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  1. Leather 101- Leather Quality

    guide to leather

    There's nothing in the world like leather. It's been used for thousands of years as a textile to create durable, protective, and fantastic looking goods. It is a time-honored material and turning it into useable objects has been honed into an art that is like none other.

    However, if you are anything like us when we started this journey, we had no idea about leather grades, quality, tanning processes, or how to tell a good piece of leather from a cleverly painted piece of scrap hide.

    The truth is, not all leather is created equal. When buying a fine leather bag, leather jacket, wallet, iPad Case, or anything else, knowledge is power. Many so-called "leathers" are not what they appear to be. So this series will explore the amazing world of leather so you can avoid getting burned next time you are in the market for some great leather goods.

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  2. 6 Juicy Rumors for iPhone 7

    iphone 7 rumors

    Apple's iPhone 7 is almost here, and the rumor mill is churning faster than ever. New color options, professional quality dual cameras, smart connectors, and a third option of an iPhone Pro... We've rounded up all the juicy rumors for the iPhone 7 just for you. So take a break from playing Pokemon Go for a few minutes and see what the future has in store. One thing is for sure, though, the iPhone 7 will unfortunately not look like the above picture.

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  3. 6 Wallet Carry Essentials, 6 No-Nos, and 5 Maybes...

    what to carry in your wallet

    A wallet is likely the most important piece of every day carry you have. It contains some of your most essential items. However, most of us carry way to many unnecessary things in our wallets. Here is a list of the 6 most essential things to keep in your wallet, the 6 most important things to NOT carry in your wallet, and 5 things you might never have thought of carrying until now...

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