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  1. iPad Mini Screen Protection

    iPad Mini Screen Protection

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    The iPad mini, as with any Apple device, is sleek and sophisticated—something you should be proud to carry around and show your friends. An iPad mini with a cracked or damaged screen, however—not so cool to carry around.
    If you want to keep your tablet looking sharp, you might want to look at your options for iPad mini screen protection. Even though the screen is designed to hold up under typical use, we all know that accidents happen. With a screen protector, you can breathe a little easier, knowing that your iPad mini is safe and sound.

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  2. Capturing an experience, remembering a loved one.

    Capturing an experience, remembering a loved one.

    “If a man can bridge the gap between life and death, if he can live on after he’s dead, then maybe he was a great man” -James Dean


    The Holmes family lost it’s patriarch when Mr. Pad and Quill’s dad passed quietly through the “grey rain-curtain of this world to the white shores of a far green country”.  At times like this, when your heart is stricken with grief and loss,  you search, at times in vain, for words that give expression to what this dear loved one meant to you.  I imagine this is why some of the greatest works of art are born in anguish and adversity.


    Artistic people are always looking to capture the essence of an experience, to emote a moment or to leave an impression of themselves in their little corner of the world.  In this way, technology is a great friend to artistic people allowing the easy capture of a photo, or the quick jotting of a lyric, while certainly increasing the volume and space of our corners.


    Mr. Holmes was a great man who traveled widely, served profoundly and loved deeply. He set his own story. It is in honor of him that we launch our new Author Series of cases.  Sometimes we need to craft our own experience, during those moments we don’t want someone to tell us how the story unfolds, we want to author that ourselves.  The Author Series case is yours to design, and dare I say it (Mr. PQ might wince) a perfect blank canvas for your expression.  I look forward to seeing pictures of what you all create!




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  3. WSJ Reports Next iPad Mini Likely to Have Retina

    WSJ Reports Next iPad Mini Likely to Have Retina

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    One big advantage that the iPad has over the iPad mini is the option of a Retina display. That may be changing soon with the introduction of the next-generation iPad mini. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the next iPad mini that Apple launches will most likely come with a high-resolution Retina display.

    Retina Rumors

    ipad mini case
    Samsung, LG, and Sharp are rumored to be the suppliers Apple is using for the new Retina display on the iPad mini. The screens on the current iPad mini are supplied by Sharp and Taiwan-based AU Optronics.

    Color Options

    Wish you had more options for colors? You might get your wish with the next iPad mini. WSJ stated that a wider variety of color options are possible for the back cover of the iPad mini—similar to rumors heard about the low-cost iPhone 5C.

    Tablet Competition

    Since Apple routinely tests out new options and suppliers, no one knows for sure if the next iPad mini will really have Retina display and multiple color options, but with Apple facing stiff competition from Google Nexus 7's high-resolution display, chances are that the Retina display will be a must-have on the new iPad mini.
    However, rumors are still surfacing that the next iPad mini may launch with a non-Retina display. In fact, just last Friday, Deccanchronicle.com reported that Fox News announced the iPad mini with Retina display won't be available until early 2014. According to Fox News, a new iPad mini will still be released this year but it won't come

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  4. Fireworks, Tans and Pencils

    Fireworks, Tans and Pencils

    A 'PSA' from Mrs. PQ.


    There is a certain craziness in the air when retailers begin stocking back to school supplies next to the aisle of clearance red, white and blue bunting, patriotic frosting and leftover fireworks.  There isn’t a kid I know who wants to trade in the sun-tanned, mosquito-bitten, Kool-Aide-smile life of summer for the hard desk chair, homework every night, life of fall on July 5th.   However, retail drives the rhythms of life at least for one mid summer afternoon at the Pad & Quill household because Mrs. PQ knows if you don’t jump on the school supplies in July you will be paying full retail in August.


    With four kids to equip with pencils, notepads, and clothes, (god forbid we can’t forget the clothes), there are no greater phrases then “discount” and “sale” when it comes to shopping.  Except perhaps, “Mom, I need a new backpack, can we go to REI?”


    At Pad & Quill we feel your back to school purchasing pain, especially for those with kids heading back to the higher institutions of learning.  So we have some “Sale” and “Discount” goodness for you.


    Our Cartella case is perfect for protecting that Macbook Air and also will make the college or professional kid of your life look quite amazing.  Our various handcrafted iPad and iPhone cases also fit the bill for protection, practicality and of course beauty.  For a limited time, use this code for a great deal on any of our cases.  BT88


    Now if I can just figure out why we have about 6 reams of left over paper from last year...


