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  1. Are you there God? - Musings of Mrs.PQ

    Are you there God? - Musings of Mrs.PQ

    Pad & Quill is going through some growth changes and this has reminded me of my own awkward transitions.  The passing through of eight middle school springs now, I’ve noticed a certain trend associated with the greening of the landscape and the return of song- birds from the south.  The inevitable homework assignments beseeching a parent to walk down the tortured, awkward, memory lane of their pre pubescent youth.


    “Who taught you health?”


    The gorgeous 6th grade substitute that all the girls had a crush on, who later decided to teach “health” to my best friend’s mom and well, that was awkward.


    “Mom, I can’t write that!”


    “Who were your friends?”


    I was so shy I was left choosing between the girl who spoke in a self-invented language somewhat akin to Farsi and the boy who ate paste.  Since I was

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  2. Kindle vs Hardcover and Paperback Books

    Kindle vs Hardcover and Paperback Books

    Smell the fresh ink of a new paperback or the musty pages of a classic, feel the bumpy texture of a book jacket, or run your finger along the crease in the spine, and you'll get a sense of the nostalgia that holding a book in your hands can trigger.
    For avid readers, making the switch to a Kindle or other electronic reading device can feel a bit traitorous when faced with the collection of hardcover and paperback books that line the shelves of your living room. Rather than mourn the transition to digital books, however, we prefer to look at the bright side of holding on to both mediums—both for those who stubbornly hold on to the old ways and for those who embrace the technology of a Kindle.

    Arguments in favor of the Kindle:


    1. A lighter load

    Face it. If you're one of those people who walks out of the library or bookstore with books piled up to your chin, it's a whole lot easier (and lighter) to carry

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  3. Hecho en Mexico

    Hecho en Mexico

    mexico trip

    There are seasons in life, and the past 20 years have been a season I’d call the diapers to braces season. While Mr. PQ and I had every intention of seeing the world, even booked a tour of Europe as a celebration for completing college, the good Lord and oldest kid had other ideas, so as I shopped careers the end of senior year, I also shopped for cribs, strollers etc. Each time I began researching travel brochures, another quill happened on the scene. Not to be deterred by the growing population of our family, I dragged our tribe to the four corners of North America, loving every experience. However, I still wanted to see the world beyond the pages of a book or someone else’s slideshow.
    So, when Mr. PQ said he wanted to travel to Mexico to visit our tannery and manufacturer that is supplying some of our amazing leather dry goods, I was eager for the opportunity. One, because I’d finally get to use my passport, and two because I wanted to meet

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  4. How Do You Use Your iPad?

    How Do You Use Your iPad?

    Since the debut of the first iPad three years ago, how consumers use technology has shifted largely in favor of tablet devices versus the more traditional PC or laptop. Consumers love the speed of the device and how easy it is to take with you and use on the go.

    How Consumers Use the iPad

    Business Insider has launched a reader survey every year since the iPad came out. Their third survey, conducted in July of 2012, showed that while iPad use is increasing, how iPad owners use their tablet hasn't changed much in the last three years.
    The most popular activity on the iPad is web browsing (37.3%), followed by email and social media accounts (21.4%). Using other apps, watching video, and playing games were the next most popular ways to use the iPad.
    [caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="590"]

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  5. Apple Still in Negotiations for iRadio Streaming

    Apple Still in Negotiations for iRadio Streaming

    According to, negotiations over Apple's new iRadio streaming music service are still in progress. Although similar to Pandora and Spotify in nature, iRadio will likely be molded around a business model that motivates listeners to purchase music via the iTunes store.
    When it comes to personalized streaming recommendations, Apple has a leg up on the competition because of the enormous amount of data generated by iTunes. This knowledge base of listener preferences will allow iRadio to generate finely tuned predictions for new music and artists that a listener might enjoy.

    What to Expect

    While streaming services like Spotify let users get away with listening but not buying, iRadio will likely be closer to the Pandora model, which provides more incentive for listeners to buy. Expect a well designed interface with plenty of links to the iTunes music store.

