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  1. How to Keep Your Apple Products Safe in Cold Weather

    How to Keep Your Apple Products Safe in Cold Weather
    This article has been updated for the iPhone here: How to Protect Your iPhone in Cold Weather. For many people in the United States, winter is quickly descending as the mercury keeps dropping everyday. But along with keeping yourself bundled up and warm, make sure to keep your Apple gear safe from the freezing once the thermometer starts to hit 32F. And don't miss out on a new leather iPhone case to keep your phone warm and happy!

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  2. New MacBook Bites into the Market

    New MacBook Bites into the Market

    The latest MacBook Pro was released this past Tuesday and the verdict is in: it's lighter, thinner, faster, and cheaper than its predecessors. It's also got a battery life of up to 9 hours and Wifi that's three times faster. Pad and Quill takes a look at all the details.

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  3. Crafted Part Deux - The leathers coming

    Crafted Part Deux - The leathers coming

    A post from Mr. PQ


    Really Brian, Part Deux?  Yes, really.  After Mrs. PQ's last post we got a wee bit of feedback from our French loving friends.  Surprisingly they were not that excited that she placed the French language and swearing in the same category.  So I thought maybe pay tribute to French in the title of this post (aka damage control).



    This is the second post about why Kari, myself and the team are really passionate about the word 'Crafted'.  In my previous post I mentioned our hard fought battle to find Buckram cloth that was not butt ugly.  We finally did and could not be more proud of the Cartella Linen Case for the Macbook Air that utilizes a gorgeously strong linen buckram cloth.


    Another battle was to find leathers that we felt met our high standards to be both durable and gorgeous. We have some amazing products planned that utilize these leathers.  Therefore the leather has to be awesome. Touring various tanneries in Mexico we saw in full detail how leather is made, what types of quality are used and why. How quality affects construction and durability.  Here are a few images from our visit.





    Finished product getting ready for shipment on the 'horse'.



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  4. Should You Buy an iPad or MacBook Air for College?

    Should You Buy an iPad or MacBook Air for College?

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    It's that time of year again. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the satisfaction of slipping a stack of crisp folders into a brand new backpack are back to haunt school-age kids and instill nostalgia in those of us without a 3-month summer vacation anymore. For students headed to college, however, getting ready for back to school means a lot more than just pencils, folders, and backpacks. Dorm bedding, laundry baskets, and bath towels are also on the list…along with a laptop or tablet for doing homework outside the computer lab or taking notes in class.
    With tablets gaining in popularity, college students are now faced with the decision of choosing whether to buy an iPad or a MacBook Air for college. One is ultra-mobile and fun with a long battery life, while the other is more powerful for bulky software (like Adobe PhotoShop) and easier to use for multi-tasking.

    Why an iPad?

    using ipad
    When you're carrying around a load of textbooks in your backpack, the last thing you want to do is add the extra weight and bulk of a laptop. An iPad, on the other hand, is so light that you'll barely notice it's there. Plus it takes up less space in your bag.
    Since the battery life lasts much longer than a MacBook Air, you can use an iPad for taking notes, keeping track of homework assignments, and Skyping with friends all day without recharging. The iPad is cheaper then a MacBook Air, and if you can buy or rent digital versions of your textbooks, you'll save even more money.

    Why a MacBook Air?

    Although a MacBook Air is more expensive than an iPad, it's also a better

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  5. How to Learn French in a Hurry

    How to Learn French in a Hurry

    From Mrs. PQ


    The other day I saw a book entitled "How to Learn French in a Hurry", and after checking my credit cards to make sure none of the quills were covertly planning to wing their way to France, chucking their education to follow their muse,  I began to ponder how one might "learn french in a hurry".  Teaching a teenager to drive your new car with manual transmission immediately came to mind.  There was a whole lot of "french" *that evening, coupled with the smell of a grinding clutch.  Opening a report card to discover the kid was serious when she decided to "just give up on school" spring semester.   As I confiscated her iPhone some sort of language accompanied the fire blazing from my eardrums, that, while indiscernible, was mutually understood.


