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  1. iPhone 6S line waiting

    iPhone 6S line waiting

    Mr PQ has left me to stand in the iPhone 6S line at our local Apple Store, because, in case you haven't heard iPhone 6s and 6s Plus arrives at retail stores tomorrow. I haven't been much of a line stander since he had us queue up in our sleeping bags and overnight on the sidewalk to snag an iPhone 4S in 2011. I had to hide my shoes inside my bag so they wouldn't "walk" away in the middle of the night, and I'm still scrapping gum off my bag.

    Well there is no line as yet, so I'm off to run the lakes, because after all, what Mr. PQ doesn't know won't hurt him.

    Mrs PQ



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  2. Good Idea, Naked Idea

    Good Idea: maximize your time by fitting in a workout between training clients.

    Bad Idea: Leave your work out clothes at home.

    Good Idea: Decide to do your weight sets in spite of wearing your personal trainer uniform pants. Should work, you move in multiple planes while training clients, how is this any different?

    Bad Idea: Going with “should work”

    Good Idea: Walking lunges with arms extended overhead and holding a 35 pound weight to build stabilizer muscles for hiking and rock climbing.

    Good Idea: Listening to a sweeping rendition of Con Te Partiro on your iPhone 6 while doing said lunges.

    Bad Idea: pay no attention to static sound that has never been present in this piece before.

    Good Idea: don’t allow distractions to interrupt your workout, keep lunging.

    Bad Idea: Keep lunging until you realize that “static noise” was really your work pants splitting open from crotch to knee, exposing you for all the

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  3. Mom, I want your iPhone 6S

    Mom, I want your iPhone 6S

    “Mom, can I see your phone?”
    “Mom, how is your iPhone?”

    Normally when one of my kids wants my iPhone it is either to play a video game that requires a larger screen like the iPhone 6S or it is because they want to enact some treachery on their technology deficient mother, like planting “shortcut” bombs into my keyboard or switching the home screen to something unseemly.

    However, with the pending arrival of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, two fortunate Quills are getting an upgrade as the release of each new Apple model generates a succession of hand me downs that rivals the excitement of opening day for Star Wars,The Force Awakens. Oh, who am I kidding? Mr. PQ will have us lining up for the midnight of the midnight showing in December.

    The fortunate kiddo who inherits my iPhone 6 is diligently insuring that it is well tended. Dear, it’s been in a Luxury Pocketbook since day 1, and it is in immaculate condition, except for the fact

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  4. Wine from Gatorade

    Wine from Gatorade

    Mrs PQ is busy prepping for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases in Addition to prepping the Quills assault on higher education and the oncoming school year.  She will return with musings and hilarity next week.  Not that she thinks she so insightful or funny, but summer is over, back to routine and as Jimmy Fallon Tweeted: "First day of school, the day moms can go back to drinking their wine in clear glasses rather then a Gatorade bottle."

    Big Apple week coming up, big announcements here at PQ!


    Mrs PQ

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