    Mrs. PQ



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  5. Will the iPad Mini Launch with Retina Display in 2013?

    Will the iPad Mini Launch with Retina Display in 2013?

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    I'll be the first to admit it. I hate getting my hopes up just to be disappointed. So when rumors about the new iPad mini coming out with a Retina display later this year suddenly got crushed by the same analyst who predicted it in the first place, I chalked it up to just another case of whiplash Apple rumors.
    Truth is, no one really knows for sure whether the iPad mini planned for launch in late 2013 will have a Retina display or not. But the rumors are out there.

    The Case for Retina in 2013

    Some of the moves Apple has made recently, such as requiring that all screenshots in the App Store be optimized for Retina displays and putting pressure on app developers to only create apps compatible with the Retina display, point to the fact that Retina displays will be a staple across all Apple devices—and soon.
    Also pointed out by Zach Epstein of BGR.com is the fact that Apple rarely launches two generations of a device within a narrow time window, as analyst Richard Shim recently changed his prediction to include. Shim, who first predicted the iPad mini Retina display in late 2013, now believes that Apple will launch the second-generation iPad mini in late 2013 without the Retina display, followed by the third-generation iPad mini with Retina in early 2014.
    The only feature holding back the iPad mini from being the ultimate mini tablet is the fact that it lacks the sharp Retina display available on the full size iPad. Those who argue in favor of the mini Retina display in 2013 claim that Apple would be foolish to release the iPad mini 2 with the same lower resolution display that it currently features—a drawback that has turned many customers away from buying the first iPad mini.

    The Case for No Retina in 2013

    Analyst Richard Shim of DisplaySearch retracted his earlier

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  6. iPad Mini Surpasses iPad in Sales

    iPad Mini Surpasses iPad in Sales

    by Esther P., Resident Techster
    With the iPad all the rage as few as 3 years ago, when it was first introduced, the fact that it's now being overshadowed by the iPad Mini shows just how fast technology—and consumer preferences—are changing.

    iPad Use Drives Demand

    For most of us, time spent on a tablet like the iPad consists largely of surfing the web, checking email, and using apps. Since none of these require a lot of typing or screen space, the smaller the better. iPad Minis are popular mainly because of their size. The size difference between the iPad and the iPad Mini is only a few inches and a fraction of a pound, but it's enough to tip the balances in favor of the iPad Mini when it comes to popularity. A 7.9" screen is just easier to slip in a purse or backpack than a 9.7" screen. The Mini is also lighter and slimmer, which makes it pretty convenient for travel or just carrying with you wherever you go.

    The Surge of the iPad Mini

    According to Apple's second quarter report (January to March), 64% of iPads sold were iPad Minis. Projected sales were much lower than actual sales. Apple expected to sell 6 million iPad Minis in 2012, but the actual numbers showed much higher. Apple sold over 12 million more iPad Minis in their first quarter (at the end of 2012) than expected, according to DisplaySearch.

    Why the iPad Mini?

    Analysts see two big reasons why the iPad Mini is doing so well. One is the lower price (starting at $329) compared to the full-size iPad and its smaller, lightweight design. The lower resolution display doesn't seem to be slowing down demand for the first-gen Mini, even though the iPad 4 is available with Retina display.
    The second reason is that iPad Mini sales are tracking with the overall market trend when it comes to tablet size. Smaller, cheaper tablets, like the 7-inch

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  7. How to Find the Best iPad Mini Case

    How to Find the Best iPad Mini Case

    A naked iPad Mini is a beauty, but it's also asking for trouble somewhere down the line. Coffee spills, scratches from your pet's claws, and accidental drops can easily turn your pristine iPad Mini into a not-so-pristine tablet. Before that happens, we recommend protecting your new device with an iPad Mini case. Here are some tips on how to find the best iPad Mini case for you.

    Lightweight, Not Bulky

    The biggest reason most people love the iPad Mini is that it's so light and thin. The smaller tablet size makes it easy to carry around and use almost anywhere. Your iPad Mini case should be lightweight and slim for everyday use. If you need more protection than that, consider getting a bag as well as a case. Then tuck the iPad with its case inside the bag for heavy-duty protection.

    iPad Mini cases


    The iPad Mini is designed to be aesthetically appealing. Your case should be too. Think of an iPad Mini case an opportunity to express your style—whether that's suave, bold, fun, or one-of-a-kind.

    Full Protection

    Your iPad Mini case should protect the front and back of the tablet. Both the screen and the body are vulnerable to scratches and damage. The trick is to find a case that still allows full access to the screen, ports, and camera without removing the case every time you want to use it. Pad & Quill's iPad Mini cases provide access to all ports and functions on the iPad Mini.

