• Kindle Cover Protection: What Are Your Best Options?

    How many times have you dropped a book? Spilled water on it? Bent back the cover by accident? Now think about your Kindle. What happens if you drop it? Spill water on it? Scratch the screen? You might proudly display a well-loved book with tattered edges and a worn spine, but your Kindle deserves a little more protection.
    Kindles are a lot more expensive to replace than books, and if damaged, your Kindle might not be usable anymore. That's why it's a good idea to protect your device with a cover, especially if you read outside or carry the device in your bag with other stuff that could scratch it (like car keys).
    Here are some of your cover options for the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Paperwhite, and other models.

    1. Book Style Kindle Covers

    Love the Kindle but miss holding a book? You can have the best of both worlds with a book style Kindle cover. These covers provide the most protection and convenience. Your Kindle fits snugly into a frame inside the book, and the book closes to cover and protect the screen and buttons on the front of your Kindle. You can hold the book with both hands or fold back the front cover for one-handed reading.
    Book style covers for the Kindle are available with deluxe options like a book light, a built-in reading stand, and an on/off smart cover that turns your Kindle on when you open the case and turns it off when you close it. Since the case looks just like a book when closed, it also provides a unique form of theft protection.

    2. Sleeves

    A Kindle sleeve is similar to a laptop sleeve—just smaller. The Kindle tucks inside a padded pouch (usually nylon) that's just the right size for your device. Zip it closed for protection from dust and other hazards. The padded fabric absorbs some of the impact in case you drop your Kindle. The downside of using a sleeve is that since you need to take the Kindle out of the sleeve to read, your Kindle is only protected when you store it away.

    3. Skins

    A Kindle skin is more about style than protection. It lets you distinguish yourself from the pack of Kindle users and get a little bit of scratch protection for the back of your Kindle as an added bonus. The silicone skin fits snugly over the back of your Kindle and includes slots for the buttons on the front. The cover may lessen the impact of a drop slightly, but don't count on it.

    4. Kindle Screen Protectors

    Like your Kindle naked? You can still get a little protection from damage with a screen protector. Trying to read a book with a jagged scratch across the screen is distracting. For double whammy protection, use a screen protector and a Kindle case together—full protection for the front and back of your Kindle device.

    Kindle Covers and Screen Protectors

    Looking for a Kindle cover with style? Look no further than Pad & Quill's selection of cases for Kindle, including the Fire, Touch, and Paperwhite devices. Zagg screen protectors for Kindle are also available. They come with a lifetime warranty—free replacement for the life of your device.

  • iPad Mini is here

    This past Tuesday Apple announced the iPad Mini along with updates to the Macbook Pro's, iMac and Mac Mini lines.  We've decided that making a handmade case for the iMac might not be all that practical so were going to keep our focus on the iPad Mini.


    There are many opinion pieces about the iPad Mini, some negative and some positive.  All the reviews we've seen of hands on with the device are positive.  Well built and well thought through design from Apple seems consistent in the reviews.  Aside from build,  some think Apple missed the mark by not competing in price with the Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire HD.  These smaller 7 inch tablets are between $75 and $130.00 less then the entry level iPad Mini which starts at $329. Others seem to think the price point is justified as the Apple eco system of iOS apps, movies, and books offers a compelling reason to spend a bit more for entry into the Apple walled garden.  As with every Apple release, time will tell as the market will clearly show what interest there is for a 7 inch iPad from Apple.


    We cannot wait to show you our handmade cases for the new Apple iPad Mini.  Let's just say that 3-600 dollar Mini iPad should be protected with handmade love and attention.  We are here to meet that need!


    Mr. PQ


  • Fire Keeper for Kindle Fire HD 7

    We want to start by thanking so many of our customers for the HUGE response to our new cases for iPhone 5.  Kari, Brian, Tom, Jeff, Eric, Will, Jill and the rest of our team are thrilled. Thank you for keeping US Bookbindery jobs alive and thriving!


    Amazon Folks! We have a new case for the Kindle Fire HD 7!  The Fire Keeper has gone through a major improvement to match the greatly improved Kindle Fire HD.  We have included our Sure Lock Bumper system on this tablet book cover.  Holds your Fire very secure while making the wood frame much stronger.  So go ahead and snuggle up for a good read, or prop up on your bed for watching a great flick!





    - Hand made in Minneapolis employing traditional bindery techniques

    - Smart cover on/off feature

    - Covered in onyx black Italian bonded leather cover

    - Beautiful satin finished Baltic Birch frame

    - Interior lined with book bindery cloth in 5 colors!

    - Spine provides 'paperback' reading with full wrap around folding

    - Provides unique theft deterrence

    - Classic PQ 'bookmark' for device removal

    - Traditional Elastic strap closure

    - Pocket Option!


    Thanks again for your support of handmade goods, we are truly thankful for your business.


