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  1. MacBook Air Protection

    MacBook Air Protection

    Laptops come in handy, especially when you're a student or a freelancer. Being able to use your MacBook in the coffee shop, the airport, your car, or anywhere you need to get some work done while you wait is one of the best perks of owning a laptop. On the flip side, taking your MacBook with you everywhere you go makes it that much more likely that you'll ding, drop, smudge, or spill coffee on your laptop. With a little MacBook Air protection, however, you'll be ready for accidents before they happen.

    MacBook Air Cases

    Let's start with the most practical way to protect your laptop: a MacBook Air case. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen. Your friend sets a coffee mug on your MacBook and leaves a coffee ring. Your cat walks over the laptop cover and leaves scratches on the finish. Or you throw the laptop in your bag along with your car keys, never thinking about how they'll scratch your MacBook.
    A book-style MacBook Air case provides more than scratch and damage protection. It's like a secret camouflage that makes your MacBook look just like a book—not an expensive electronic device.


    When it comes to damage from spilled drinks or leaving your MacBook on top of the car and then driving away, there's not much a MacBook Air case can do for you. In that case, it pays to have AppleCare or a third-party protection plan. Along with coverage for the hardware, you'll also receive technical support and software support.

    Backup Protection

    MacBook Air protection involves more than just physical damage. Viruses, hard drive crashes, and software corruption can be just as devastating as cracking your laptop case—or

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  2. MacBook Air Damage Test by CNET TV

    MacBook Air Damage Test by CNET TV

    How tough is the MacBook Air? That's what CNET TV set out to find with their extreme torture test posted on YouTube. The 8-minute video shows the MacBook Air enduring a series of four tests: extreme cold, extreme heat, impact, and water damage.
    Unfortunately, this laptop had none of the protection offered by PQ's leather MacBook Air case.
    See how the laptop fared in the video below:


    1. The Freezer Test

    Ever left your MacBook Air in the car on a cold winter day? If you live in a place like Minnesota, that's pretty easy to do. CNET improvised with placing the MacBook in the freezer for two hours.
    If your MacBook Air doesn't turn on right away after leaving it in the cold, let it thaw out a bit before trying again.

    2. The Heat Test

    Ever left your MacBook Air in the car on a hot, steamy day? CNET tested the MacBook for 1 hour at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. The laptop still turned on, but we recommend waiting for it to cool down first. The internal cooling system can only handle so much heat.

    3. The Drop Test

    No matter how careful you are, it's bound to happen sometime. You turn around in your chair to greet a friend, turn back to your table, and catch the laptop with your elbow, sending it flying off the table onto the floor. Or you set your MacBook Air on top of your car ("just for a second") and drive off without thinking.
    Even if you're as careful as can be, someone else can still drop your laptop. Your cat could knock it off the coffee table, or your little brother could borrow the MacBook without permission and accidentally drop it.
    Although the MacBook Air survived CNET's drop tests, the damage to the body was irreversible. Plus the latch

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  3. Winter and Design

    Winter and Design

    Minnesota weather. As of this writing the low temperature last night was -14F. The mental strain of this weather get's to us up here. Mrs. PQ checks the coldest temps on earth daily just to make herself feel better.  About 3 days ago, parts of Minnesota were actually competing with Nunavut, Canada, coming in close to -35 degrees below 0.  



    So that might be why we get real busy this time of year working on all types of new designs and prototypes. Sure as heck can't go outside and play as it's the one time of year that Minnesota trying to KILL YOU.



    Maybe all these extremely low temperatures is why we think that 2013 is going to be one of our most exciting product years to date.  Many new beautiful designs are in the works and some interesting new products that have never been done before.  All of this innovation, passion and creativity is designed for one purpose to make holding your favorite technology device a more beautiful experience.  That is what Kari, myself and the PQ team love to do, craft handmade beautiful accessories that we hope people will love to use. Now how do I turn up this woodburning stove...



    Mr. PQ

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  4. Mrs.PQ and TechO

    Production was whistling along here at P&Q world headquarters with the flurry of post holiday purchasing by our great customers.  With a double shift in place, it’s quite cozy in the shipping department in spite of single digit temps outside, however, we still rely on space heaters to keep fingers nimble.  Of course, us folks in the back offices housing Customer Service and Human Relations prefer the cut off glove approach, but that’s largely due to Mrs. Quill fancying herself as a scrivener, scratching away in a corner with her quills and abacus.  So, when the power went out mid day, leaving the warehouse dark, and the cold encroaching rapidly, Mrs. PQ sprung to action with an ample supply of candles and an offer to grab one of several cook stoves ferreted away in her “emergency road kit”, so employees could heat their lunches.  However, once the trusty Will and Mr. PQ had ensured all computers against surge destruction, they gathered the troops for an early lunch at Chipotle.  



    Crestfallen at the loss of an impromptu winter picnic, Mrs. PQ had to be assuaged by a trip to the local hardware store to purchase flash lights and lanterns to light the shipping department for the balance of the afternoon.  Productivity resumed, and alas within hours, electrical power returned to service, candles and flashlights were extinguished and hot spots were exchanged for WiFi.  All was back to normal, except for Mrs. PQ who spent 10 minutes in a frustrated grumble towards her computer, she hates when the “on” button doesn’t work.  But it’s not her computer’s fault.  For no matter how intuitive or brilliant Apple products are, there’s not much they can do to overcome user error when the user doesn’t know that surge protection=unplug the iMac. 