    When to Expect It


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  6. Mrs. PQ's version of Open Letter

    “Mom do you know if even one kid brings a phone into an AP testing site the entire room of tests are voided?”


    Our oldest son is preparing to take his first AP Exam, Human World Geography, and as per usual, in studying with him, I know a great deal more about things like gentrification and dairy circles then I used to know.  Taking your third and fourth trip through high school teaches you a thing or two.


    Much like taking a trip through a business start up.


    You learn the good ways to coax all of the beauty and functionality from a product imaginable, and you learn the bad ways; I’ve got a basement full of prototypes and discarded blueprints.


    There are good ways to manage a supply chain and an inventory system and there are not so good ways.  What am I supposed to do with 497 Octavo frames with no left rail?  (Hint:  stacked alternately they make great nesting sites for

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  7. How to Install a Zagg Screen Protector for MacBook Air

    How to Install a Zagg Screen Protector for MacBook Air

    Although a screen protector is one of the most invisible ways to protect your MacBook Air while preserving its sleek design, installing a screen protector can be a challenge, especially if you've never done it before. Thankfully, the pros at Zagg have divulged some of their best secrets for getting a screen protector installed perfectly. Here are some of the tips they have to offer:

    1. Wash your hands first.

    Sounds a bit like your mom telling you to wash up for dinner, but Zagg's first tip is to wash your hands before trying to install a screen protector. The skin oils on your hands can leave fingerprints on the device and the screen protector, which can make for a frustrating process of do-overs.

    2. Line it up correctly.

    What starts out as a slight misalignment at the top of the screen can turn into a lopsided installation

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  8. You wake up one morning- An open letter from Mr. PQ

    Have you every caught your reflection in a window, paused and asked, “when the heck did I start wearing Dockers?” Well, that's sort of what happened to us.



    This January Mrs. PQ and I fired up Safari and ventured over to That's when it hit us, our site is not Pad and Quill. Not at all. We're fun people with a passion for technology, art, literature and life. Our current site does not convey who we really are. So we began a journey of discovery – and we'd appreciate your advice! We figure if you're interesting enough to own a Pad and Quill case, you're probably clever enough to have some darn good opinions too.



    So far, it's been an illuminating journey. Turns out Kari and I weren't even on the same page at times. But we're getting close to something pretty amazing. So throughout the upcoming weeks we'll be sharing all sorts of ideas, designs, logos, fonts, colors and who knows, maybe a

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  9. iPod Touch Review

    iPod Touch Review

    If you’re looking for a portable media player, you can’t get much better than Apple’s iPod Touch. According to a review by, the iPod Touch scored an “Outstanding” rating for its sync capabilities, retina display, and top-notch music playing and organizing features.
    There’s not much to complain about when it comes to the iPod Touch. Although the price tag is steeper than other media players out there, for most Apple fans, the price is worth it, considering all of the features packed into this handheld device.
    The iPod Touch is much, much more than just a portable music player. The high-res screen is perfect for playing music videos or HD videos shot with your iPod Touch. You can also shoot photos, although the camera resolution on earlier iPod Touch models is less impressive than expected.
    What sets the iPod Touch apart from other MP3 players is everything it can do beyond playing music

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  10. Does the iPhone 5 Need Screen Protection?

    Does the iPhone 5 Need Screen Protection?

    It's the never-ending debate: does the iPhone 5 need protection or not? While most Apple fans like the sleek, slim design of the iPhone 5 without any embellishments, the thought of scratches and scuff marks is worth adding extra protection. No one wants to look at a screen marred with scratches and fingerprints. We have a whole range of protective iPhone cases to keep your screen safe and sound, however sometimes a little additional protection will go a long way too.

    Why a screen protector?

    The iPhone 5 screen is constructed with Gorilla glass, which means it can withstand quite a bit of abuse without getting scratched or cracked. But as accidental (and intentional) drop tests have shown, the Gorilla is not without its weaknesses. Too much abuse will crack, scratch, or dull the glass.

    So how does a piece of plastic protect the screen?

    Good question. If Gorilla Glass can't get the job done, how

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