• What Does the Future of Apple Look Like?

    Apple has become synonymous with innovation and intuitiveness, giving the world the powerful, yet simple to use, iPhone, the MacBook Air, and different versions of the iPod suited for every personality. But if there was a crystal ball that could predict the next creations that Apple makes, what would it show?

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  • Cyber Monday Survival

    Thanksgiving - and by extension, Black Friday and Cyber Monday - are over for another year, with the only major holidays left on the calendar being Christmas and New Year’s.

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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving will be here in only a few short days, and it's a time of year to reflect on everything good in our lives that we're thankful for. But with this post, there's a small twist: instead of giving thanks for the good things in life, we'll be looking at the good things about Apple.

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  • How to Keep Your Apple Products Safe in Cold Weather

    This article has been updated for the iPhone here: How to Protect Your iPhone in Cold Weather. For many people in the United States, winter is quickly descending as the mercury keeps dropping everyday. But along with keeping yourself bundled up and warm, make sure to keep your Apple gear safe from the freezing once the thermometer starts to hit 32F. And don't miss out on a new leather iPhone case to keep your phone warm and happy!

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  • Best iPod Tunes for Running

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    As an outdoor runner most of the time, I generally prefer to go tuneless. Just the wind in the trees and the birds singing is all I want to hear. But when I'm up for a hard workout or running indoors on a treadmill (which, let's admit it, gets pretty boring), the right tunes make me work harder and make the miles go by faster.
    iPod caseAn iPod—whether it's a nano or touch—is the perfect running companion for days when you need a little extra motivation. Just mix a few of your favorite running songs (see suggestions below), pop it out of your Pad & Quill iPod case (with a handy bookmark to make it easy), and lace up your shoes for a runner's high.
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  • iPod Buying Guide

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    Dreading your next workout session at the gym? Pop a couple of earbuds in, crank up your favorite tunes on the iPod, and you'll suddenly have a different outlook on life. That's what music can do...turn mundane activities into something you look forward to.
    You can't get a better quality portable music player than Apple's family of iPods. But which one should you buy? Depends on your style and how you plan to use it.

    For the minimalist

    You can't get smaller than the iPod shuffle. It's so tiny and lightweight that you won't even notice it clipped to your t-shirt or shorts while you work out or clean the house. If you travel a lot, you'll love that the shuffle doesn't take up any room in your luggage. If you're prone to losing things, however, you might want to opt for a larger iPod model.
    What's the downside? The iPod shuffle only holds up to 2GB, which limits your music choices. It's also the only version without a visual display.

    ipod models

    For the workout buff

    While the iPod shuffle gives you the workout tunes you crave, the iPod nano gives you even more—integration with Nike+, built-in Fitness + Walk Support, and a pedometer. You've got all the workout tools you need right in your iPod.

    For the best of everything

    Want to use your iPod like your iPhone? The iPod Touch lets you integrate with Siri, AirPlay, FaceTime, Safari, Facebook, Maps, and other apps. The 4-inch Retina display gives you bright, sharp images and the largest display available on an iPod. It's the best iPod for travel, too, with 40 hours of audio playback and 8 hours of video time before you need to recharge.

    For the traditionalist

    You don't mess with a classic. Apple's iPod classic is the original iPod, and for those who like the traditional iPod style and navigation, the classic is the way to go. It's got the most storage capacity by far—160GB—so you can take all your music, videos, photos, and audiobooks with you wherever you go.

    iPod Case

    Worried about scratching the display or back of your iPod? Get an iPod Case for Nano or Touch from Pad & Quill for full-body protection in a classic case that disguises your device to keep it from being stolen and allows access to all ports for easy use without removing the iPod case. Get free shipping when you order any other case or accessory!
    Image Credit: apple.com/ipod

  • Apple Still in Negotiations for iRadio Streaming

    According to MacRumors.com, negotiations over Apple's new iRadio streaming music service are still in progress. Although similar to Pandora and Spotify in nature, iRadio will likely be molded around a business model that motivates listeners to purchase music via the iTunes store.
    When it comes to personalized streaming recommendations, Apple has a leg up on the competition because of the enormous amount of data generated by iTunes. This knowledge base of listener preferences will allow iRadio to generate finely tuned predictions for new music and artists that a listener might enjoy.