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  5. 5 Must-Have MacBook Air Accessories

    5 Must-Have MacBook Air Accessories

    A naked MacBook might look good when it's new, but you won't be tapping into the full potential of your MacBook Air without adding a few accessories…and you'll be risking damage from scratches and dings. Here are 5 of our top picks for spiffing up your new laptop with MacBook Air accessories.

    1. HDMI Adaptor

    Want to view photos or watch YouTube videos on your TV? A mini display-port-to-HDMI cable will turn your TV into a larger-than-life monitor for easy viewing. An HDMI adaptor also lets you use your MacBook Air for presentations at work or with a client. For hooking up to an external display VGA monitor, you'll want to pick up a VGA-specific adapter as well.

    2. External Storage

    Need more space to store your photos, music, and design files? Get an external hard drive, such as a USB drive or a wireless network-attached storage drive. Another option is cloud-based storage on a site such as DropBox. A limited storage amount is free, and subscriptions are available for more storage space.

    3. ZAGG InvisibleShield

    It's amazing how one little scratch can affect the quality of your screen display. Keep your MacBook Air screen protected with ZAGG InvisibleShield. It's a liquid-applied screen protector that offers full scratch protection without any extra bulk. The InvisibleShield gives you better grip for extra drop protection, reduces glare, and won't show as many fingerprints or smudges.

    4. Case for MacBook Air

    If you want to keep your device looking like new, you'll need a

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  6. WOODCHUCKcase

    We are very excited about our newest addition to the PQ Bookshelf. WOODCHUCKcase. Started by two young Minnesota entrepreneurs who are creating beautiful real wood skins for iPhones, iPad's, laptops and more.  Their story is not unlike Mrs.PQ's and myself.  Started out of their houses, prototyping and eventually brought these gorgeous USA made products to market.



    Their passion is to make beautiful wood products, keeping it local and employing sustainable processes throughout manufacturing.  The fit could not be better as we love:  Minnesota, wood, keeping it local and really cool devices.  PQ always offers FREE domestic shipping so try out a Woodchuck skin for iPhone 5 or 4/4S with one of our cases.  30 Day money back guarantee makes it fairly risk free!



    Keep and eye out for more Woodchuck products at and a TOP SECRET future collaboration that is stunning.  Let's just say aluminum, wood and leather can make something quite stunning.



    Mr. PQ




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  7. Little less home

    Little less home

    We spent the weekend moving our eldest quills into her new dorm at college in a quaint small town in southern Minnesota.  With every imaginable dorm essential purchased we and the rest of the younger quills help set up her 1/2 of the room.  Dad made sure the Macbook Air and iPhone was internet connected and all emails were working properly.  Mom made sure the room was decorated with a bit of home flair. We even figured out how to loft the bed so her desk would sit underneath.  I think your looking for spare square inches in dorm rooms?  Well, what neither of us were truly ready for was the spare room in our house.


    We are finding that when the first kid leaves a bit of our home does as well.   She was the eldest and she ruled the roost when Mom and Dad were not around.  Actually she tried that as well when we were home!  Regardless without her familiar voice, the music she loved listening too and the passionate person that makes her who she is, the home just seems a bit quieter.  We are both thankful for the time with her and excited for the road ahead. Said a million times, they grow really fast.  We've now lived it and it's a statement based in total truth.  Time for us to quietly adjust and time for a new chapter in her life to begin.
    Mr and Mrs. PQ

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  8. 30 Day Money Back Promise

    We sell all of our cases exclusively online, one of the concerns we hear often is that folks are unable to touch, hold and use these hand made gems prior to purchasing.  We have recognized that need and have decided to start an entirely new agreement with perspective customers.


    The 30 Day Money Back Promise is comprised of a simple commitment: If your not happy with the case, you can return it with no questions asked within 30 days of purchase date. We are so confident that you’ll find our handmade iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air, Kindle and other cases to be of such high quality both in construction and materials you will love them!  We see it as a win/win for everyone. To convey online the luxurious Spanish bonded leather, the feel of real bookbindery cloth and the depth of our finished baltic birch wood frame is challenging, so we have decided to take the guess work out for you.


    So give one of our handmade cases a spin, it’s on us!


    Mr and Mrs PQ


    (Brian and Kari)

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  9. WWDC 12

    WWDC 12


    Apple’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) kicked off this week with big announcements regarding new software and hardware. All of us at PQ were very excited as one of those product lines we wrap in a gorgeous handmade cover, The Cartella case for Macbook Air.


    As expected, Apple gave a very in-depth preview of new features coming to iOS 6 which runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. They also previewed the upcoming operating system for the Mac computers, Snow Leopard. The software discussion was all prefaced by the big hardware announcements: the new standard MacBook Pro, MacBook Air (sweet!) and the gorgeous new Retina Display MacBook Pro. What a sweet piece of machinery. I was able to play with one this week at a local Apple store. It is amazingly light for such a large foot print laptop and the screen! Think gigantic iPad 3 screen! It’s awesome. We are all looking forward to seeing how the Retina displays make themselves into more of Apple’s products in the years to come, especially the MacBook Air.


    We have confirmed, the new 2012 MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch models fit PERFECT in our Cartella case. It’s hard to improve the design of this laptop, but placing it in a PQ case this classy and functional seems to add to the Air’s luster. Check out our handmade Cartella cases and enjoy the coupon code for a discount on your next order!


    Thanks for reading,


    -Mr. PQ


    (long suffering hardware purchaser)


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