• Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019 by Pad & Quill

    This year, be sure to honor your mom with a Mother's Day gift that she will treasure for years to come. But, what do you get the woman who gave you everything? It's tough to nail down the perfect gift, but not impossible. Our handcrafted leather goods are a great way to add a personal touch to this Mother's Day.

    Our range of traditional bags and purses handcrafted by skilled artisans are the perfect Mother's Day gift. In our family-run leather business, our firsthand knowledge, dexterity, and dedication have been honed for the finest results. Each bag is a symbol of endless love and devotion.

    By buying with us at Pad & Quill, you can give mom a beautiful gift and feel good about supporting local artisans. Every item of ours is handmade, unique, and backed by an incredible warranty.  We dedicate this gift guide to all the incredible, chic, amazing women that enrich our lives every day.

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  • How To Have a Merry and Bright Tech-Friendly Holiday Season

    holiday tech presentsThe holidays are upon us. From the turkey filled tryptophan haze of Thanksgiving to the sugar-fueled month long experience that is Christmas, it’s a time for reunions, food and memories made. Having the best entertainment for any big holiday party or dinner is essential to being a perfect host. From music to applications to make your holidays a little saner, we’ve rounded up our favorite tech products for a tech-friendly holiday season. Continue reading

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Pad & Quill : A Personal Note from Our Family to Yours


    thanksgiving pad and quill

    We at Pad & Quill and the Bindery Blog want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving this year. 2016 has been quite a year for us, growing and adapting to new iPhones and MacBooks and trying to understand the Air Pods. It’s been a crazy year but we wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

    We’ve grown from a little company in Mr. and Mrs. PQ’s basement to a full-fledged small business that works hard to make crafted art. When we started those many years ago, we were just a little company with big dreams. With plenty of hard work and wonderful customers, we've been overjoyed with getting to continue to grow our brand. We are thankful for magazines like the New York Times and Wired for reviewing and featuring us, helping us grow each and every day.

    Sure, Apple gave us courage this year. But we’ve also learned the importance of adapting our products for everyone in our ever growing family. We've been pushed to be more creative and intuitive with each new release from Apple. From pencils to missing headphone jacks, we've been excited to design new products for each new step in innovation.

    It’s our busiest time at Pad & Quill but we are already planning out 2017 and we are so excited that you’ve joined us on this journey. We’re thankful for you and we can’t wait to make even more memories in the years to come. While our holidays are plenty busy, we haven't forgotten our loyal customers, who have sometimes felt more like family over the years. We're constantly thankful for your many jokes, ideas and praise.

    So bundle up your iPhone and pack your backpack, we wish you safe travels and good conversations. We can’t wait to keep innovating for you for years to come.

    A happy Thanksgiving from us here at Pad and Quill! May your day be filled with good food, family, friends, and joy.


    The entire Pad & Quill family

  • When You Look At Me


    Mr. PQ and I wish for the Quills to be well rounded and to neither hold back nor be held back from exploring all the facets of their personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. At times this has called for a little Mrs. PQ “mom nudge”, like signing the 5th grader up for tackle football league, knowing that linemen don't need so much coordination and team sports shouldn’t be defined by the ball hogs and the hyper-athletes who rule the soccer field at recess. Continue reading

  • Won't You Be... My Neighbor?

    mr rogers neighborhood

    Being a neighbor is somewhat inevitable; unless you are the Unabomber holed up in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. I think we can all agree that there are some neighbors we like to have close enough to wave to, but not so close that you need to actually talk to them, and some neighbors you would donate a kidney to, even if it’s for their 3rd cousin twice removed.

    Be it the post-WWII tiny boxes neighborhoods or the post Y2K cubicle office spaces or the annoying people who insist you maintain them as a Facebook “friend”, you are going to have neighbors. Continue reading

  • Judging A Book By It's Cover


    Here at Pad & Quill we make cases and bookbindery covers for iPads, iPhones etc, so we want you to judge our books by their cover. This is not an adage to live one’s life by though, as has often been admonished in our collective history. So, when a young, black, highly tattooed, youth approached me this morning, asking if there was any work he could do for me for pay, quickly demonstrating his willingness to pull weeds or mow, I pushed aside my little mama bear radar that perks up in every stranger situation. Continue reading

  • Mrs. PQ Celebrates 48 Years


    I turned 48 last week and a particularly kind friend of mine was insistent that I celebrate another year, in spite of my routine and annual desire to pretend that day does not exist. Continue reading

  • Growing Up In The PQ Family


    As the daughter of entrepreneurs, I’ve grown up surrounded by Pad & Quill and the highs and lows that come with running an e-commerce business. I was there in the beginning when bumpers had to be cut by hand and Mr. PQ (aka my old man) finished cases in our backyard.

    I also have gotten to watch the company grow into the success it has become today. Looking back, I never would have expected that my dad would have built a company with fine leather bags , gorgeous Baltic birch wooden iPad cases, and a standard of crafted excellence. It’s enough to want to treat yo' self!

