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  1. Keep Your iPhone 5 from Scratches

    Keep Your iPhone 5 from Scratches

    With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple introduced a new aluminum body designed to be lighter and thinner than previous iPhone models. Unfortunately, complaints about scratches on the iPhone 5 started rolling out not longer after the phone launched. Consumers complained that the iPhone 5 scratched much too easily—or even had scratches before the packaging was removed.

    Apple's response to iPhone 5 scratches

    Although the aluminum exterior is anodized to prevent scratches and corrosion, Apple's senior VP for global marketing, Phil Schiller, supposedly responded to complaints by saying, "Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal."

    Protecting your iPhone from scratches

    So what's an iPhone 5 owner to do? The new iPhone model is superior in many ways to its predecessors; yet no one wants a scuffed-up smartphone. If you own an iPhone 5 but want to keep

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  2. MacBook Air Damage Test by CNET TV

    MacBook Air Damage Test by CNET TV

    How tough is the MacBook Air? That's what CNET TV set out to find with their extreme torture test posted on YouTube. The 8-minute video shows the MacBook Air enduring a series of four tests: extreme cold, extreme heat, impact, and water damage.
    Unfortunately, this laptop had none of the protection offered by PQ's leather MacBook Air case.
    See how the laptop fared in the video below:


    1. The Freezer Test

    Ever left your MacBook Air in the car on a cold winter day? If you live in a place like Minnesota, that's pretty easy to do. CNET improvised with placing the MacBook in the freezer for two hours.
    If your MacBook Air doesn't turn on right away after leaving it in the cold, let it thaw out a bit before trying again.

    2. The Heat Test

    Ever left

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  3. What Is a Smart Cover for iPad?

    What Is a Smart Cover for iPad?

    With the launch of the iPad 2, Apple unveiled a new accessory for the iPad: the Smart Cover. The special features built into this new cover were designed to complement the intuitive technology of Apple's devices.

    Although Apple's cover is still the official "Smart Cover," other iPad case designers have adopted some of the same features that the original Smart Cover offers.

    1. Automatic wake/sleep feature

    One of the smartest features of a smart iPad cover is the automatic on/off feature. When you close the cover, your iPad automatically goes into sleep mode. When you open the cover, your iPad automatically wakes up again.

    No more worries about draining the battery. No more time wasted booting up the iPad again when you're in a rush. The automatic wake/sleep feature takes care of all that for you.

    2. Stand feature

    A second smart feature is the ability to fold the iPad cover into a stand.

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  4. Does the iPhone 5 need a case?

    Does the iPhone 5 need a case?

    With the upgraded design of the iPhone 5, rumor has it that consumers no longer need to buy a protective case for the iPhone 5. Reviewers like Cult of Mac's John Brownlee are at the forefront of these claims. But are the rumors true?

    iPhone 5 Redesign

    Technically, the iPhone 5 design upgrade is a step in the right direction for Apple, whose biggest fans have often complained about how easy it is to break or scratch older iPhone models. The glass screen on the iPhone 5 is almost flush with the edge of the phone, unlike the iPhone 4 and 4S models. This reduces the chances of cracking the glass if you drop your phone.

    [caption id="attachment_654" align="aligncenter" width="428"]iphone 5 profile The glass screen on the iPhone 5 is nearly flush with the body of the phone.[/caption]

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