• Are Kindles and Other E-Readers Worth It?

    In the last several years, Kindles and e-readers in general have seemed to take off. But how viable an alternative is it to paper books? We'll take a look here, comparing Kindles against paper books in a number of categories.

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  • Kindle Fire Tips & Tricks for Newbies

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    There's a certain thrill that comes with getting a new tech device, but there's also a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to use it—which can be frustrating. That's why we've put together these tips for Kindle Fire newbies on how to help you get the most from your device.

    1. Nix the ads.

    If you've got a nose for a bargain, no doubt you choose the "With Special Offers" version of Amazon's Kindle Fire. Putting up with ads can save you money up front, but if you get fed up with advertisements after a few weeks, luckily there's a way to get rid of them.
    The unfortunate part is that you're going to have to crack open your wallet again. Turning off ads will cost you $15. Just log in to your Amazon account, navigate to Manage Your devices, and click "Edit" under Special Offers. From there, you can unsubscribe.

    Kindle Fire case

    2. Lock screen rotation.

    By default, your Kindle Fire rotates from portrait to landscape when you turn the device. To lock the orientation in one mode, view your notifications and choose Locked under Quick Settings. To allow automatic rotation again, choose Unlocked.

    3. Set parental controls.

    Got a Kindle Fire for your kids? Control what your child can access on the device by adjusting the Basic Parental Controls under the Settings menu.
    Do you own a Kindle Fire but let your kids borrow it? Try Kindle FreeTime, an app that lets you control your child's access by setting up multiple user accounts. This allows you to use your own device without the parental controls and keep your kids protected when they borrow your Kindle.

    4. Hook up to an HDTV.

    Watching HD content on your Kindle Fire is sweet. Watching it on a full screen HDTV is even better. Hook your Kindle Fire HD up to your HDTV with a micro HDMI to HDMI cable. Then watch to your heart's content. Just keep in mind that certain services (like Hulu Plus or HBO Go) may not allow you to watch content from your Kindle on HDTV.

    5. Protect your investment.

    While there are plenty of Kindle Accessories to choose from, your first investment should be a Kindle Fire case. Without a case, your Kindle is vulnerable to scratches, dings, and other damage. Besides protecting your device, a Kindle case also adds to your style, disguises your device to prevent theft, and makes it feel more like holding a book when you read ebooks and other digital content.

    Kindle Fire Case

    Got a new Kindle Fire? Protect it with a Kindle Fire case from Pad & Quill. Our built-in smart cover feature turns your Kindle on/off when you open and close the case. Get free shipping when you purchase any other case or accessory!

  • Is the Kindle Worth It?

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    If you're a traditional hardcover and paperback lover, it's understandable if you feel torn between the books on your shelves and the convenience of digital ebooks. The first time I read a book on an e-reader, I felt a little lost without physical pages to turn or a concrete sense of how far along I was in the book.
    But there was something freeing about it, too. It meant being able to take multiple books with me wherever I went (without carrying the extra weight), being able to look up words in the built-in dictionary, and not worrying about losing my place in the book.
    Reading a Kindle vs. reading a traditional book doesn't have to be an "either/or" decision. Picking up a Kindle doesn't mean you'll never pick your favorite book off the shelf again. It just means you have more options for reading whatever you want, wherever you want.

    Why a Kindle?

    One of the best parts about owning a Kindle is that you can store multiple books on one slim, ultra-portable device. If you're like me and you end up lugging 10 books home every time you set foot in a library or bookstore, you'll appreciate the lighter weight and the ability to switch between books easily.
    Another reason to love the Kindle is that you can buy or download a book at home, without driving to the library or the bookstore. Most libraries in the U.S. allow you to borrow ebooks just as you would a traditional book—but without leaving home. There are no late fees, either, since the ebook expires automatically on the due date.
    A Kindle gives you access to books that are only available in digital format. Plus you can download as many free ebooks as you can find, including public domain (our of copyright) books—which is especially appealing if you love the classics. Project Gutenberg is one of the best places to download free books, with over 42,000 free ebooks on file.

    More Than Just an E-Reader

    If you want your device to serve double duty, choose a Kindle Fire, which is Amazon's tablet with built-in e-reader functions. You can read ebooks, surf the web, answer emails, and check your social media accounts all on one device. Just keep in mind that the battery won't last as long, so if you plan to use the device mainly for reading, you might be better off with a simpler e-reader model.
    So is the Kindle worth it? In our opinion, yes. Yes, it is.

    Kindle Case

    If you miss the nostalgic feel of holding a book in your hands, Pad & Quill's Kindle case is the perfect answer. Our handcrafted book-like Kindle case fits snugly to your device, allows access to all ports, and protects your Kindle from dust and damage. Get free shipping when you purchase any other case or accessory.