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  8. iPad Rumors: iPad 5 & iPad Mini with Retina

    iPad Rumors: iPad 5 & iPad Mini with Retina

    The time for a new iPad release is getting closer. Although Apple tends to play its cards close to the chest, they leak out just enough information to get Apple fans excited for the next iPad phase. Both the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini are due for an upgrade. Here are a few of the rumors we've heard about the future of these two Apple tablets.

    iPad 5

    The new fifth-generation iPad is rumored to have a slimmer, lighter body than the iPad 4, with improved front and back cameras. The design will be reminiscent of the iPad Mini, which launched in late 2012 and became an instant hit. Although we haven't heard about any radical upgrades in speed or battery life, the tweaks and upgrades are enough to make it the best iPad—and best tablet—yet.

    iPad Mini

    The steady rise of iPad Mini sales and the decline of full-size iPad sales clearly demonstrates the demand for smaller, lighter devices. The iPad Mini hit this sweet spot when it launched last fall. With a smaller screen and a lighter weight, the iPad Mini is more convenient to use than the original iPad model.
    Although Apple fans love the smaller tablet size, that smaller screen size comes with a trade-off: a lower screen resolution than the iPad. With the new iPad Mini 2 set to release this year, the biggest improvement will be the retina display. With a high quality resolution on par with the iPad and other larger tablets, the new iPad Mini with retina is expected to hit sales of 55 million and surpass iPad sales by 22 million.
    The challenge will be to keep the iPad Mini's battery life from getting zapped by the sharper pixel display. Apple's engineers will also need to find a way to preserve the Mini's size and design while incorporating the retina display.
    Sales of larger tablets, such as the 9.7-inch iPad, have dipped dramatically since the debut of the iPad Mini and other

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  9. 4 Ways to Protect Your iPad

    4 Ways to Protect Your iPad

    When you shell out several hundred bucks for an iPad, you'll think twice before setting your coffee mug on the screen or leaving it on the floor. Unfortunately, accidents happen no matter how careful you are. Your best bet to protect your iPad from damage is to take steps to protect it before anything bad happens. Here are 4 ways you can keep your iPad looking and working like new.

    1. Use a screen protector.

    Scratches on your iPad screen are unsightly and annoying when you're trying to read or view photos or videos. An iPad screen protector can prevent scratches and keep your screen from getting damaged. It also protects against dust, dirt, and premature wear.
    The screen protector by Zagg is designed with the same material used to protect military helicopter blades from dust, dirt, and debris. The nano self-healing properties allow your screen protector to repair itself in case of small nicks and bumps.

    2. Use an iPad case.

    The best way to protect the front and back of your new tablet is to use an iPad case. Although there are all types of iPad cases available on the market, the ones that offer the best protection are full cases that cover the front, back, and sides of your iPad, such as a book-style case.
    Look for an iPad case that doesn't block the ports or camera lens so that you can still have full access to features on your iPad without removing the case.

    3. Get AppleCare.

    If you're accident prone or just want to make sure your iPad lasts at least two full years, you might want to consider purchasing insurance for your iPad. AppleCare offers two years of protection, including two incidents for

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  10. Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini for Reading

    Kindle Fire vs iPad Mini for Reading

    It used to be that you only had a few choices when it came to choosing an e-reader. With media technology crossing platforms, however, more consumers are using their e-readers for browsing the Internet and using their tablets for reading digital books.
    If you're trying to choose between the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini for reading, here are some of the pros and cons of each tablet.

    Screen Size

    Let's take a look at screen size first. The Kindle Fire HD is available in two screen sizes: 7 inch and 8.9 inch, which gives you a choice depending on how compact you want the device to be or how large you want the reading area to be.
    The iPad Mini is available with a 7.9 inch screen size—a happy medium between the two Kindle Fire models.
    The choice here depends mostly on your preferences. Would you rather have a smaller device with less room on the screen or a larger device with more screen space?


    Although the the iPad Mini boasts high quality color reproduction and wide viewing angles, it can't compare to the Kindle Fire HD when it comes to reading. The 1920x1200-pixel resolution on the Fire displays vibrant, highly contrasted text and videos for an unsurpassed media experience. The iPad Mini, on the other hand, can feel a bit blurry in comparison when it comes to text, pictures, and videos.


    Both the Kindle Fire HD and the iPad Mini come with plenty of options for decking out your tablet with accessories. We recommend starting off with a case for Kindle Fire or an iPad Mini case if you're an avid reader. The book case for Kindle Fire and iPad Mini adds a touch of nostalgia to your reading experience.

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