    One other way to learn french in a hurry is to go to an e-commerce site, find a product you love, and then become foiled by technology, unable to make a purchase.  I received an email this week from our crack customer service staff regarding a gentleman in Great Britain who had been trying for two weeks to buy one of our lovely new Cartella Linen cases for Macbook Air.  There was so much technical jargon in his letter that it made my eyeballs bleed.  I would have been speaking french at that point, but he was using the lovely Queen's english.  The very fact that he persevered for two weeks to own one of our products was enough for me to jump into the conversation and reward his patience with a Cartella, gratis.  I'll have to sneak my way into the shipping area to send it off to him, as Mr. PQ keeps me largely relegated to my office, (that I affectionately call The Dungeon), where I can do the least damage to servers/websites etc.  But we have one more satisfied customer, joy, and the new web site is coming along

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  6. Fireworks, Tans and Pencils

    Fireworks, Tans and Pencils

    A 'PSA' from Mrs. PQ.


    There is a certain craziness in the air when retailers begin stocking back to school supplies next to the aisle of clearance red, white and blue bunting, patriotic frosting and leftover fireworks.  There isn’t a kid I know who wants to trade in the sun-tanned, mosquito-bitten, Kool-Aide-smile life of summer for the hard desk chair, homework every night, life of fall on July 5th.   However, retail drives the rhythms of life at least for one mid summer afternoon at the Pad & Quill household because Mrs. PQ knows if you don’t jump on the school supplies in July you will be paying full retail in August.


    With four kids to equip with pencils, notepads, and clothes, (god forbid we can’t forget the clothes), there are no greater phrases then “discount” and “sale” when it comes to shopping.  Except perhaps, “Mom, I need a new backpack, can we go to REI?”


    At Pad & Quill we feel your back to school purchasing pain, especially for those with kids heading back to the higher institutions of learning.  So we have some “Sale” and “Discount” goodness for you.


    Our Cartella case is perfect for protecting that Macbook Air and also will make the college or professional kid of your life look quite amazing.  Our various handcrafted iPad and iPhone cases also fit the bill for protection, practicality and of course beauty.  For a limited time, use this code for a great deal on any of our cases.  BT88


    Now if I can just figure out why we have about 6 reams of left over paper from last year...


    Mrs. PQ



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  7. Top New Features in Mac OS X Mavericks

    Top New Features in Mac OS X Mavericks

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    With iOS 7 getting most of the attention after Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this year, there hasn't been as much fanfare about the new OS X Mavericks launching in the fall. But for Mac fans around the world, OS X will be a big deal, featuring more than 200 new updates. Here are a few of the ones we're looking forward to the most.


    For all the book lovers and students out there, this one's for you. iBooks is now available in OS X Mavericks, with books that you've downloaded on other iOS devices automatically available on your Mac. You can easily switch between multiple open books, navigate books just like you would on any other iOS device, and share notes, highlights, and bookmarks with iCloud.


    Searching for directions and local businesses just got easier with the new Maps app on OS X Mavericks. The graphics are gorgeous, Yelp reviews are built in, and you can send directions to your iPhone for voice navigation. Maps are built in to the Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps for easy integration. Any address pops up on a map for real-time traffic, step-by-step directions, and alternate routes.

    Multi-Display Support

    If you're an Apple fanatic, the new multi-display support available in OS X Mavericks is just for you. Working across multiple screens and devices just got easier with the option for multiple app windows on either display, Mission Control for getting a broader view of open apps, and the ability to drag an app across the room to your HDTV with AirPlay and Apple TV.

    Finder Tabs

    Trouble staying organized? Finder Tabs and Tags can help with that. Finder Tabs combines multiple Finder windows into one, so you can have a tab for All Documents, one for Photos, and one for Homework all in one window. Easily switch between tabs

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  8. Crafted


    That's a word I really love.  Crafted.  It lends to what Kari and I are all about. When your really thinking about what drives you, motivates you to get up and look through new designs and products I'm finding I can't get this awesome word out of my head!