  • 6 Tips & Tricks for Kindle Paperwhite

    Got a new Kindle Paperwhite? It's packed with features and options to help you personalize the device, but some of them are not as obvious. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your Kindle.

    1. Save the battery.

    Is the battery draining too fast on your Kindle Paperwhite? Turn off the wireless by switching it to Airplane mode when you don't need it. Just go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode.

    2. Remove recommended content.

    Don't need suggestions from Amazon for books you might like? Remove it from your home screen by going to Menu > Settings > Device Options > Personalize Your Kindle > Recommended Content.

    3. Take screenshots.

    Wish you could save a page or image on your Kindle? You can. Just tap opposite corners of the Kindle screen at the same time. Either top left / bottom right or top right / bottom left combinations will work for taking screenshots. Connect your Kindle to a computer using a USB cable to download the screenshots.

    4. Keep it private.

    Don't want anyone snooping through the content on your Kindle to see what you're reading? Set a passcode by navigating to Settings > Device Options > Device Passcode: Enter Passcode. Then confirm the passcode and select OK. Now what you read is your business and only your business.

    5. Choose your own font size.

    There's no need to squint when you're reading on a Kindle. Just increase the font size by making a "spread" gesture with your fingers. To make the font smaller and fit more words on a single page, "pinch" the screen with your fingers to decrease the font size by one.

    6. Free up more space.

    Done with an ebook and want to remove it from your Kindle? You can free up space for new ebooks by navigating to Device, tapping on the ebook you want to remove, and selecting Remove from Device.

    Case for Kindle Paperwhite

    Get a case for your Kindle Paperwhite from Pad & Quill. Our Kindle case is built with a slim wood frame that fits your Paperwhite just right and makes you feel like you're reading a traditional hardback book. Get free shipping when you purchase any other case or accessory!

  • Kindle vs Hardcover and Paperback Books

    Smell the fresh ink of a new paperback or the musty pages of a classic, feel the bumpy texture of a book jacket, or run your finger along the crease in the spine, and you'll get a sense of the nostalgia that holding a book in your hands can trigger.
    For avid readers, making the switch to a Kindle or other electronic reading device can feel a bit traitorous when faced with the collection of hardcover and paperback books that line the shelves of your living room. Rather than mourn the transition to digital books, however, we prefer to look at the bright side of holding on to both mediums—both for those who stubbornly hold on to the old ways and for those who embrace the technology of a Kindle.

    Arguments in favor of the Kindle:


    1. A lighter load

    Face it. If you're one of those people who walks out of the library or bookstore with books piled up to your chin, it's a whole lot easier (and lighter) to carry a Kindle than it is to haul your books with you to the coffee shop or beach. Your carry-on will be that much lighter, and you won't regret leaving one of your books at home just because it was too heavy, too thick, or too oversized.

    2. No losing your place

    If you've ever read a Russian novel and lost your place, you know how thrilling it can be to read a book on Kindle and never lose your place. No bookmarks needed

    3. Read what you want, where you want

    Since the Kindle is discreet—and even includes privacy settings to keep nosy family members out—you can read whatever you want, wherever you want. No need to hide the book jacket out of embarrassment or to avoid a controversial argument. E-books make it easy to make book choices based on what you really want to read—not what you think others expect you to read. So break out the Superman comic books—no shame needed.

    4. Built-in dictionary and font size

    When I'm reading a traditional book, I'm generally too lazy to get up and find the dictionary to look up a word I don’t know. But with a Kindle, it's easy to look up words right on your device. You can also bump up the font size to make it easier to read—no large print edition needed—or make it smaller to fit more words on a single page.

    Arguments in favor of traditional books:

    While we've already covered some of the benefits of traditional books—the smell, the feel, and the worn-out, loved look—there are a few other reasons to grab a paperback versus the Kindle.

    1. No battery needed

    While the Kindle battery lasts quite awhile, eventually you'll need to recharge it—which means packing the charger and getting access to an outlet when you're traveling or reading away from home.

    2. Easy to borrow or give as a gift

    While it is possible to share books on the Kindle or other e-readers, there are limitations to borrowing or transferring books. Plus you need the technological know-how to do it. Not so with traditional books. They're easy to borrow to a friend and give you something physical to wrap for gift-giving, unlike an e-book.

    3. Less worry about damage or loss

    Since books are cheaper than a Kindle device, you don't have to worry so much about dropping the book in the bathtub or spilling coffee on the pages. Except for rare editions and other exceptions, books are cheaper to replace than a Kindle.

    Case for Kindle

    If you love the Kindle but miss holding a book in your hands, get the best of both worlds with a Kindle case from Pad & Quill. Our book-like case for Kindle feels like holding a book and disguises your e-reader to reduce the chances of theft. Now with a built-in on/off smart cover feature!

