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  1. iWatch, Mrs PQ and running naked

    iWatch, Mrs PQ and running naked

    In my quest to run a marathon in every state, and dare I dream, one on each continent, I am training for the Fargo Marathon in May.   While Fargo is not exactly an exotic locale, it is a flat course, and as marathons go, it’s an easier run.  As technology goes, it’s perfect timing for the advent of the iWatch, or so states Mr. PQ.


    At this point I offer a study in contrast.  When I turn in at night, I open the bedroom window, allowing a fresh breeze and the sounds of nature to permeate the room; perfect sleeping conditions.  Just as I’m drifting into a tranquil dream state, Mr. PQ will enter the bedroom, shut the window, turn on a fan and open an iPhone App that simulates nature sounds.  Apparently, he needs quiet and white noise to cover the pervasive harmony of our extra-urban neighborhood.  Now I grant, the occasional crack of a gunshot around 2 am can be a bit off putting, but how can you prefer a recording of corrugated

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  2. Surviving this winter

    Surviving this winter

    Latest Entry from Mrs PQ


    Writing from the Pad and Quill headquarters, firmly ensconced in the frozen tundra.  I’m staring out a window smudged with dog nose prints and a half-hearted attempt by a kid to form gel window clings into the words “let is sn*w” I think the mutt ate the “O” out of pure frustration that winter is trying to kill him when he goes outside.



    We did get the dog park today before the latest rendition of Snowmaggedon hits.  I personally love winter, primarily because I have a full circus of tricks to make it move faster then it means to move.  For instance, on December 22nd we begin our

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  3. What Does the Future of Apple Look Like?

    What Does the Future of Apple Look Like?
    Apple has become synonymous with innovation and intuitiveness, giving the world the powerful, yet simple to use, iPhone, the MacBook Air, and different versions of the iPod suited for every personality. But if there was a crystal ball that could predict the next creations that Apple makes, what would it show?

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  4. Best Apps to Get You Through the Work Day

    Best Apps to Get You Through the Work Day
    iPhones already come loaded with features—some questionable, like the stocks app, and some great, like iTunes—but the beauty of the phone isn’t necessarily its base product. Rather, it’s the ability to add apps that make life easier, and we’ll take a look at the top apps for an easier work day.

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  5. Best Ways to Prolong Battery Life

    Best Ways to Prolong Battery Life
    iPads are so technologically advanced today, it’s almost impossible to put them down. But the more they’re used, the faster the battery drains. Here’s how to keep it ticking as long as possible.

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