    Terms like 'handmade', 'designed', 'curated' are all great descriptions that we both have used in the past to describe our products.  But c'mon!  Crafted.  I mean, that says it all about what drives us and where we want Pad & Quill to go.  We love crafting the old with the new and we think when you do, something really amazing comes out on the other side.


    Some examples you ask?  Sure!


    We love crafting old with new regarding materials.  When we pick a material, we really think it through and drive our vendors crazy.  I assure you I've had some serious eye rolling because I don't pick the standard material, it has to be just right.  Recently I looked far and wide for a very tough buckram cloth that goes on the outside of our  Cartella Linen for Macbook Air. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW UGLY BUCKRAM CAN BE. Oh my word.


    We wanted an old linen look and feel to the material that would last as well as it was lovely to hold. Tying old and new.  Not easy, but we found a gorgeous version of this material that feels like holding an old library volume.  I like it so much that some of our new iPad 5 cases will be covered with this buckram as well this fall.  (Yes, I'm assuming a new iPad 5 is coming)



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  9. New MacBook Air on the Way?

    New MacBook Air on the Way?

    With Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference coming up next week, rumor has it that one of the product launches announced at the conference will be a new MacBook Air model.
    Signs like dwindling stock often point to an imminent product refresh of an Apple product, and the MacBook Air is no exception to this trend. Retail stock for the 13.3-inch MacBook Air with 1.8GHz processor is scarce, although Best Buy is reported to have available inventory still in stock.

    Improved Processor

    Although Apple never reveals too many details before the actual launch, insiders believe that the new MacBook Air will feature the next-generation Haswell processor from Intel.
    Unveiled for the first time in late May, Intel's Haswell processor boasts a 50 percent power savings over previous generation processors. The improved efficiency allows for slimmer profiling and longer battery life—especially as improved graphics such as retina display make their debut.

    Better Microphone

    With users making calls via Skype, Gmail, and other online phone services, the improved microphone technology on the new MacBook Air is also something to get pumped about.
    The dual built-in microphone design is rumored to be the same as what's currently available on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Long distance and overseas phone calls will get clearer reception with better microphone technology.

    Retina or No Retina?

    What's not so certain is whether or not Apple will include a Retina display for the next generation MacBook Air. Maintaining the MacBook's sleek profile while incorporating a Retina display is a challenge because of the added power demands, hardware space, and extra cost. With the rapid advance of Retina technology, however, a high-resolution display is still a possibility.


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  10. How to Install a Zagg Screen Protector for MacBook Air

    How to Install a Zagg Screen Protector for MacBook Air

    Although a screen protector is one of the most invisible ways to protect your MacBook Air while preserving its sleek design, installing a screen protector can be a challenge, especially if you've never done it before. Thankfully, the pros at Zagg have divulged some of their best secrets for getting a screen protector installed perfectly. Here are some of the tips they have to offer:

    1. Wash your hands first.

    Sounds a bit like your mom telling you to wash up for dinner, but Zagg's first tip is to wash your hands before trying to install a screen protector. The skin oils on your hands can leave fingerprints on the device and the screen protector, which can make for a frustrating process of do-overs.

    2. Line it up correctly.

    What starts out as a slight misalignment at the top of the screen can turn into a lopsided installation job by the time you get to the bottom of the screen. Take the time to line up the screen protector carefully at the top edge and sides before applying the screen protector to your MacBook Air. If you're not patient enough to do this, we recommend asking a friend who is more of a perfectionist to do it for you.

    3. Use a squeegee to remove bubbles.

    Zagg screen protectors for MacBook Air come with a squeegee to help you work out all the little bubbles that get trapped underneath the screen protector. You can also use a credit card to work out the bubbles. If things just aren't lining up right or you get too many bubbles, you can always remove the screen protector and start over again.

    4. Get the corners and edges to stick.

    Other than bubbles, getting the corners and edges to adhere is one of the trickiest parts about installing

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