1. Superheroes and Their Phones

    superhero cell phone

    In lieu of Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice coming out, it felt like the right time to finally discuss something that DC Comics and Marvel seem to be ignoring. How do superheroes keep their phones in one piece?

    When you can run at the speed of light, lift a building and dismantle just about any robot, how in the world do you keep your phone from not breaking into a million pieces? Maybe it’s just me but I feel like spandex, leather and lycra don’t leave much pocket space to boot.

    But being the comic book owning, media fanatic with a collection of superhero onesies, I felt it only appropriate to delve into exactly how superheroes go about using, storing and keeping their phones safe.

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  2. Definitive Guide On How To Clean Every Part Of Your iPhone

    How to clean your iPhone Screen, Buttons, Speakers, Charging port, Microphone, Headphone Jack, and more!

    An iPhone is an extension of ourself, it is an outward manifestation of our inner being. It is also a giant germ magnet that has been known to harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat. Let’s face it, even the best iPhone case around can’t protect your iPhone from getting dirty. So for all you clean freaks out there, here’s our comprehensive guide on how to clean every part of your iPhone from home button to headphone jack and make it shine like new.

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  3. How To Save Battery Life On Your iPhone 6 (and any other iPhone)

    how to save battery life on iPhone 6

    So your phone is dying as you try to buy tickets for the midnight premier of the latest superhero smashup spectacular. Typical. Even though battery life in Apple devices has slowly been ticking upward, most iPhones still struggle to last a full day of heavy usage. Sure you can make it with limited use, but if your job is all about being plugged into social media (i.e. the person writing this post) then it gets tricky. You either have to carry a charger at all times and join the ranks of wall huggers in every cafe in the US, or schlep a spare battery pack with you constantly. So if you are looking for ways to conserve and save battery life on your iPhone 6 (or any other iPhone really), here is a list of tips to help.

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  4. iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE Rumors


    ipad-pro-9.7-iphone-se-rumorsSpring is in the air, and along with the fresh blooms of flowers and trees are as many burgeoning rumors about the upcoming March Apple event that may see the release of a new iPad (possibly called the iPad Air 3 or iPad Pro 9.7) and the peculiarly tiny iPhone (possibly called the iPhone 5se or iPhone SE). The rumors are telling us to look out for an iPad with Apple pencil compatibility and a smart connector for a smart keyboard cover because it wants to be like its big brother, the iPad Pro. There are also a few rumors floating around about the mysterious 4 inch iPhone.

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  5. How To Disinfect Your iPhone In 4 Steps

    how to disinfect and clean iPhone screenGetting sick is generally the worst. As a kid, it was exciting to skip school, watch TV all day and be doted on by a parent (who generally was staying home from work to care for you). Now getting sick has become a battle to fight till you're forced to go home and watch reruns on daytime television for a few days.

    The worst part, however, is that your iPhone can hold onto germs worse than a public restroom in an elementary school. As pointed out by Phone Soap, your iPhone is usually a breeding ground for all the germs everywhere. Gross. So before you go burn your phone to ash, follow these tips to disinfect and clean your iPhone to keep it shiny and germ-free.

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  6. How To Protect Your iPhone From Cold Weather

    protect iphone in cold weather

    While we’ve made it through January and survived the coldest (and shortest) days, there’s still plenty of winter left, especially if you live somewhere like Minnesota where it’s possible to get snow in May. If you live in a cold weather state, you’ve probably experienced that horrifying moment when your phone’s battery drains and shuts down after only a few minutes outside. If you hail from a warmer state, like California, this guide can be just as useful if you decide to take a journey to where 'white Christmas' dreams actually come true.

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  7. Making The Case for iPhone 7

    iphone 7 conceptThere are a lot of iPhone 7 rumors floating around the interwebs as of late, and not all of them are good. Forbes has posted their "Maybe next time" piece lamenting the lack of an AMOLED screen, the thin design probably means an unimproved battery life, there is an online petition to save the headphone jack with 300,000 signatures, oh, and it still won't be able to scramble a decent egg.

    Well, for all the naysayers out there, we are here to make a case for the iPhone 7 and share why it will be the best one yet! Plus we've got a few juicy new rumors for you too.

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  8. How To Travel Abroad With Your iPhone

    iphone travel tipsAre you going to be traveling abroad with your iPhone this year? Besides your spouse or bestie, your iPhone is your best travel companion, but it needs a little prep before heading overseas or across country borders. Here are some iPhone international travel tips we will answer: What do I need to do to my iPhone before traveling? Do I need to unlock my iPhone to travel? What iPhone traveling accessories do I need? Are the power outlets different in the country I am going to? We have got you covered with all these answers, plus some you may not have considered yet. All of this advice is also applicable to iPad international travel also.

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  9. 5 Rumors We Just Heard About The iPhone 7

    iphone 7 rumors

    Just like the weeks leading up to Christmas morning, Apple fans everywhere are getting giddy with excitement over the rumors circulating about the new iPhone 7. With hints of the headphone jack leaving and the phone scaling back in size (something this writer is ok with) it looks like Apple’s newest innovations won’t be slowing down any time soon. Check out the latest and greatest iPhone 7 rumors in our roundup below.

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  10. What Your iPhone Case Says About You

    iphone-wallet-caseHave you ever taken one look at somebody and just known in your bones, in the very core of your being, with a certainty that surpasses all else, that they have a cracked iPhone screen? Perhaps it's the way they frivolously flounce about limbs all akimbo, or maybe it's because they just dropped their lip gloss for the 4th time in a row, or maybe it is the giant fuzzy pink case they have on their phone that matches their velour track suit. Regardless, you just know it instantly.

    In this day and age when we all have roughly the same smart phones with the same bajillion pixels on the screen and the same fancy camera with the same addicting apps, it is the case that makes all the difference. Our iPhone case is how we chooses to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the world.  So I submit to you the following hypothesis: everything I need to learn about you, I can learn from your iPhone case. Allow me to expand on this...

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