  • Setting Up a New Kindle

    If you're a new Kindle owner, you're probably ready to jump right in and start reading books on your device. But first, you'll need to get a few initial setup details out of the way. Here are a few tips on setting up a Kindle.

    1. Charge it up.

    The first thing you'll want to do when you get your new Kindle is plug it in and let it charge. Connect the USB cable to your Kindle and connect the other end either to a wall socket (with a USB adaptor) or your computer. If you use your laptop to charge the Kindle, make sure the laptop is plugged in to a power outlet so that it doesn't run out of battery power. The Kindle takes about 4 to 6 hours to fully recharge.

    2. Get registered.

    The next step is to register your account. On your Kindle screen, navigate to Menu > Settings > Registration. Then follow the instructions to create an Amazon account or link the Kindle to your existing Amazon account. Once you're connected, you can start shopping for books or download Kindle books that you've already purchased. You'll also want to set up your Wi-Fi network. The Kindle 3G comes with a built-in Whispernet connection, but adding your home network details can make it faster.

    3. Load up on books.

    Now comes the fun part—finding all the books you want to read. You can download free books, purchase books on Amazon, or even borrow books from your local library. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow one book a month from Amazon as well.

    4. Get a Kindle case.

    No doubt you'll want to take your Kindle along with you for reading at the coffee shop, waiting in the car, or while you're traveling. Use a Kindle case to protect your e-reader from accidental damage or scratches. It's an inexpensive way to protect your device, keep it looking new, and make it feel more like a traditional hardcover book.

    5. Set a password.

    Don't want anyone messing with your Kindle? Set a password to keep out unwanted users. When the Kindle goes into sleep mode or is turned off, you'll need to reenter the password to use it again.
    To set a password, navigate to Home and press the Menu button. Go to Settings and turn on the option to set a device password. Enter the password and your hint. Then hit Submit, and your Kindle is password protected. You can always turn off the password protection in the future if you don't need it.

    Case for Kindle

    Protect your new e-reader with a case for Kindle from PQ. Our Kindle cases work and feel just like a book, so you never miss that nostalgic touch of holding a book in your hands. Get free shipping when you purchase any additional case or accessory.

  • Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini for Reading

    It used to be that you only had a few choices when it came to choosing an e-reader. With media technology crossing platforms, however, more consumers are using their e-readers for browsing the Internet and using their tablets for reading digital books.
    If you're trying to choose between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini for reading, here are some of the pros and cons of each tablet.

    Screen Size

    Let's take a look at screen size first. The Kindle Fire HD is available in two screen sizes: 7 inch and 8.9 inch, which gives you a choice depending on how compact you want the device to be or how large you want the reading area to be.
    The iPad Mini is available with a 7.9 inch screen size—a happy medium between the two Kindle Fire models.
    The choice here depends mostly on your preferences. Would you rather have a smaller device with less room on the screen or a larger device with more screen space?


    Although the the iPad Mini boasts high quality color reproduction and wide viewing angles, it can't compare to the Kindle Fire HD when it comes to reading. The 1920x1200-pixel resolution on the Fire displays vibrant, highly contrasted text and videos for an unsurpassed media experience. The iPad Mini, on the other hand, can feel a bit blurry in comparison when it comes to text, pictures, and videos.


    Both the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini come with plenty of options for decking out your tablet with accessories. We recommend starting off with a case for Kindle Fire or an iPad Mini case if you're an avid reader. The book case for Kindle Fire and iPad Mini adds a touch of nostalgia to your reading experience.


    The Kindle Fire HD offers full access to Amazon's app store. Amazon Prime members can access free content through the lending library and get instant video streaming for popular movies and TV episodes.
    The iPad Mini offers full access to Apple's app store, which is more robust than Amazon's but comes with a slightly higher price tag. Overall, the iPad Mini wins out on apps, since it includes a whole collection of high-quality, useful apps designed specifically for the iPad Mini. Also, if you store all your music in iTunes, you won't be able to access it on the Kindle Fire.


    When it comes to performance, the Kindle Fire and iPad Mini are on fairly level footing. Although the Kindle Fire is a bit slower when it comes to watching movies, playing games, and browsing the web, Amazon claims that the dual antennas on the Kindle Fire make the Wi-Fi up to 40% faster, which comes in handy if you do a lot of streaming.


    The Kindle Fire HD is cheaper than the iPad Mini, hands down. If price is your main factor, you're better off with the Kindle Fire. Plus, you can snag a few Kindle Fire accessories with the money you save, like a Kindle case. The superior resolution for reading is also a bonus if you're mainly using your device for books and magazines.
    If you want the ecosystem and content capability of the iPad Mini, the extra cost is worth it. Apps, games, movies, TV, and music are less restricted on the iPad Mini—including all of the books and magazines available from Amazon through the Kindle app.