    What to Expect

    While streaming services like Spotify let users get away with listening but not buying, iRadio will likely be closer to the Pandora model, which provides more incentive for listeners to buy. Expect a well designed interface with plenty of links to the iTunes music store.

    When to Expect It

    As MacRumors reported, Apple is still in the negotiation phase with Sony and Warner to determine how much it will offer for the number of tracks streamed. Apple originally offered 6 cents per 100 tracks (according to the Financial Times) but later raised their rates to match what Pandora pays, which is about 12.5 cents per 100 tracks.
    With millions of users already on iTunes, Apple's iRadio is expected to be an immediate threat to streaming services such as Pandora. The new service is designed to help iTunes listeners find new music, as well as generate revenue through increased ad sales and music downloads.
    Apple still has more negotiations to deal with before iRadio is ready to launch, but rumor has it that iRadio will debut later this year, depending on how soon Apple can strike a deal with Sony, Universal, and Warner. News sources expect Apple to announce iRadio at the Worldwide Developers Conference coming up in June.

    Case for iPod

    Love listening to iTunes on your iPod? You'll love it even more with Pad & Quill's iPod case. Keep your player safe, dry, and scratch-free with a handmade case. You'll still be able to access all ports. Get free shipping when you purchase any other case or accessory!

  • iPod Touch Review

    If you’re looking for a portable media player, you can’t get much better than Apple’s iPod Touch. According to a review by PCMag.com, the iPod Touch scored an “Outstanding” rating for its sync capabilities, retina display, and top-notch music playing and organizing features.
    There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the iPod Touch. Although the price tag is steeper than other media players out there, for most Apple fans, the price is worth it, considering all of the features packed into this handheld device.
    The iPod Touch is much, much more than just a portable music player. The high-res screen is perfect for playing music videos or HD videos shot with your iPod Touch. You can also shoot photos, although the camera resolution on earlier iPod Touch models is less impressive than expected.
    What sets the iPod Touch apart from other MP3 players is everything it can do beyond playing music and videos. With iCloud sync, the iPod Touch syncs content between different iOS devices. The iMessage feature allows you to swap virtual texts between iOS devices, along with interacting through FaceTime video chat and GameCenter social gaming. The newest iPod Touch is almost on par with a smartphone—minus the phone—with its more than 700,000 iOS apps. The 2012 iPod Touch model also addresses some of the flaws in earlier models with improved headphones, camera resolution, and speed.

    How can you make the iPod Touch better?

    If you’ve upgraded to the 2012 iPod Touch model, there’s not much else you need to do, except upgrade your accessories—most of which aren’t compatible with the newest Touch. For older iPod Touch models, we recommend nabbing a high quality pair of earbuds. The standard earbuds included with the iPod Touch are sorely lacking in bass levels and audio quality. A new pair of earbuds (we recommend these two) will go a long way in improving your audio bliss with older generation Touch models.
    Another tip: don’t rely on the iPod Touch as your only camera. While the new Touch boasts a 5 megapixel camera (much improved over the ~1 megapixel in earlier models), the quality is still not up to par with digital photo technology today. We recommend using a better camera for photos that you care about.
    Finally, we recommend protecting your iPod Touch with an iPod case. Considering the amount of money spent on an MP3 player of this caliber, it’s worth a few extra dollars to prevent damage and scratches. It also protects the resale value of your device in case you want to upgrade in the future.

