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  1. Fire Keeper for Kindle Fire HD 7

    Fire Keeper for Kindle Fire HD 7

    We want to start by thanking so many of our customers for the HUGE response to our new cases for iPhone 5.  Kari, Brian, Tom, Jeff, Eric, Will, Jill and the rest of our team are thrilled. Thank you for keeping US Bookbindery jobs alive and thriving!


    Amazon Folks! We have a new case for the Kindle Fire HD 7!  The Fire Keeper has gone through a major improvement to match the greatly improved Kindle Fire HD.  We have included our Sure Lock Bumper system on this tablet book cover.  Holds your Fire very secure while making the wood frame much stronger.  So go ahead and snuggle up for a good read, or prop up on your bed for watching a great flick!





    - Hand made in Minneapolis employing traditional bindery techniques

    - Smart cover on/off feature

    - Covered in onyx black Italian bonded leather cover

    - Beautiful satin finished Baltic Birch frame

    - Interior lined

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  2. The Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5

    The Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5

    When our little idea turned into a little company and we introduced the first handmade bindery case for the iPhone back in 2010 we knew that something very unique had just been invented.  A real wood case holding an iPhone that was wrapped with traditional book bindery techniques.  This had never been done and was warmly welcomed by our customers and the press.


    Over the past two years we’ve updated the PQ shelf of Little Black Books with various changes and nice improvements. With the launch of iPhone 5 this year, we made a decision.  Set out to create a case that deserves a new bookshelf all to itself.  We introduce the Little Pocket Book for iPhone 5.  The best iPhone case we've ever crafted.

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  3. Getting Closer

    Getting Closer

    Stay tuned as we will be announcing the brand new iPhone 5 cases late next week as well as new Kindle cases!

 just featured an article about PQ!  I am interviewed talking about prototyping our newest cases for the iPhone 5 and the challenges of getting to market with these unique handmade products.  Although not mentioned in the article, we are taking care of you Kindle lovers as well!  We are working hard on case design regarding the new Kindle Fire HD 7" and the Kindle Paperwhite.


    As I mentioned in the article the challenge for companies like PQ is being able to quickly turn around and get a high quality design and product out to our customers. We've had many folks wonder if we get early samples from Apple and Kindle for our products.  Nope!  We order them like everyone else and get to the store or mailbox early in the morning to begin the final gold prototyping of our products.


    We do a great

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  4. Little less home

    Little less home

    We spent the weekend moving our eldest quills into her new dorm at college in a quaint small town in southern Minnesota.  With every imaginable dorm essential purchased we and the rest of the younger quills help set up her 1/2 of the room.  Dad made sure the Macbook Air and iPhone was internet connected and all emails were working properly.  Mom made sure the room was decorated with a bit of home flair. We even figured out how to loft the bed so her desk would sit underneath.  I think your looking for spare square inches in dorm rooms?  Well, what neither of us were truly ready for was the spare room in our house.


    We are finding that when the first kid leaves a bit of our home does as well.   She was the eldest and she ruled the roost when Mom and Dad were not around.  Actually she tried that as well when we were home!  Regardless without her familiar voice, the music she loved listening too and the passionate person that makes

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