    However, the best part of being a member of the family that has grown out of Pad & Quill is the constant emphasis on seeing and hearing the worker. No idea is too small nor too big to be drawn out and considered. In Leon, Mexico, this emphasis continues with each employee signing the leather product they have produced.

    In a time when you can order just about anything from the Internet, the people behind the product have been forgotten. Mr. and Mrs. PQ have pushed for the opposite. The advances of technology have met the artful beauty of crated excellence. And all the while the fingerprints that create the art have not been forgotten.


    It’s this attention to even the smallest details that has made Pad & Quill stand out from the rest. By placing a signature on each leather good, it serves as a reminder of the work that went into the production and the worker behind the piece. Because, just a few years ago, in our humble beginnings little did we know the impact we would have. What started out in our basement and backyard has grown into a successful business with people from all over the United States and Mexico joining together to create beautiful, functional pieces of art. And that is something worth standing by.

  • Watch Over Me

    I don’t know that I’ll ever appreciate receiving jewelry for the holidays, Fruit Loop necklaces notwithstanding, as I tend to be an accessory minimalist. One might think this makes for a happy Mr. PQ because he would be walking around with more money and all, but that would be wrong. Mrs. PQ has a sturdy handful of hobbies for which expensive and fancy accessories are indispensable (i.e. the Smartfind Plus or Globalfix GPS beacons). This has absolutely nothing to do with a young Quill leaving the bow of the canoe in the lake, not understanding that the waves softly lapping against said canoe will continue lapping until they have pulled the canoe out into the lake and sunk it. I have a loud yell, but it is not 10-miles-across-the-wilderness loud.

    There is one item that might nudge me toward giving jewelry for the holidays; again, for my own self-preservation. There is a daughter Quill who might routinely sneak off with my Apple Watch. She loves to track her heart as she races around the local park with the PQ Pup.

    As I noted back in March when the Watch was first announced, it wasn’t the elucidation of metallurgy and horology delineated in the dulcet tones of Jony Ive that peaked my interest. Nor was it the sleek, intuitive nature of the software engineering that caused me to dive headlong into the Apple Watch pool.

    What this mom, naturalist, personal trainer, traveler, wife and friend found most appealing was the heart of the Watch. Whether that be the sweet thump, thump, thump of my 15-year-old reaching out to his mom in the middle of the day or the internal cheer of success when my activity rings inform me that I’ve met or exceeded my heart rate goals. Vanity aside, I’m fighting a strong family history of hypertension and heart disease and physical activity is one of the greatest assets I have in my corner.

    My Watch keeps me more intuitively connected to my heart health and more intimately connected to the people I love. The latter is of particular value as Mr. PQ travels once again to an Apple product conference, and I feel as though I’ve left my heart in San Francisco. At least he’ll only be a thump thump thump away this time.

  • Wordsmithing and Voicemails of Puberty Past


    oj_UJcB7203JnY1kCdRXGNZLtC387juwI4l2wVfmTXg,Wqgxdnv3YpOejYIoO8JG5wgeD4OwuN9qwHsYtkZMdlA,GzyH9dfw7Cuwuryb9WwvEIqs_RkNkH1bManyu4E27B4In one of my personal training sessions this morning, I had to chastise a client with Parkinson's disease to continue diligence in his exercises. While my primary challenge is to help him retain his strength, balance and coordination, his vocal exercises are equally important. Regrettably, Parkinson's excels at something the noise of the universe constantly threatens to - stripping its victim of the ability to be heard.

    In this age of technology, the ability to speak, shout, sing, pray, protest, hate, love and give thanks is exponentially amplified. For me, this heightens a sense of responsibility to steward my words. When my one small voice is heard above the cacophony, I want it to humor or heighten, to encourage or edify, to challenges and perhaps, just perhaps, make a change.

    A humorous aside, my 15-year-old still has his 5th-grade voice as his voicemail message. The high squeak of puberty has aged into deeper, mellower tones that blend in with his older classmates. I find great humor at the thought of one of the many girls likely vying for his attention reaching his voicemail and shrieking in laughter with her girlfriends as they realize they haven't called the wrong number. Having said that, I'd best make a recording of his voicemail before he leaves school, as word of this blog will likely have a red-eared young man making some changes to his iPhone.

    The ability to be heard and to be heard for what you mean to say is invaluable. Dad Holmes, who is dearly missed as we gather to give thanks, devoted his entire adult to engineering sound. He believed one of the most important gifts to give is that of being heard. Whether in post-World War II Japan, pre-Soviet invasion/Taliban Afghanistan, or in a pew in a local church, Dad wanted people to hear and be heard.

    As we hurl into the holiday season with a world swirling in chaos, this might be our one little chance to be heard. When I asked Mr. PQ what he wanted to say, his reply was simple. "Tell them how deeply we appreciate the craftsmen and women that strive tirelessly to bring beauty and art to our little corner of the world." As the violent people of the world sign their actions with a wicked flourish, we are thankful for the quiet pride in loving your friends and family, putting in an honest day's work, stewarding what's been given to you and valuing the art and beauty that is conveyed by our craftsman's signature.

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