    Brian and Kari
    (Mr. and Mrs. PQ)

  • Getting Closer

    Stay tuned as we will be announcing the brand new iPhone 5 cases late next week as well as new Kindle cases!

 just featured an article about PQ!  I am interviewed talking about prototyping our newest cases for the iPhone 5 and the challenges of getting to market with these unique handmade products.  Although not mentioned in the article, we are taking care of you Kindle lovers as well!  We are working hard on case design regarding the new Kindle Fire HD 7" and the Kindle Paperwhite.


    As I mentioned in the article the challenge for companies like PQ is being able to quickly turn around and get a high quality design and product out to our customers. We've had many folks wonder if we get early samples from Apple and Kindle for our products.  Nope!  We order them like everyone else and get to the store or mailbox early in the morning to begin the final gold prototyping of our products.


    We do a great deal of work prior to actually getting a Kindle Fire or iPhone 5 in our hands! We scan the rumor mills and eventual spec details before launch.  We measure dimensions down to the millimeter and carefully examine unique features of each device.  We even start cutting wood frames before the product is in hand to ensure a solid mechanical build.  The whole process is very hectic and at times quite stressful.  Mrs. PQ always interjects at this point, "Oh Right! love it"  Yeah, y0u got me there dear, guess I do.



    Mr. PQ

  • 30 Day Money Back Promise

    We sell all of our cases exclusively online, one of the concerns we hear often is that folks are unable to touch, hold and use these hand made gems prior to purchasing.  We have recognized that need and have decided to start an entirely new agreement with perspective customers.


    The 30 Day Money Back Promise is comprised of a simple commitment: If your not happy with the case, you can return it with no questions asked within 30 days of purchase date. We are so confident that you’ll find our handmade iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air, Kindle and other cases to be of such high quality both in construction and materials you will love them!  We see it as a win/win for everyone. To convey online the luxurious Spanish bonded leather, the feel of real bookbindery cloth and the depth of our finished baltic birch wood frame is challenging, so we have decided to take the guess work out for you.


    So give one of our handmade cases a spin, it’s on us!


    Mr and Mrs PQ


    (Brian and Kari)

  • Dad’s a Hero

    I saw a truck the other day that advertised “Husband for Hire”. I took down the number.  Not because I’m looking to replace Mr. PQ any time soon, but because with all of the rigors of overseeing a new company and small business, there are a few hundred tasks around the household that have been put on delay. With the exception of a backed up sewer line, most of those tasks can be stayed for the time being with little impact on the household in general. This all got me thinking of the other “for hires” I’d like access to, such as “dog for hire” because while Ari the P&Q mascot is a noble beast, she’s basically good for about a mile walk before she prostrates herself in protest and you have to carry her. “Run me to rugby practice for hire” because the oldest Quill relinquished that post last week in pursuit of senior and new job responsibilities. “Massage my neck and shoulders at a moment’s notice, for hire” would be nice, and perhaps, finally, “clean the floor around the boys toilet for hire” would round out my day.


    I did not include “clean out the wicked stench of rotting potatoes that were forgotten in the cupboard that turns into a sauna on the first hot day of spring for hire” because Mr. PQ took care of that one. “Dad’s a hero!” exclaimed the youngest Quill, which fairly well summarizes why you would never see a truck with “Dad’s for hire” emblazoned on the side. Simply put, a Dad just needs to be there, for rotten potatoes and spiders on the ceiling, ball tag in the street and dinner at 6. The list is endless, as are our thanks to all the Dads that take the time raise our next great generation.


    With Father’s Day approaching, dozens of circulars are dropping into my email enticing me with great gift ideas and things to do to celebrate the Pater Familia. We at Pad & Quill would be honored if you would consider purchasing one of our handmade bookbindery cases for iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and the full Kindle line.


    And of course there’s a generous coupon code for our cases including the Contega. The Quills’ hero loves his, we think yours will too!


    -Mrs. PQ

  • A Mother's Day Note from Mrs. PQ


    A Mother’s Day Note from Mrs. PQ (Editorial note: Or to-do list for Mr.PQ)
    Mother’s Day is approaching and what mom wouldn’t love a new Kindle or iPad 3? Whether you choose the basics of the Kindle Family or give the gift of surfing the web with the Kindle Fire or Apple iPad 3, Mom’s bound to be pleased with the easy portability of her new technology (unless she’s really in to trail running and actually wants a pair of Salomon S-Lab Running Gaiters to keep those pesky rocks and pebbles out of her shoes). Of course, if you do buy an Apple iPad 3 or Amazon Kindle for Mom, you will want to purchase a handmade PQ bookbindery case to protect her new device.


    At Pad and Quill, we’ve been making the case for books for almost two years now, so we know our customers love the quality leather, precision craftsmanship and stealthy book like appearance of our Octavo and Contega cases for iPad 2 and 3, Little Black Books for iPhone 4 and our full line of Kindle cases like the Kindle Firekeeper and Kindle MiniKeeper. We are pretty sure your mom would love one too (in the event she doesn’t want a Fuel Belt Hydration 4 Bottle Belt).