    Case for iPod Touch

    Protect your iPod Touch with an iPod case from Pad & Quill. Our case for iPod Touch allows access to all ports, plus an extra pocket for cash or credit cards. Get free shipping with the purchase of any other case or accessory!

  • Best iPod Accessories

    Got an iPod? Once you've filled it with your favorite music and podcasts, it's time to think about making it more user-friendly with a few well-chosen iPod accessories. The best iPod accessories are ones that focus on powerful acoustics and making your iPod as portable and protected as possible.


    The first iPod accessory on our list is all about the sound. The better the acoustics, the more you'll enjoy jamming to the playlists on your iPod.
    Two of our favorite headphones are the Thinksound In-Ear Monitor MS01 and the Earjax Moxy Earbuds. The Thinksound earbuds are made with real wood in order to create a natural resonance that you just can't get from cheap plastic earbuds. The acoustics on these earbuds are so good that the New York Post claimed, "There is no distortion on the Ms01s. None."
    The Earjax Moxy earbuds are affordably priced without sacrificing quality sound. Onheadphones.com was so impressed with these earbuds that they said, "Still trying to find something bad to say about the product. That should say it all." We think it does.

    iPod Case

    As small as your iPod is, it's easy to drop. With an iPod case from PQ, you won't have to worry about accidents like that. The front and back protection of PQ's iPod case prevents scratches, dings, and other damage. It also disguises your iPod, providing theft protection without the cost of insurance.

    Zagg InvisibleSHIELD Screen Protector

    Once your screen gets scratched, there's no going back. Fortunately, with a Zagg screen protector, you can prevent that from happening. Once the screen protector is in place, dirt, scratches, and grime are no match for Zagg's InvisibleSHIELD power.

    iPod Dock

    Why keep your music all to yourself? Share the love with an iPod docking station. You can get one for just about any price or quality—whether you're looking for something affordable with average sound quality or the Cadillac of iPod docks with the best sound available.


    If you like to listen to music while you run or work out at the club, an iPod armband is the best way to keep your hands free while you're exercising or playing. An armband also comes in handy when you need some tunes for doing yardwork, cleaning the house, or when you've got your hands full.

    iPod Accessories

    Need a few accessories for your iPod? Check out PQ's iPod cases and earbuds. Free shipping when you order any other case or accessory!

  • Apple EarPod Review

    I was very curious what the new Apple EarPod's would be like.  Considering the fact they spent years and many millions developing this new design.  The last update was about 6 years ago and that was just an internal speaker change.  These headphones are totally different.


    The first thing I noticed was the strange shape and multiple speaker/sound outlet's.  The shape is said to fit the vast majority of ears.  The speaker positions and sound outlet's are designed to reproduce quality high and low sounds similar to more expensive headphones.


    Well along with my new iPhone 5 I received these headphones and was eager to try them out.  The first thing I noticed was the they do NOT fit like a typical round earbud.  Those are designed to 'stick' in your ear socket, EarPod's do not do this.  Instead they hang at the bottom of your lower ear canal.  The feeling is strange and your sure they are going to pop right out.  When you turn on music (I had the new Muse album playing) you also note that sound is designed to work with the gap that occurs in your ear instead of being 'stuck' in your ear.  The base and highs are amazing for a $30 headphone set.  My next question was if they would stay in your ear, especially if your running.  I figured that might be a problem with these as they just hang there.  Sure enough after several hours of running, my EarPod's have yet to fall out unless I turn very quickly and unnaturally.  As a runner, the one bummer on headphones is the cord slowly yanks them out of your ears, but the way Apple designed these when the cord is yanking at them, they go no where because they are secure in your lower ear canal.  Genius.


    My overall opinion is that these are the best sounding and functioning headphones for the price on the market.  That is a huge advantage for Apple over other headphone manufacturers.  The ability to produce 10's of millions of headphones with their iOS devices gives apple great supply chain leverage and allows for high quality audio headphones at very good pricing.

    Mr. PQ

    Image via cnet.com

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