are very excited to announce new mobile and tablet accessories at padandquill.com. We assumed that locating some great products like headphones for iPhone®, wall chargers for iPad®, and iPhone screen protectors would not be that difficult. That assumption was clearly wrong. The surprising amount of utter junk on the market is so beyond what we expected that the process has taken a great deal of time.


    When we began the search we wanted to find items that were of the highest quality for our customers. Weeding through iPhone headphones that sounded like a tin can was rattling in our ears and iPad chargers that literally looked like a fire hazard finally gave way to procuring some very high quality products that we actually have been using ourselves and would be totally stoked to own. Innovative design, attention to detail and quality are the framework for all of the accessories selections that we will soon be announcing. We are confident that you will find these tablet and mobile accessories a delight to use with your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire or other devices!


    For the latest updates, sign up/check out our newsletter, twitter feed: @padandquill or our fan page on Facebook: Pad and Quill
    Spending the week hand selecting lots of cool stuff,
    -Mr. PQ

  • Macworld Here We Come

    Mr. P&Q and I are busy readying ourselves for the upcoming Macworld convention in San Francisco.   For Mr. P&Q this has meant digging his running clothes out of storage, purchasing a pair of trail shoes and recalling how to set his alarm clock for O dark:30 workouts.  The Steep Ravine Trail Run was too much a temptation for Mrs. P&Q to pass by as a great way to tour the Golden Gate National Rec Area. So, with 7 miles of single track looming for the slightly sedentary Mr. P&Q, he has commenced with hitting the trails, both figuratively and literally.  Our early morning run started in the woods and concluded in the emergency room with a dislocated shoulder, stupid black ice.  The good news is that there is no ice on the famed Dipsea Trail, the bad news is that the big guy won’t be running much for the next several days.  For my part I’ve been preparing my palate with some great California wines and cramming like a co-ed for our pending Mac techie meet and greets.  I can no more discuss the rumored specs for the upcoming iPad 3 release as Mr. P&Q can list the five most recent Xterra Trail champions. I did send a shock wave through the world of Apple and all things celluloid by clicking on live coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show, only to hear one of the commentators note the iPhone is now obsolete, thanks to the advent of the Samsung Focus and the HTC Titan.  I’m reasonably certain this is why we are attending iWorld this year.


    -Mrs. PQ

  • Procrastination Works

    Well it does.  I mean, every time this technique is employed I generally feel fine.  That is not exactly how Mrs. PQ sees this.  As I mentioned in a post earlier, she is not one to mess around with the Holidays.  All gifts are ordered weeks ahead of time and even the fake names that are given to our children's presents, keeping them guessing as to which present is theirs, are executed far in advance.  Yet, that sinking feeling that there is only X amount of hours left in holiday shopping usually hits me around the 22nd of December.  That “feeling fine” attitude suddenly changes into slight, but controlled panic.


    Mapping out the Target and mall parking strategies are engaged, overnight shipping options are considered and present acquisition is completed.  I've never failed to come up with something, although you might want to ask the little Quills how I've done.  I mean snuggle blankets are practical aren't they and a lot cheaper than iPads and iPods?  At least I know I have a hot lead on “five finger” discounts on iPad cases this year.  Maybe next year I'll plan...


    What about you?  More the Mrs. PQ or Mr. PQ and what are the top 3 things that you procrastinate about?  Well if you’re in the market for a great handmade case for iPads, Kindles or other cool devices this year, we have you “covered”.  All orders in by the 20th at Noon (CST) will be delivered by the 24th through priority shipping!  I think that makes us enablers and we’re ok with that.


    Mr. PQ

  • Making the Case for Books

    When Mrs. PQ and I began Pad and Quill, we set out to create beautiful iPad and iPhone cases that were hand made, locally bound works of art.  What we did not understand was the state of modern day bookbinding.  We knew that the digital age was eroding the  bookbinding and presentation markets, just not the scope.


    From books for schools to presentation materials, the binding tradition has suffered from the unique and powerful tools that make digital presentations.  A few months back we met with a Marketing firm that confirmed that clients from all different industries had not only moved long ago to laptop presentations but were now looking for every way to utilize iPad’s in there marketing efforts.


    The team at PQ is excited that we had the opportunity to revive this art here in the Twin Cities by wrapping really awesome devices in hand made, traditionally bound books.  That is why we use the phrase 'Making the Case for Books!'.  We feel that our broad case line is truly making a great argument for why this rich tradition should remain strong.


    Which raises the question, what other age old traditional techniques are being replaced by the digital age?  Our first thought was photographic film (Those of you young enough to not understand that last phrase make our point).


    We would love to hear your thoughts...

  • The Contega Begs for an App

    The idea for an iPad and iPhone App occurred to me back in early 2010 when we first began the Pad and Quill case company.  The fact that your iPad was surrounded by a gorgeous hand made case, like the Octavo or Contega, seemed to beg for a note taking App of equal beauty.  Time flew by, as making cases and building our little company out of the basement then replaced said App dreams.  Until about 5 months ago, when we were introduced to Fabulously Retro and Daniel the lead App developer.  Daniel and I both shared a passion for moleskine notebooks, iPads and awesome leather cases.  A business marriage made in heaven.


    We are excited to provide you a sneak preview of the forthcoming Pad and Quill App.  Designed to feel just like the classic journal this App is simple, intuitive and still allows for more complex note organization.  Taking quick or more thoughtful notes has never been this lovely.  Hand coded with beautiful page turning animations, custom covers for your notebooks and of course the signature PQ bookmark, that always brings you back to your table of contents.  Utilizing iCloud, all of your notes stay in perfect sync between the iPhone and iPad and are safely backed up in iCloud.  Stay tuned for availability at the Apple App Store and special App giveaways by following us on twitter @padandquill or becoming a fan on our 'Pad and Quill' Facebook page!


    -Mr. PQ

  • Holidays have their limits

    I understand the idea that the holidays start far too early. Christmas trees at Target being erected in September is a bit excessive, no doubt. The Holiday season should happen roughly around, well, the actual holiday dates between Thanksgiving and New Years. At the PQ household this is not considered a general concept, it’s a strict rule.  Mrs. PQ officially bans all holiday music, any forms of decoration, even the singing of carols until 12:01 on November 25th.


    No doubt the oldest daughter Quill and I have attempted to breach these strictly enforced rules with very little success. She likes eating and I like my bed more than the couch.  What’s wonderful is that after 12:01 we could not think of a better person to spend the holidays with than Mrs.PQ. All holiday related activities commence in full force!  Music begins non-stop, decorations are brought down from the attic and all electronic devices are synchronized to assure everyone is up to speed on the festivities.  Mrs. PQ kicks all this off with the “Black Friday Acquisition Operations” (BFAO).  She scans the papers, gets the latest web updates, gets tents and winter camping gear in hand and heads out ridiculously early.


    The BFAO has carried over to Pad and Quill. We make beautiful handmade book bindery cases for iPads, iPhones, Kindles and more. Truth be told, we have succumbed to the craziness that is the Black Friday holiday kick off. Watch padandquill.com for some fairly amazing sales on cases like the Octavo for iPad 2, Contega for iPad 2 and other specials!


    -Mr. PQ

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