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  1. iPhone 5 Case Types

    iPhone 5 Case Types

    According to Google's 2012 mobile research report, 80% of smartphone owners don't leave home without their phone.
    That means that in the course of a day, your iPhone 5 could go from the nightstand to your pants pocket (along with your keys and spare change) to the cup holder in your car (next to a hot mocha that you better hope doesn't spill) to the office (next to a second cup of joe) to the lunch table at Chipotle, and so on. No matter how careful you think you are, you're bound to get a scratch or two on your iPhone if you take it everywhere with you unprotected.
    That's where an iPhone 5 case comes in. Non-slip grip, impact resistance, and damage protection all in one. Not sure which iPhone case is best for you? Here's a quick rundown on a few of the different iPhone 5 case types available on the market.

    Bumper Case

    The most common type of iPhone 5 case is a bumper case. It's meant to protect the back and edges of your phone from dents, scratches, and other damage. Most bumper cases are made with silicone, but you'll find any number of materials out there, from wood iPhone cases to plastic, bamboo, or aluminum cases.
    The bumper case gives you a non-slip grip and protects your phone if you drop it, but it doesn't offer any protection for the screen.

    Book Case

    Tucking your iPhone 5 inside a case that looks like a small book not only protects your phone but cuts down on your chances of theft, since no one will know that the book holds such a valuable device.
    Since the book includes a cover, your screen is protected as well, which keeps it safe from accidental scratches when you carry the phone in your

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  2. Traditions


    Watch for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials!  Best values of the year are coming.


    You can count on traditions at the PQ household around this time.  Several of these time honored  ones include a 5k turkey trot, ZERO Christmas music prior to midnight of Thanksgiving day, the annual 1.5 hour trip to cut a fresh tree and lots of good food with family and friends.  The richness of each year seems to magnify as each of our four Quills grow.  For example this is the first year we have one coming home from college for the holiday's. I'm still finding that one really strange.



    I think that tradtions that we enjoy around this time of year are why we love being in this unique business.  We are passionate about the rich tradition of hand crafted products.  Our hand finished wood is simply that.  Cut on a big router but then hand sanded and coated with Varnishes to brighten and magnify the Glory of real wood.



    Our iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air and Kindle cases 'Make the Case for Books' because that is what they truly are.  Handmade 'book' cases using traditional methods and materials like 'Library Corners' and bookbindery cloth from Arresotx a company with over 130 years of book making in their rich history.



    Whatever your traditions are this holiday season we humbly ask you consider a new one!  A beautiful handmade case from Pad and Quill.  We think you'll find the fit, finish and handmade aspects of our products truly amazing.



    Have a great Thanksgiving!


    Mr. PQ


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  3. How to Apply a Screen Protector for iPhone and iPad Devices

    How to Apply a Screen Protector for iPhone and iPad Devices

    Amazing how one tiny scratch on your smartphone or tablet can drive you crazy, isn't it? All it takes is carrying your iPhone in your pocket with your keys or reaching into your purse and scratching the screen with a diamond ring. The scratch doesn't even have to be very deep to mess with the visual quality of the screen. That's why we recommend using a screen protector for your iPhone or iPad, as well as checking out our entire range of protective leather iPhone Cases for every phone from the 5 to the 6S Plus.

    Applying a screen protector without bubbles or dust particles can be a bit tricky, but here are a few tips to help you out.


    Before you apply the screen protector, clean dirt, dust, oil, and fingerprints from the screen using a lint-free cloth (Zagg protectors come with a cloth for you to use). Any dust or dirt that gets trapped between the protector and the screen will create a bubble, which can drive you nuts. Oil on the screen (from fingerprints) will keep the protector from sticking as well.

    Humidity / Moisture

    Zagg invisibleSHIELD screen protectors come with a spray bottle to moisten your fingertips and the screen protector. A little bit of moisture makes it easier to apply the screen protector. Another trick you can use is to apply the screen protector in a humid room (like the bathroom after you take a shower). Or just turn the shower on for a few minutes before you apply the screen protector.

    Hinge Method

    One of the most foolproof ways to apply a screen protector is with the "hinge method."
    Basically, you line up the protector on your screen before removing the plastic backing piece. Then use clear tape (like Scotch tape or something similar) to tape down the protector to one side of the phone—choose one of the longer sides. This will keep the protector perfectly lined up while you apply it to the screen.


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  4. Keeping Promises

    Keeping Promises

    Keeping a promise.  Another way to say it would be Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No.  This is something that Mrs. PQ and I work dilligently to instruct with our four mini quills.  Promises mean you will be a person of your word.  Do we perfectly do this?  Of course not, but we do strive to have integrity in all of our dealings and make sure all is made right. That includes family relationships, our workplace and working with our valued customers at Pad and Quill.


    This is one of the main reasons behind our 30 Day money back promise.  We work very hard to craft very unique handmade iPad , iPhone and Kindle cases. We want to back that up the hardwork with a promise.  Try out a case for 30 days, for any reason your not satisfied send it back and we will refund you!


    We are entering a season that is very precious to Kari and I. A celebration of our faith and great Promises kept. We hope that the upcoming holiday season will meaningful for your family as well!


    Mr. PQ

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  5. Kindle Cover Protection: What Are Your Best Options?

    Kindle Cover Protection: What Are Your Best Options?

