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  1. Litmus Test #5 - Pursuit Of Excellence

    Litmus Test #5 - Did we exhaust ourselves in pursuing excellence?

    When designing products, you can travel a few paths as a brand. The first is making a product predominately practical.  There are many examples of this, from laptop stands to iPhone cases. We know that in both of these examples, there are very practical, useful designs that are...well...not attractive. There is a place for these designs, but not a road we choose here at Pad & Quill. 

    Another path is designing a product to be predominantly beautiful and stylish.  You can create and manufacture a beautiful accessory. Still, if it’s not that practical or, even worse, not at all that durable, then you’ve made something lovely to look at…but not very good at being useful in a practical sense. 

    The path we pursue here at Pad & Quill is to merge practical beauty with stylish and beautiful historic design.  We like to call this 'Good Art.'

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  2. Litmus Test #4 - The value of the past merged with the technology of today

    Litmus Test #4: Have we maintained our dedication to preserving what is valuable from the past while merging with the remarkable technology of the present?


    There is something romantic about taking classic designs of the past and merging them with the daily needs of today. When we started Pad & Quill, our first product was designed to look like a handsome moleskin-style journal that hid and protected a brand-new first-generation iPad.

    The key for us has always been how do you preserve the beautiful designs of the past while creating something new for today's technology and, equally important, something that will endure for years due to proper technique and materials.

    A few examples of our preservation of the past and merging that with today's technology include:

    -The Bomber Strap for Apple Watch Ultra

    We designed a leather watch band that took its design cue from

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  3. Litmus Test #3 - Stewardship Of The Planet

    Litmus Test #3: Is our product organic and in keeping with good stewardship of our environment?

    We strive to make the majority of our product materials from organic matter. This includes leathers, hardwoods, recyclable shipping, and simplified packaging material.

    Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care. We believe that being inhabitants of planet earth means taking care of this amazing planet we’ve been given. This includes utilizing materials not designed to wear out but endure for decades. The fewer landfills filled with cheap technology accessories, the better. We work with an award-winning tannery in Leon, Mexico. LeFarc has won numerous awards for its environmental stewardship in producing durable, high-quality leather.

    Here is a review o

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  4. Litmus Test #2 - Something our friends would be proud to own

    Litmus Test #2: Have we created something that our discriminating friends and family would be proud to own?


    Our first product was a handmade book bindery-style iPad case replicating a journal with an elastic strap. The idea was whimsical, practical, and in fact, quite stylish.  When our friends would inquire about the products in our early years, one of these three features was generally referenced. Statements like, “That is a cool case!” Or “Wow, that must offer great protection!” Or “Now that is a handsome leather bag.”

    We were not trained designers here at Pad & Quill when we started. Truly! We were passionate about making stylish, beautiful tech and lifestyle accessories that provided a level of sophistication that our group of friends would appreciate.

    That’s how we came to this litmus test. When we head to design a new product or update an existing o

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  5. Litmus Test #1 - Handcrafted Quality

    Litmus Test #1: Is the Pad & Quill product made with handcrafted quality by well-trained and cared-for artisans?

    One of the best parts of holding handcrafted leather good in your hands is that you can see and feel the quality that went into each piece. The first question we ask ourselves when design starts on a new leather product is; Does the item we are about to make exude handcrafted quality, and is it constructed by well-trained artisans?

    As we sourced partners to help us bring our design ideas to reality, we always look to artisan experts within each field we are crafting. This includes traditional bookbindery folks, craftspeople in luxury leather goods, and partners with high-quality polymer and wood case-making experience.

    For example, we use traditional handcrafted leather techniques to make luxury cases adorn the iPad and iPad Pro. These hands have spent decades working in leather and understand the nuance of different

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  6. PQ Style: History of the Button Up vs Button Down - What's the Difference?

    The button-down is one of the most valuable pieces a rugged gentleman can have in his wardrobe. However, you may have heard of a button-up too. Do you need both? Are they the same thing? It can be confusing! The terms "button-up" and "button-down" are used interchangeably all the time. But are they really different?

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  7. The Best Professional Bags & Briefcases for Women

    leather bags for women

    Capable, well-designed, and stylish bags and briefcases are rare, incredibly so. That's why we pioneered an entire line of professional women's accessories here at Pad and Quill. Your day might include heading out to a client meeting, meeting up with friends for coffee, a little league game, and more! Your bag needs to be adaptable enough to keep up. But how do you choose?

    First off, look for a clear design philosophy. Clean lines, well-tailored interiors and durable materials are indications that the maker put heart and soul into their bag. When we set out to design our own line of laptop bags for women we went through countless prototypes. We tweaked every detail until we got perfection. Our vintage-inspired line of bags and purses are designed to maximize functionality and style. Each bag has been incredibly designed to go the distance and look great while doing it. Every bag is handcrafted by our artisans. Their experience shines through in every stitch. Our bags are made to last and backed by an incredible 25-year warranty. Tackle your busy schedule in style, let's find your perfect bag!

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  8. PQ Style: The History of the Gladstone Bag

    Here at Pad & Quill, we are completely dedicated to the art of leather craftsmanship. It's important to us that we preserve the history of the leather artisans that came before us. Specifically, the Gladstone travel bag sparked our imagination. It's got such a rich history and is an integral piece of menswear. We've plucked this bag out of time and given it modern functionality. Let's explore its amazing story!

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  9. PQ Style: The Incredible History of the Herringbone Fabric

    Chances are, you are familiar with the herringbone pattern. In fact, you might even own a few pieces in your own wardrobe. Here at Pad and Quill, we love unearthing the unique stories of things in our everyday lives. Over the centuries, it's embarked on a long journey. After serving as the building blocks of an ancient empire, herringbone then evolved into a gentleman's fabric.

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  10. How to Find the Perfect Laptop Bag


    leather bags for men

    Do you have the right bag? How do you know? You may not ever leave your house without your work bag, and you need to have the right one. This bag will hold all your essentials like your notebook full of ideas, pens to sign contracts, a laptop with your afternoon presentation, and maybe even a book for the journey into work. In short, not just any bag will do. When you're working at your peak, it's vital to have a bag that can keep up. If we seem a little geeky about bags, it's because we are. A small part of your job is 100% ours.

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