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  1. A Week Later: Reviewing iOS 7 for Apple - Part II

    A Week Later: Reviewing iOS 7 for Apple - Part II

    In the last blog post, I talked about some new features that came with the iOS 7 software update, but the kinds of features that wouldn't necessarily be visible right off the bat. Now that it's a week later and the dust has settled, I'll explore some of the pros and cons of the features you're more familiar with.

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  2. iCloud, paperclips and Mrs PQ

    iCloud, paperclips and Mrs PQ

    This morning I was demonstrating a test prep app for a coworker when a fellow co worker took note of my new iPhone 5s. He did so with such exuberance that at once there was a cadre of iPhone 5s admirers gathered around my phone inquiring as to specs and software. I know at this point I am supposed to say something remotely coherent, even intelligent about Apple and IOS technology, but instead I find myself looking with envy at my co workers clamshell phone. Mr PQ just wilted slightly, dismayed I’m certain that his tactic of showing me the new slider that gives easy access to a flashlight has barely moved the needle with me regarding IOS euphoria. I learned some time ago that while my Apple products won’t help me cultivate my garden, they do allow me to consolidate my tasks so that I have more time to cultivate my garden and that is indeed fruitful.

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  3. A Week Later: Reviewing iOS 7 for Apple - Part I

    A Week Later: Reviewing iOS 7 for Apple - Part I

    With bated breath, Apple users everywhere have finally been handed a new software update- ioS 7. But is it any good? Or is it just another case of Apple playing the "carrot and stick" game, giving its users just a couple of useful, new features at a time? Let's dive in and take a look!

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  4. What it means to be Pad & Quill


    When you enter the world of e-commerce and begin talking with various consultants the conversation eventually leads to dropping the name of “a guy” they have overseas who can mass produce your product with shoddy materials and psuedo craftsmanship, while guaranteeing great margins. There is a prolific market for cheap crap, as non discerning consumers push for more and more. While business can be built within this paradigm, it’s not building with impunity.

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  5. Top 5 iPad Mini Accessories

    Top 5 iPad Mini Accessories

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    When I was a kid, I used to spend hours staring at a miniature replica of a complete Ringling Brothers circus housed in a museum building at the county fair. There’s something fascinating about a miniature replica of something you’ve always known as life-sized—anything from doll houses to model airplanes to newborn kittens.
    The iPad mini is no exception. Compared to the full-size iPad, the mini is a novel. And it’s one that deserves its own collection of accessories—sized just right to fit the iPad mini and make it as user-friendly as possible.
    Here’s our list of the top 5 iPad mini accessories that can make using the mini even easier:

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  6. Best iPod Tunes for Running

    Best iPod Tunes for Running

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    As an outdoor runner most of the time, I generally prefer to go tuneless. Just the wind in the trees and the birds singing is all I want to hear. But when I'm up for a hard workout or running indoors on a treadmill (which, let's admit it, gets pretty boring), the right tunes make me work harder and make the miles go by faster.
    iPod caseAn iPod—whether it's a nano or touch—is the perfect running companion for days when you need a little extra motivation. Just mix a few of your favorite running songs (see suggestions below), pop it out of your Pad & Quill iPod case (with a handy bookmark to make it easy), and lace up your shoes for a runner's high.

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  7. Knowing Yourself

    Knowing Yourself

    “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom”



    In spite of it being 95 degrees and humid here in the north, with cicadas buzzing in the trees and the sun lingering in the sky for a full 14 hours, it feels more like the holidays then the tail end of summer.  In our household, by the time December 22nd rolls around, every present under the tree has been shaken, measured and categorized with prolific guessing as to what will be found Christmas morning.  Every so often I’ll find a package with a corner that has been peeled back to reveal a small peak of what’s inside.  Sometimes we will go to great lengths to wrap packages inside of packages to deter this espionage, but at other times its more fun to allow some insight so the suspense grows.

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  8. iPad Mini Screen Protection

    iPad Mini Screen Protection

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    The iPad mini, as with any Apple device, is sleek and sophisticated—something you should be proud to carry around and show your friends. An iPad mini with a cracked or damaged screen, however—not so cool to carry around.
    If you want to keep your tablet looking sharp, you might want to look at your options for iPad mini screen protection. Even though the screen is designed to hold up under typical use, we all know that accidents happen. With a screen protector, you can breathe a little easier, knowing that your iPad mini is safe and sound.

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  9. Is the iPhone 5 Shatterproof?

    Is the iPhone 5 Shatterproof?

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    Your iPhone rings. You dig around in your purse (or your man bag) trying to get it out before the call reaches your voicemail. In one of those Murphy's Law moments when you're fumbling around with your phone after you finally dig it out, your iPhone 5 slips out of your hand and hits the pavement. Does it shatter? Or does it come out unscathed?
    iPhone 5 case

    iPhone 5 Gorilla Glass

    The iPhone 5 was built with "butter fingers" in mind. The iPhone 5 gorilla glass screen is designed to be nearly impossible to break under typical use.
    That said, I've seen more than one iPhone with a shattered screen. Although the

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