    How many times have you dropped a book? Spilled water on it? Bent back the cover by accident? Now think about your Kindle. What happens if you drop it? Spill water on it? Scratch the screen? You might proudly display a well-loved book with tattered edges and a worn spine, but your Kindle deserves a little more protection.
    Kindles are a lot more expensive to replace than books, and if damaged, your Kindle might not be usable anymore. That's why it's a good idea to protect your device with a cover, especially if you read outside or carry the device in your bag with other stuff that could scratch it (like car keys).
    Here are some of your cover options for the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, Paperwhite, and other models.

    1. Book Style Kindle Covers

    Love the Kindle but miss holding a book? You can have the best of both worlds with a book style Kindle cover. These covers provide the most protection and convenience. Your Kindle fits snugly into a frame inside the book, and the book closes to cover and protect the screen and buttons on the front of your Kindle. You can hold the book with both hands or fold back the front cover for one-handed reading.
    Book style covers for the Kindle are available with deluxe options like a book light, a built-in reading stand, and an on/off smart cover that turns your Kindle on when you open the case and turns it off when you close it. Since the case looks just like a book when closed, it also provides a unique form of theft protection.

    2. Sleeves

    A Kindle sleeve is similar to a laptop sleeve—just smaller. The Kindle tucks inside a padded pouch (usually nylon) that's just the right size for your device. Zip it closed for protection from dust and other hazards. The padded fabric absorbs some of the impact in case you drop your Kindle.

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  6. Art and the mini

    Art and the mini

    We are VERY excited to announce our newest handmade cases for the iPad mini



    The Graduate Artist Series #1
    We are very excited to announce the first series of our handmade, locally designed and screen printed cases for the iPad Mini. 'The Road Home' and 'The Apple Tree'.


    The Octavo 


    Our classic Spanish bonded leather journal case for the iPad mini.  5 gorgeous interior colors to choose from and on sale during pre-order!



    The Graduate Edition


    A bindery cloth classic.  3 New Gorgeous color combinations to choose from and on sale during pre-order!


    As we have experienced with our Little Pocket Books, put your order in now as demand can cause delays in shipping!


    Mr and Mrs. PQ
    (Brian and Kari)

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  7. Is the iPhone 5 Worth the Upgrade?

    Is the iPhone 5 Worth the Upgrade?

    There's a lot of hype around the iPhone 5, but is it worth trading in your old iPhone? Take a look at some of the differences between the iPhone 5 and the 4S.

    Bigger screen

    One of the most obvious differences is the 4" screen, up from 3.5" in the 4S. A longer screen means less scrolling and more space to work with for apps, gaming, and video. Don't make the mistake of thinking that the iPhone 5 is heavier though. It's actually 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S and 18% thinner.

    Faster processor

    You can cut your download time in half with the new processor in the iPhone 5. Reviewers point out that the iPhone 5 processor is even faster than the new iPad. Smoother graphics and faster photo capture are two more benefits of a faster processor.

    Longer battery life

    The iPhone 5 battery life is longer than the 4S model, which allows for longer browsing and standby time before charging. The difference isn't huge, but if you're due for an upgrade anyway, it's another win for the iPhone 5.

    What else do I need to know?

    If you upgrade to the iPhone 5 from an older model, keep in mind that the dock connector and size have changed, which means the iPhone 5 might not work with your current accessories. Charging cables, docking speakers, and alarm clock docking stations may no longer be compatible. You can use an adaptor for most of your docking accessories, but the iPhone 5 won't fit quite the same, since the adaptor makes it taller.
    You'll also need a new iPhone 5 case, since older iPhone cases won't fit the new model. With a longer screen, you'll need a new case to fit it.
    Also, keep in mind that some users have complained about scratches on the iPhone 5, which comes with an aluminum coating. That means it's even more important to protect your phone with an iPhone

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  8. Apple EarPod Review

    Apple EarPod Review

    I was very curious what the new Apple EarPod's would be like.  Considering the fact they spent years and many millions developing this new design.  The last update was about 6 years ago and that was just an internal speaker change.  These headphones are totally different.


    The first thing I noticed was the strange shape and multiple speaker/sound outlet's.  The shape is said to fit the vast majority of ears.  The speaker positions and sound outlet's are designed to reproduce quality high and low sounds similar to more expensive headphones.


    Well along with my new iPhone 5 I received these headphones and was eager to try them out.  The first thing I noticed was the they do NOT fit like a typical round earbud.  Those are designed to 'stick' in your ear socket, EarPod's do not do this.  Instead they hang at the bottom of your lower ear canal.  The feeling is strange and your sure they are going to pop right out.  When you turn on music (I had the new Muse album playing) you also note that sound is designed to work with the gap that occurs in your ear instead of being 'stuck' in your ear.  The base and highs are amazing for a $30 headphone set.  My next question was if they would stay in your ear, especially if your running.  I figured that might be a problem with these as they just hang there.  Sure enough after several hours of running, my EarPod's have yet to fall out unless I turn very quickly and unnaturally.  As a runner, the one bummer on headphones is the cord slowly yanks them out of your ears, but the way Apple designed these when the cord is yanking at them, they go no where because they are secure in your lower ear canal.  Genius.


    My overall opinion is that these are the best sounding and functioning headphones for the price on the market.  That is a huge advantage for Apple over other headphone manufacturers. 

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