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  • Dry Goods Crafted by Pad & Quill

    It’s a gray, chilly day here in Pad & Quill land.  Ice is forming at the edges of lakes and solidifying ponds, encouraging the remaining waterfowl to sequester and follow the gray-haired snow birds south.  It’s a chill that defies overcoats ands sweaters, and immobilizes hands.  It also invigorates double coated dogs, and so I found myself at the local dog park with Bear the psuedofox.  It’s my forty minutes of solitude away from iPhones and Aria’s, spreadsheets and ledgers.  It’s his forty minutes to be all canine, racing and romping with any of a dozen other friends, sans the restraints of a leash.  It’s a thing of beauty fashioned by nature. Then nature collides with reason when frozen hands and the office beckon and the mutt decides to become the official greeter for each dog entering the park.


    Designing new products is somewhat akin to the dog park experience, whereby “twenty” minutes of poor quality control can become the bane of “forty” minutes of design and craftsmanship.  With the design process of our new line of bags we sought to marry the best of natural beauty with the precision of excellent craftsmanship, because we know luxurious leather can travel miles upon miles so long as it’s stitched together with parachute grade nylon and the integrity of seamsters that have generations of sewing in their families.  Quality such as this ages like dog years, in reverse.  We thoughtfully designed each bag to neatly hold power cords, writing implements, files and of course your trusty Apple device.


    Our bags are imbedded with personality from the inside, where burnt orange brings a splash of color and illuminating functionality (in other words, you can find your stuff at the bottom because it doesn’t disappear into mirky blackness), out, where our signature bookmark is discreetly incorporated.  If you’re looking to invest in a bag that will travel like a trusty companion, that won’t break down just as you’ve begun to delight in it’s artistry, then we invite you to try the new Pad & Quill Messenger, Field and Satchel bag.


    Crafted, by Pad & Quill


    Mrs PQ

  • Drop your Milk Duds, the Pad & Quill Air cases are here

    Having been struck with a craving for remarkably decadent chocolate, I was compelled to make my way across the street to the local gas station. Truth be told, and no great surprise here, they don’t sell decadent chocolate at my local gas station. Indeed the average lunch purchase consists of 2 hot dogs, a 20oz Mountain Dew and a pack of Camels. Our little warehouse is located in a salty area of town which is about as likely to produce Fran’s delectable Salted Caramels as it is to have a bullet free night. But I was desperate, so Milk Duds it was and I sauntered back to my pseudo cubical.

    The new iPad Air has been released and it is nothing short of stunning. Heavenly, salted caramels stunning. Then comes the case, a so called Smart Cover. iPad Air with it’s sublimely slender profile and pristinely clear retina screen, encased in plastic. I think I just choked on my milk duds. You might as well encase the Mona Lisa in a cheap Walmart frame.

    When you invest in the iPad Air, you are purchasing technology, but you are investing in an experience. That’s why it only makes sense to commission a craftsman to build a case which enhances the experience. Fortunately for you, we shouldered the commissioning fee, hired the craftsman and designed cases that will entice your senses and embellish your persona.

    At Pad & Quill we’ve covered all the bases. Want something self-propping? Try our Contega or Contega Linen for iPad Air. Our lightest, most durable propping case to date. Over the top luxury your style? The Aria is the case for you. Frankly doesn’t get more beautiful then french hemmed seams and full grain leather. You’re a minimalist at heart, then the brand new Walden series is in your wheel house. You prefer a blank canvas? We hand the design tools over to you with our Author’s Series. And, if you have been with Pad & Quill from the beginning and love our moleskin-ish journal, we’ve treeked the Octavo to match the utility and grace of the new Air.

    Yes, it was just Halloween. Yes, the kid came home with 37 pounds of Milk Duds and assorted candy. There comes a time though, when calorie balance matters, when the plastic case really needs to be relegated to walks at the dog park and when you owe it to yourself to indulge your finer affections.

    Mrs PQ

  • Plastic? Yeah...no.

    I actually heard a case maker recently say that they do not like wood and don't want it being in the way of the iPhone (inferring us in the comment). Really? Isn't finished wood in an iPhone cover sorta...amazing? Another maker decided to use plastic to hold iPhones in their covers. Continue reading

  • What it means to be Pad & Quill


    When you enter the world of e-commerce and begin talking with various consultants the conversation eventually leads to dropping the name of “a guy” they have overseas who can mass produce your product with shoddy materials and psuedo craftsmanship, while guaranteeing great margins. There is a prolific market for cheap crap, as non discerning consumers push for more and more. While business can be built within this paradigm, it’s not building with impunity. Continue reading

  • Crafted Part Deux - The leathers coming

    A post from Mr. PQ


    Really Brian, Part Deux?  Yes, really.  After Mrs. PQ's last post we got a wee bit of feedback from our French loving friends.  Surprisingly they were not that excited that she placed the French language and swearing in the same category.  So I thought maybe pay tribute to French in the title of this post (aka damage control).



    This is the second post about why Kari, myself and the team are really passionate about the word 'Crafted'.  In my previous post I mentioned our hard fought battle to find Buckram cloth that was not butt ugly.  We finally did and could not be more proud of the Cartella Linen Case for the Macbook Air that utilizes a gorgeously strong linen buckram cloth.


    Another battle was to find leathers that we felt met our high standards to be both durable and gorgeous. We have some amazing products planned that utilize these leathers.  Therefore the leather has to be awesome. Touring various tanneries in Mexico we saw in full detail how leather is made, what types of quality are used and why. How quality affects construction and durability.  Here are a few images from our visit.





    Finished product getting ready for shipment on the 'horse'.





    Various dyed hides in the drying process




    What is top grain, full grain, Nappa and bonded leather? Why are American hides better then Mexican? We found out we really had no idea! This was a entire education process by itself.  Once we started to fully grasp the art and science that is leather crafting, we began to search hard for the perfect colors, textures and types of leathers.  Again, we (Maybe I...) drove our folks to the south a bit nutty at times as finding those 'right' leathers is not easy.  Not too mention my horrendous Spanish.  Thank God I married a woman who paid attention in Spanish class.


    Anyhow.  After much prototyping, the final leather concepts we arrived at are mind blowing!  Seriously, they are so beautiful you truly have to hold them to appreciate the luxury and elegance. That opportunity is coming soon and we cannot wait to show you!  I think in my next post I'm going to shift from talking about Crafted materials to discussing our passion for the craftsman.


    Talk soon,











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