    Case for Kindle and iPad Mini

    Looking for a book case for Kindle or the iPad Mini? Check out PQ's selection of Kindle Fire cases and iPad Mini cases. Free shipping with purchase of any other case or accessory.

  • Tips for New Kindle Owners

    Making the transition from hardcover books to digital e-books should be fun, not overwhelming. As you learn to navigate your new Kindle device, no doubt you'll find your own list of favorite tips and tricks. To get you started, here are some of our favorites.

    1. Save battery life.

    The biggest battery killer on your Kindle device is the wireless connection. Most of the time, you don't need reception for more than a few minutes at a time. Turn the Wi-Fi connection on when you need it, and turn it off when you don't. You'll need fewer battery charges in between.

    2. Get a Kindle cover.

    Part of the fun of owning a Kindle is taking it with you wherever you go. Keep your Kindle from getting damaged by using a Kindle case. It protects your Kindle if you drop it and prevents scratches, nicks, and dents. The more places you bring your Kindle, the more important it is to protect it with a Kindle cover.
    A cover also gives you more surface area to grip, and some covers include extra functions, like an automatic on/off feature when you open or close the cover.

    3. Sample before you buy.

    It's easy to let book lust overtake you, making you want to buy every book you've ever wanted to read. Unfortunately, you only have so much time to read. So make your choices wisely by sampling books before you buy. Download the books that intrigue you the most, and save the rest for later.

    4. Enlarge the font.

    If you find yourself squinting at the words on your Kindle screen as it gets closer to bedtime, give your eyes a break by enlarging the font size. Click on the "Aa" button to change the size of the font.

    5. Secure the device.

    Use a password to protect the information stored on your Kindle. If you lose your Kindle, the security settings you put in place will protect your personal data. Securing the device also prevents others from snooping through your data or downloading books without permission. You can also set parental control options if you have kids who use the device.

    6. Learn new features.

    Reading a book on your Kindle gives you almost all of the options that you have with a hardcover book, and then some. You can search for character names or other words, look up words in the dictionary, save notes on the text, highlight sections (and remove highlights), set bookmarks to keep your place, or mark your favorite sections. Don't let all the extra features overwhelm you. Just learn one at a time, and focus on the features that are most helpful to you as a Kindle reader.

    Kindle Covers by PQ

    Get in touch with your inner bookworm with a genuine leather Kindle case from Pad & Quill. Handcrafted, one-of-a-kind quality for all Kindle readers. Check out our selection of Kindle covers.

  • Traditions

    Watch for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials!  Best values of the year are coming.


    You can count on traditions at the PQ household around this time.  Several of these time honored  ones include a 5k turkey trot, ZERO Christmas music prior to midnight of Thanksgiving day, the annual 1.5 hour trip to cut a fresh tree and lots of good food with family and friends.  The richness of each year seems to magnify as each of our four Quills grow.  For example this is the first year we have one coming home from college for the holiday's. I'm still finding that one really strange.



    I think that tradtions that we enjoy around this time of year are why we love being in this unique business.  We are passionate about the rich tradition of hand crafted products.  Our hand finished wood is simply that.  Cut on a big router but then hand sanded and coated with Varnishes to brighten and magnify the Glory of real wood.



    Our iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air and Kindle cases 'Make the Case for Books' because that is what they truly are.  Handmade 'book' cases using traditional methods and materials like 'Library Corners' and bookbindery cloth from Arresotx a company with over 130 years of book making in their rich history.



    Whatever your traditions are this holiday season we humbly ask you consider a new one!  A beautiful handmade case from Pad and Quill.  We think you'll find the fit, finish and handmade aspects of our products truly amazing.



    Have a great Thanksgiving!


    Mr. PQ


  • Keeping Promises

    Keeping a promise.  Another way to say it would be Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.  This is something that Mrs. PQ and I work dilligently to instruct with our four mini quills.  Promises mean you will be a person of your word.  Do we perfectly do this?  Of course not, but we do strive to have integrity in all of our dealings and make sure all is made right. That includes family relationships, our workplace and working with our valued customers at Pad and Quill.


    This is one of the main reasons behind our 30 Day money back promise.  We work very hard to craft very unique handmade iPad , iPhone and Kindle cases. We want to back that up the hardwork with a promise.  Try out a case for 30 days, for any reason your not satisfied send it back and we will refund you!


    We are entering a season that is very precious to Kari and I. A celebration of our faith and great Promises kept. We hope that the upcoming holiday season will meaningful for your family as well!


    Mr. PQ

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