    Your mom loves getting out in nature too? An iPad 3 is a great way to minimize the bulk of maps, books and journals, as well as save a few trees. A Pad and Quill Graduate Edition case for iPad 3 will allow her to protect her gift while adding a mere 11 oz overall weight. Of course a Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cook Set will also help shave weight, but that would only make sense if your mom were a co-owner in a company that makes wonderful bookbindery cases for Apple and Amazon products and thereby owns a multitude of e-devices and covers…


    -Mrs. PQ

  • Kindle Reads


    We have been thrilled to create our beautiful handmade cases for Kindle e-readers and tablet devices. Although the iPad is our number one case product, we always felt that the best device to marry with our covers was the Kindle. A device built with reading a book as its number one focus.
    When you wrap one of our cases around a Kindle it really feels like you’re holding a book...because you are!
    At the PQ household, we have decided to keep all book purchases through Amazon. We all love the feel and size of the Kindles for reading. They just seem a bit more natural than the iPad. My current Mitch Rapp thriller is being read on the Kindle Fire. I have found that using the Fire as an e-reader first and then a tablet second works best for me. Mrs. PQ loves her Kindle Touch and the Mini Keeper case that keeps it nice and safe.
    Our daughter is borrowing our Kindle 4 to get through the Hunger Games series late at night. Speaking of that, Mrs.PQ is working through those books as well. I’ll have to check Hunger Games out or... just be lazy and watch the upcoming movies.
    What is your favorite book right now on your Kindle? We are looking for new good
    -Mr. PQ

  • The Amazon Kindle Fire

    When Amazon announced the Kindle Fire tablet a few months back I became very curious as to how this new device would fit in the market currently dominated by the Apple iPad. Steve Jobs, in 2009, stated that the iPad sits between a smartphone and a computer. The question I have is where then does the Kindle Fire tablet sit in this market?


    The first thought I had was that Amazon had wisely chosen NOT to take on the iPad directly in competition. They did this by offering a $199 price point, leveraging their significant Amazon platform and focusing on the features that make a tablet so enjoyable to use.


    The Kindle Fire offers fast web browsing, movies, music, apps and of course a beautiful book reader. These are the features that anyone who buys a $200 dollar tablet considers a great value. The iPad starts at $499, making the Kindle Fire almost 60% less. The Amazon store is a significant platform in regards to music, movies, TV shows and of course eBooks. The weakest part of the platform is that the App selection is much smaller compared to Apple’s App store. For this price point the main features that consumers are looking for seem to be addressed. No, it does not offer 3G or have a camera but these might not be essential, time will tell. What it does offer is a compelling tablet product that actually sits between a smartphone and the Apple iPad.


    At Pad and Quill we recognize this unique product and how it may fit into the tablet eco system in the future.  Therefore we are now offering a beautiful bonded leather case for Kindle Fire called the Fire Keeper. A beautiful moleskine-like book bindery case, handmade right here in Minneapolis. The Fire is trying to find its place in this world and we highly recommend you protect it with one of our unique handmade cases.

  • Keeping a Good Fire Going

    There is rarely a time that is more exciting for Mr. PQ then when new gadgets arrive. Never. You would think our lego loving son just pulled a Tom Hanks 'Big' and now inhabited him. This was the case this week as the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet arrived at our home. I'm beginning to think Mr. P conspired to create this company for the sole purpose of gadget acquisition. Being the Mrs. Q that I am, I'm pretty content with the most simplistic of e readers, so long as it’s housed in our P&Q cases. I love the feel of a good book. I'll admit, my first reaction was complete disinterest in the new Kindle Fire. I really don't need another gadget I don't know how to use. I'm still trying to understand the cloud. Then the eleven year old hopped up on the couch next to me with the new Fire, already snug in its P&Q Firekeeper. "Look Mom, I can read this book to you." He tapped an image, the book appeared and opened, the logs crackled in the fireplace as the MN cold encroached, he snuggled closer and began to read. So simple, I could get used to this Fire.

    We are excited about our newest line of hard cases for Amazon Kindle devices: Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Kindle 4 and Kindle Keyboard. Surrounding each device is beautiful, satin finished baltic birch frame, wrapped in gorgeous Italian bonded leather. All models include a pocket option. Go ahead and get cozy with one of these new Kindle hard cases, it will feel just like you're holding a real book... because you are!


    Fire Keeper for Kindle Fire


    • Snugly fits and protects your Kindle Fire
    • Patented sound channels to bring the sound of movies, games and music right back to you.
    • Genuine hardwood with a beautiful satin finish to mimic 'pages'
    • Italian bonded leather wrap for that moleskine look and appearance
    • Folds back for 'paperback' reading
    • Optional pocket
    • Traditional bookbindery cloth liners with NEW colors
    • Classic PQ 'bookmark' for device removal

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